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A fresh mind and body Experience with Yoga at V3Cube!

At V3Cube, we believe in rejuvenating our senses in order to increase our productivity and to rake in a lot of positive energy for the holistic well being of the employees. The management decided to welcome a famed Yoga Instructor to come and teach us all certain basic Yoga asanas to centre our thought processes and bring about general happiness. The very talented Yoga guru spoke to us about the significance of meditation to increase productivity and to ensure that our knowledge and energies are aligned to help us better ourselves every day.

All the employees including the management participated in this soul stirring experience which relaxed us and gave us new vigor to take the reins of our lives for a better tomorrow. Every experience at V3Cube is a unique one and we shall all treasure this one for a very long time. Until then: Om Shanti Shanti to you all!

Black & White and chocolate Day celebration at Work!

Chocolates are always an incentive to work better, but to top it off with a themed dress affair at work, is plain genius! Our entire team looked dashing in color coordinated blacks and whites on chocolate day. Although the colors were the same , we all tried to trump each other's black and white look by dressing up in dapper clothes and accessorize eccentrically. But the cherry on the cake were obviously the chocolates. We had a plethora of chocolates to pick and share from.

The management offered lovely compliments to the ones dressed for the occasion in the perfect order. This chocolaty day was extra sweet with kind words, happy faces, dapper dresses and candied mouthfuls. Can't wait the next chocolate day to come soon!

Christmas is a style Bash at V3Cube!

We love our festivals and Christmas another excuse for us to flaunt our styles! With a red and white theme followed at work, the office looked like a proper Christmas party. We had our Santa caps on and our thinking caps aside just for one day! With Christmas, come chocolates and a whole lot of fun. The management treats everyone at V3Cube as family and so, Christmas gave us another chance to bond even further. But what's style if not a bit crazy. To offset the elegance of Christmas Day, we had a special 'Mismatch' day! Looking at our senior management wearing track pants under formal shirts gave us all a big laugh.

Our team did not stay too far behind sporting ties over t-shirts and unmatched footwear! To encourage our divas to give up their suave elegance just for a day, there were awesome prizes for the best and the worst dressed people! Oh! What fun it is to come to office in such a way!


Yay! We are super excited to announce that we have been able to successfully acquire a new office space which is absolutely awesome! Our culture at V3Cube promotes a happy work culture and the new space offers us just that. It’s loaded with amazing features which draws all the employees in every morning with big broad smiles. Our efforts in making this place so beautiful and international quality is to ensure that our employees have every comfort and they can enjoy a kind of workspace that everyone desires to be a part of one day.

What we are most excited about is the fact that our new work space is located at Mondeal Square which is one of the most premium locations in the city. Although it sits right in the middle of the entire hustle bustle that a big corporate building can expect, it is comfortable, peaceful and very high end. We know our employees love that occasional outdoor luncheon and this place is just around the corner some of the most talked about food joints of the city!

Lounge: Starting with our lounge, it is the most happening part of the new place. With ivory sofas and a wooden decor, the lounge just invites joy. Fully equipped with PS4 games, a refrigerator and television set, this area is sure to energise all our hard working professionals after their breaks.
Reception: A welcoming entrance helps start the day with fresh gusto and our reception does just that. Of serene whites and wooden nature, the reception is an artwork in itself!
Pantry: Our new office has ample space for its employees to sit and have their lunch peacefully. Our pantry is also equipped with a lovely vending machine for those caffeine cravings!
Rest Rooms: We have separate male and female restrooms with everything required within it.
Conference room: We have a conference/ meeting room with prime quality wooden and glassware furniture where all the amazing ideas are born!
Development Centre: We like ideas to flow and friendships to thrive and so we at V3Cube have a beautiful open development centre with plush wooden furniture of the highest quality giving the whole space a Victorian holiday like feel. A sweet spot sits right at the back like a wooden cave for anyone who wants to take a minute or two off from their screens.
Security: At V3Cube, we take the security and safety of our employees and their belongings very seriously. We have digitally operating doors with biometric locks. Apart from that we also have CCTV cameras installed at every place.
Going Green: It is very important for us to be environment friendly and so, we have little plants placed all along the workspace as a symbol of our little contribution to help and promote the idea of going green.

Growth is always a work in progress and we’re enthralled to be undertaking it! With every step, we strive to make a better tomorrow for our work force.

Tradition, Colour And Festivity As V3cube Celebrate Diwali

Diwali is one celebration where everyone gets together and share sweet meats, have a chatter and wish each other the best for the coming year. Festivities are in the air a few days before Diwali. As always, the staff at V3CUBE celebrate it with great pomp, colour and vibrancy.

The staff all wore colourful traditional outfits to mark the occasion, decorated the office and made a beautiful rangoli in the morning. After some fun and festivities, they all had lunch. This year, although some food was ordered from a caterer, the team broke the tradition such that every staff member bought a dish too. The different flavours, colours and textures of the delicious food were enjoyed by all in the true spirit of the occasion. Sweetmeats were distributed in the evening to all staff and after a photo session the day ended all too soon. A celebration indeed that ended too soon.

Wishing all out staff, clients and patrons a very Happy Diwali and a Prosperous New Year! We look to your continued support in the coming year.

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