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Independence Day Charity Drive At V3cube - August 2018

Celebrating this Independence Day - 2018 by honoring the unsung Heros who work diligently to serve us every day. Distributing New Tiffin Sets to our Office Complex's Management, Day & Night Security Guards, Physically Challenged Liftmen and the Gardner.

Food for the Homeless Charity Drive By V3cube - May 2018

Regardless of how big we grow, we never forget that we must give back. This is why, we conducted a massive food distribution drive where we went ahead and distributed 150 food packets to the unfortunate and under privileged people in our community. Incidentally, some of our clients were visiting us during this time and participated whole heartedly with us. Looking at those smiles was such a reward! Our Clients got very emotional and were extremely happy to have been a part of our drive. The holy month of Ramadan was on and our client from Iran was with us during that month. Being a "musafir" he could not do celebrate the festival with his family and do the charity that he usually did. To honor his faith and his dedication, we, the V3Cube family conducted this charity on his behalf. We ensured that while we give back to the community, our dear Client too can celebrate his Holy festival in the true spirit.

Celebrating The Mango Festival At V3cube - 2018

Summer's the season that steps in time with the most beautiful fruit ever. As a symbol of prosperity, joy and happiness, we at V3Cube celebrate the Mango season with our own Mango festival. Eating, playing and posing as we go, the management of the company encourages everyone to have their fun. We created our own Mango Parlour! The management distributed these fabulous fruits to all the employees at the end of the day!

A fresh mind and body Experience with Yoga at V3Cube!

At V3Cube, we believe in rejuvenating our senses in order to increase our productivity and to rake in a lot of positive energy for the holistic well being of the employees. The management decided to welcome a famed Yoga Instructor to come and teach us all certain basic Yoga asanas to centre our thought processes and bring about general happiness. The very talented Yoga guru spoke to us about the significance of meditation to increase productivity and to ensure that our knowledge and energies are aligned to help us better ourselves every day.
All the employees including the management participated in this soul stirring experience which relaxed us and gave us new vigor to take the reins of our lives for a better tomorrow. Every experience at V3Cube is a unique one and we shall all treasure this one for a very long time. Until then: Om Shanti Shanti to you all!

Black & White and chocolate Day celebration at Work!

Chocolates are always an incentive to work better, but to top it off with a themed dress affair at work, is plain genius! Our entire team looked dashing in color coordinated blacks and whites on chocolate day. Although the colors were the same , we all tried to trump each other's black and white look by dressing up in dapper clothes and accessorize eccentrically. But the cherry on the cake were obviously the chocolates. We had a plethora of chocolates to pick and share from.
The management offered lovely compliments to the ones dressed for the occasion in the perfect order. This chocolaty day was extra sweet with kind words, happy faces, dapper dresses and candied mouthfuls. Can't wait the next chocolate day to come soon!

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