Graphical Flow of the Application

Get a bird’s eye view into the working of the Marijuana On Demand Delivery Application graphically on the user’s app, the delivery driver’s app as well as the app of the Marijuana store.

  • User App user application

    This app is solely for the user and can be downloaded on the Android Play Store and the iOS App Store

  • Marijuana/Herbs Store App Marijuana store application

    This app is for the Marijuana store and is available on the Android Play Store and the iOS App Store.

  • Delivery Driver App delivery driver application

    This app is solely for the Delivery Driver. It empowers them to complete the Delivery and can be downloaded by them on the Android Play Store and the iOS App Store.

Application login and registration

Login and Registration

In order to use the app, the user first needs to download it from the respective App Store and then log in to it. The process of Registration is very simple! The User has 2 choices:

  • Log in Using Social Media

    The User can log into this App using any of his/her social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn or Gmail. This makes the log in a simple one step process.

  • Register a New Account

    The user can also register in to this app by creating a new registration account. This will require him/her to put in his details such as Name, Email address, Phone number etc. They can also register using their phone number only upon which they would receive an OTP which in turn would redirect them to the app.

Once the User has finished this step, he/she will be shown as successfully logged into the app.


The Application Menu is the place where user can view link to all the features.

  • user app menu

    This is the Application Menu available on the User’s app. It lists all the important sections such as Profile, Order history, Cart, Wallet, Invite friends and Support,etc .

  • Marijuana store app menu

    This Application Menu is available in the Application of the Marijuana Store. This will have all the sections pertinent to the Marijuana Store App such as Profile, Earning History, Menu Items, Bank details, Manage Document, Order Statistics, Store Settings, Store Timings and Support, etc.

  • delivery driver app menu

    This page of the App has all the important sections relevant to the driver. These sections include Profile, Manage Vehicles, Manage document, Order history, Bank Details, Payment, My Wallet, Way Bill, User feedback, Order Statistics, Invite Friends, etc.

List of Marijuana On Demand Stores

List of Marijuana/Herbs On Demand Stores

The User will be able to choose from all the nearby stores registered on the Marijuana On Demand App.

Placing an Order

  • user order dashboard

    This is the section that will enable the User to place an order from the Marijuana store of their choice and also take a glance at all the stores that appear online on the app.

  • Marijuana store sliding onine availability

    This page will allow the Marijuana store owners to show their availability by sliding the Online or Offline Button. When online, they can receive orders when Offline they will not be shown to the customers and thereby will not receive any orders.

  • Driver set his availability

    The Driver can set his/her availability to pick and drop the order on this page. The Driver can make their availability known by sliding the radio button to Online. If turned to Offline, the driver will not receive any request for delivery.

User Flow of Ordering the Marijuana/Herbs

  • user check Marijuana store menu View Items

    The User can list of Items available in selected Store.

  • user search Marijuana items Search Herbs / Marijuana Item Screen

    This screen allows the User to search for the Marijuana / Herbs that they are looking for.

  • user add Marijuana item to basket Add to Basket Screen

    Upon making the selection, they can add their Items to the basket.

  • user edite Marijuana item View/Edit Cart Screen

    This screen is where the user can modify or edit the Items placed in the cart.

  • user confirm order to check out Checkout Screen

    This screen will allow the User to check out and confirm the purchase.

  • use choose payment method Choose Payment Method (Cash/Card)

    The final step in the checkout screen will empower the user to choose the payment method for the order.

After Order Gets Placed

  • order place notification

    The User is notified that his/her order has been placed and would be delivered shortly, shows the options of call, so that he/she can call the Marijuana store and navigate to help reach using the Map.

  • store app displays order details

    Once the order is placed, the Marijuana store app immediately shows a screen where the order details are shown and gets presented in the New Order Section.

  • new order details

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Tracking the Order

  • user track the order

    The User can now track their order over a Map and get a complete flowchart with all the stages of the order right from the order being placed to it being delivered. The Map will also help locating exactly how far the order is.

  • total bill amount confirm or decline

    The Marijuana store can view the details of the order and confirm or decline it based on their choice.

Assigning the Order to the Driver

  • assign driver
  • Marijuana store assigns to driver

    Once the Marijuana store accepts the placed order, they will be shown a screen with the bill details and a button that says “ASSIGN DRIVER”.

    Upon clicking this button, the request for pickup and delivery of the order will be sent out to the Delivery Driver.

  • delivery driver sees request

    The Delivery Driver in turn would see the request as a notification on his/her screen along with a timer and must accept the order within the given time or else the request will automatically get cancelled and passed on to another driver.

Processing the Marijuana Ordered

  • user see assigned driver for pickup of order

    The user will now be shown that the Driver for the pickup of their order has been assigned and would be a progression in the flowchart on the screen of the User.

  • Marijuana store get notification for driver accept order

    The Marijuana store will be notified as soon as the driver accepts the order. The notification will state that the delivery executive is on their way to collect the order. This screen will continue to show the particulars of the order as well.

  • delivery driver see order picup address

    The Delivery Driver will be able to see the Current Task on this page. It will show the address of the place that the order has to be collected from and the address of the delivery for the order. This page also shows the options of Call, so that they can call the Marijuana store and navigate to help reach using the map.

delivery driver pickup order

Status of the Delivery Driver

The delivery driver would reach the Marijuana store to pick up the order and be empowered to see the particulars of the order so that it can be picked up without any confusion. They would next take a picture of the collected order and update the same on the app as ‘Order Picked.’

