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V3Cube’s Foundation Day Celebration In Office - Sept 2023

Another year passed by and we stood stronger than ever. Adding more talents to our team and expanding our family of hard working professionals, this Year’s Foundation Week concluded with an In-Office Cake Cutting Celebration. In our Events Room, we gathered and shared these exquisite moments of pure joy and happiness. We had snacks, ice-creams and played couple of Games.
Then the Management Team presented a Slideshow that had Founders Pictures from the early days and inspired the Team with their hilarious and heartfelt stories behind them. They reminded each individual what it takes to build a company from scratch but pure dedication, concluding the slide with a heartiest speech. The Management Team thanked all V3Cubian’s for their Hard Work, Dedication and Helping to grow the Company.
Everyone had a lot of Fun and the evening was filled with Food and Fun.

Pre-Celebration of Foundation Day Outing At Narayani Heights Resort - Aug 2023

V3Cube has reached another milestone. The company Hosts Event every Year to mark a Special remembrance among its peers. This year, the Event was hosted in a 4-Star Hotel – Narayani Heights with great enthusiasm and fun far from the screeching noises of the city. Besides countless Photo Sessions, the day turned Fun and Entertaining post Lunch, featuring various Indoor and Outdoor Games and Activities followed by Group Dinner. Apart from Lunch and Dinner, the management team also booked a lavish stay. Not all V3Cubian’s were able to attend the Function due to Festival Season going on but we promised them for 1 more Event soon so they can also participate and enjoy the celebrations. The V3Cube family returned with incredibly beautiful memories and a rejuvenated mind. This year’s pre-foundation day outing became a chance to appreciate every pillar that has stood the test of time. After all, teamwork makes the Dream Work.
We thank the Management Team for treating us lavishly at such Luxurious Hotel.

Taking Care of the Caretakers Festivals Special - July 2023

Recently, on occasion of the Festive Season, the Management of V3Cube decided to put together Grocery Bags and Food Supplies of 1 Month and distributed it amongst the staff of the Building. These people are Housekeepers, Security Guards, Physically Challenged Lift Men, Gardner, Cleaners and other premises Maintenance Personnel. The Management Team distributed these Grocery Bags and Food Supplies to show a token of respect and wellbeing to their families as well as to convey a sense of gratitude that often goes unnoticed.
It is our yearly tradition that has become exquisite over the years. Sharing the good fortune is the least of our deeds. All that matters is that we care for them and will continue to do so. Their happiness makes our festival month more special as ever.

A Fun Team Lunch with Our Long-term Client - June 2023

We were Deeply Honored to share our lunch tables with Mr. Jean, our Long-Term Client hailing from the Enchanting land of Switzerland.
We had a blast Bonding with Our Client over a Team Lunch, feasting on mouth-watering Pizzas, a wide variety of North Indian and Chinese delicacies, and appetizing Desserts.
Every V3Cubian believes that a Team that Eats together Stays together. Well, we didn’t only share Platters but Moments that we’d Remember for a Lifetime - filled with Delicious Food, Great Conversations, and tons of Great Pictures.
Our Esteemed Client was thrilled to Join our Mid-day Break. We enthusiastically clicked pictures with him, framing the memories forever as we bid him farewell with a heavy heart.

Grand Opening of V3Cube’s New Office - May 2023

We are ecstatic to announce the successful inauguration of our brand-new office! The atmosphere was electric with enthusiasm as the entire V3Cube family gathered to celebrate this momentous event. The grand opening began with V3Cubians enjoying Chocolates and Delicious Ice Cream followed by a Fun Photoshoot Session!
V3Cube has expanded its Development Area. And have added state-of-the-art new infrastructures like Conference Room, Cafeteria and a Reception Area.
With our new Infrastructure, Modern Design and Collaborative Workspaces, we’re ready to achieve New Heights.

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