• Transform Your Business’s Future with a Ready-made App!

    To make your own Uber app, you no longer need to spend billions of dollars developing the app from scratch. Our ready-made solution makes it super easy and quick to go live with an Uber-like app that lets your users book taxis or schedule their rides. The application is a transformative business solution with advanced built-in features, visually appealing interfaces, and excellent scalability! So, if you are ready to give your business a new face or want to bring your entrepreneurial idea to reality, our pre-built app is for you.

  • Best Resources to Start Your Taxi Business

    Get all the resources you need, like pre-built and tested scripts for applications, the admin panel, and the website, in a single app. We provide you with a 360-degree solution so that you can launch your online business without any hassles. Additionally, we will always have your back when it comes to launching the application, fixing bugs, or providing you with annual app upgrades.

How Does an Uber-like App Work?

To create your own Uber App and make sure it stands out from the competition, you need to ensure that it lets your users book taxis quickly! Here’s an overview of how our app works:

  • Key in Trip Details
    Key in Trip Details

    Users enter the pickup and drop-off locations to see available taxi options near them.

  • Booking Confirmation
    Booking Confirmation

    Users can select the taxi type, payment method, and time/date of the ride if they want to schedule it before hitting the “Book Taxi” option.

  • Payment And Review
    Payment And Review

    The driver picks up the rider, and once they reach the destination and the trip is over, payment is processed. Later, users can rate and review the trip.

Why is Our Uber-like app the Best?

To make an app like Uber stand out, you need to include the coolest features. But don't stress – our ready-made solution already has all the latest features built-in, so you don't have to worry about a thing.

  • Login with biometric authentication

    iPhone users can use their Face ID, while Android users can use the fingerprint scanning feature to log into the application.

  • Live Activity

    iPhone users can now see the ‘animated’ live updates of their taxi ride on the lock screen.

  • In-app video call option

    Along with in-app chatting and voice calling, users can video chat with the driver to show them the pickup location.

  • Upload a photo of the pickup location

    Users can also upload and send photos of the pickup location in the chat with the taxi driver.

  • Multiple online payment methods

    Users can either pay using their credit/debit card or top up the in-app wallet and pay directly through it.

  • Real-time currency rates

    In the app, users can see the real-time fare rates converted into their local currency.

  • SOS toolkit

    The app pre-integrates an advanced SOS toolkit that lets users connect with their emergency contacts or police control rooms.

  • Share trip details

    Users can share details of their rides (including the driver’s name, contact number, taxi license plate number, etc.) with their friends and family members.

  • Multiple stopover points

    Users can add multiple stops to their ride if they want to run a few errands on the same route.

Achieve Greater Business Success with Our Ready-made App

Create your own Uber App with our ready-made solution if you want to achieve greater success! Generate profitable revenues with our app, boost your user base, expand easily, and ultimately reach the pinnacle of success with just a single investment.

By launching our app, you can:
  • Generate revenue from multiple sources: you can set commissions that you want to make on every ride booked on the app. Additionally, you can make money with in-app ads, cancellation charges, and membership subscription plans.
  • Easily manage your fleet: if you already have a taxi fleet and wish to take the business online, you can do it with our app. The platform pre-integrates multiple features and functions to manage your fleet, drivers, and users.
  • Generate more bookings: with the help of the taxi booking app, you will be able to reach more customers and get more bookings, ultimately helping your sales figures go up.
script App

Get a complete Script for your App like Uber

Wondering what you will get with the purchase of our package? Well, we have curated different packages for you that include scripts for the taxi apps, website, KIOSK app, admin panel, and other supporting panels.

Besides the complete script package, you also get several perks like:
  • Tracking business earnings and accessing reports
  • Automatic invoice generation
  • God’s eye view
  • Automated dispatch system
  • Geofencing facility

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