The Last Leg of Delivery

  • user see the status of the driver

    The User can now see the status of the Driver along with the estimated time of arrival. The flowchart gets appropriately marked as per the movement of the Driver.

  • Marijuana store track status of order

    The Marijuana store would also be able to track the exact status of the order and see whether the order has reached the recipient or not.

  • driver see the address of the recipient

    After the order is picked up by them, they would get enabled to see the address of the recipient and receive the option of calling the customer for instructions and trace the location on the map so as to drive and reach the location easily.

order delivered successful

Order Delivered Successfully

Once the order gets successfully delivered to the Customer’s place, it is appropriately updated on the app and the order delivered icon turns green along with a time stamp for the same. The page also mentions that the order has been delivered.

Apart from this option, the page has 2 more buttons in the bottom:
  • Not Delivered

    In case the driver marks the order as delivered, however, the customer hasn’t received it they can click on this button to get the admin notified of the same or call the delivery driver directly.

  • Ok, Got It

    This button is to be clicked when the customer confirms that the Marijuana has been delivered successfully.

Reviews and Ratings

  • user rate & review to Marijuana store & driver
    • The User can review the Marijuana store based on the quality of the Item that they received.
    • The User can also rate the driver based on their experience of having the Item delivered.
  • ratings reviews

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  • driver rate & review to customer & Marijuana store
    • The Driver can also rate the customer based on their experience of delivering the product.

Flow of the Marijuana Store App Menu

The Marijuana App Store is loaded with some unique features relevant to the store itself.

  • Marijuana store see earning history Earning History

    The store can view their earning history date wise and the total number of orders as well as earnings.

  • order history Order History

    This Screen will show the details of the orders that have been placed through the app.

  • Marijuana store manage menu section Manage Menu Screen

    This screen will enable the store to add/ edit/ change/ modify the menu of the store and at the same time place the description and the items that they are willing to serve from this screen.

  • Marijuana store update document Update Documents Screen

    This is the screen that will allow the Marijuana store to update and upload the required documents on the app

  • Marijuana store update bank details Bank Details

    The store can update all the banking details for the app on this screen.

  • order statistics Order Statistics

    This screen will show a graphical representation of the total earning and the orders placed.

  • Marijuana store setting Marijuana Store Settings

    This screen will allow the Marijuana store to micro manage different particulars including average time taken to prepare an order, how many items can be added per user etc. It will also allow the user to “Set Marijuana Store Details” and “Set Business Hours”.

  • Marijuana store order details Marijuana Store Details

    The store can add all the details of the Marijuana store including the contact person their address etc.

  • Marijuana store set working hours Business Hours

    On clicking this button, the Marijuana store can set the working hour slots in the app when their service is available.

Flow of the Driver’s App Menu

This is the driver menu of the application.

  • Driver able to select vehicle to deliver Marijuana Get Online

    The driver can get online if they want to start accepting orders for Marijuana delivery. When they turn themselves online, they will be able to select the vehicle they want to deliver the Marijuana on.

  • driver manage vehicle Manage Vehicles

    This is the screen where the Driver can manage all their vehicles from. They can add new vehicles, manage and edit the existing ones and also delete the vehicles per their choice.

  • driver edit vehicle page Edit Vehicle Page

    This screen allows the user to modify the information that the drivers have uploaded on the app. They can change the make and model of the vehicle along with the vehicle number and year of release.

  • driver select necessary documents Documents

    This page will allow drivers to select the necessary documents on the app.

  • driver upload documents Upload Documents

    This page will enable the drivers to upload the relevant documents like drivers license etc.

  • driver check already delivered order history Order History

    This page will allow the users to check the order history that they have already delivered.

  • driver see details of address, earning , order Order Details

    This screen shows the driver the particular details of the order such as pickup address and delivery address, delivery earnings etc.

  • driver fill bank details Bank Details

    This screen enables the driver to fill in all the bank information in the App.

  • driver fill card details Card Details

    The Driver can fill in his/her card information here.

  • wallet balance Wallet

    This is the screen that shows the wallet balance. It also allows the driver to add money to their wallet.

  • driver order statistics Order Statistics

    This screen will show the driver a graphical representation of the orders delivered and earnings made.

  • driver see user feedback User Feedback

    This screen shows the driver the feedback offered to them by the user.

Common Screens of the Application

  • user, Marijuana store, driver edit profile Edit Profile

    This is the page where the user, the Marijuana store and the driver can manage and edit their profiles. They can update their name, email address etc. from right here.

  • coupon for referrals Invite Friends

    This page generates a coupon for referrals that the customer as well as the driver can get upon a transaction made over the app by someone they referred.

  • App support Support

    This page has all the support related information of the application.

  • user help Help

    This page gives the user the desired assistance with the order.

  • help when issues with delivery Issue with Delivery

    In case there is an issue with the delivery, the customer can mention it here and get assistance.

  • terms & condition Terms and Conditions

    This page will have all the basic terms and conditions that are pertinent for using the app.

  • privacy policy Privacy Policy

    This screen gives all the details in regards to the privacy policy of the application.

  • contact us Contact Us

    This page will allow the customer, the driver as well as the Marijuana store to contact the admin.

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