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V3CUBE Marches into another year of Global Lead in On Demand Apps

Foundation Day at V3CUBE is always celebrated with great pomp and ceremony and this year was no different. On 14th September, the offices of V3CUBE had a facelift, thanks to the decorations of balloons and flowers of all colours to mark the occasion.

No anniversary is complete without a cake and this year the anniversary cake was cut by three senior staff members – this was a gesture by the management to show their appreciation for their staff.

All staff was highly appreciated for their hard work and to mark the occasion, they were all presented with a gold and silver coin each. This honour was also bestowed to a client who happened to visit the office that day.

In the early part of the evening, recreational activities and games were planned, which were thoroughly enjoyed by all. To wind down, the management, staff along with other people who are working towards the success of V3CUBE had a dinner at a multi cuisine restaurant where mouthwatering delicacies from all over the worked were served.

Kudos Team V3CUBE. Hope you have another successful year.

Celebrating Professional Milestones at V3CUBE

There is no better way of appreciating the dedication and commitment of an employee than celebrating their work anniversary and making that day special for them. That is exactly what V3CUBE does. This year, Rajni Prajapat completed 5 years at the company. To mark this milestone on her professional calendar, she was presented with a gold and silver coin by the company. The presentation was done by an international client who happened to be visiting the company on that day. The client was indeed privileged to honour this hardworking employee on behalf of V3CUBE. Congratulations Rajni.

Celebrations Galore at V3CUBE

The birthdays of the management team as well as all the employees are celebrated with great pomp and ceremony. As is the tradition of the company, the birthday girl/boy gets treated to a surprise personalised cake. The staff and team wish him/her good wishes as they celebrate their birthdays with their colleagues. We look forward to celebrating many more birthdays with all of you.

V3CUBE sponsors the Higher Education of four
disabled students - June 2017

V3CUBE believes in helping the less fortunate members of our society. In the spirit of giving, they are taken over the responsibility to pay for the higher education of four youths who have various disabilities, ranging from partial to total vision loss to partial paralysis. All are students at Gujarat Vidyapith College studying Masters in Social Work, a two year Master Graduation Course.

The team and management of V3CUBE believe that by sharing your good will with the unfortunate members of the society, they will increase their good Karma.

Celebrating The Mango Festival At V3cube - 2017

We celebrate National Days of every country, so why not celebrate the national fruit of India too? That is exactly what we did here at V3CUBE. Our Mango Festival was held on 30th May 2017, whereby 250kg of Kesar mangoes were bought from Saurashtra for the staff and management of V3CUBE.

No celebration is complete without pictures and that is exactly what the team did. After a thoroughly enjoyable modelling session with the sweet and juicy fruit, it was eating time. The fruit, full of the goodness of Vitamin C, Vitamin Bs, various minerals and probiotic fiber were enjoyed by all. What they could not eat was distributed amongst the team members to take home and share the healthy goodness with their families.

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