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Diwali 2016 - Charity Drive - Clothes for under-privileged People

Happy as we were, we did not forget that there are many people in the society, who are not in a position to enjoy Diwali and its festivities. V3CUBE family has made it a mission to think of these unfortunate people and try to do something for them. This year, Operation Help the Needy involved donation of clothes, which the team member brought. Clothes that they do not need, or do not fit in were donated to the cause, whilst some of them even brought in new clothes in the spirit of Diwali. The joy on the faces of the destitute families is what has made our Diwali extra special.

Diwali 2016 - Best-Out-Of-Waste & Diya Decoration Competition

Diwali is a festival that is celebrated with great pomp and ceremony. The V3CUBE family starts the festivities a few days in advance to the countdown for the big day. This year a day was dedicated to Diya decoration competition and best out of waste competition. The day was spent in healthy competition with each other in a bid to decorate the best diya and to make the best item from waste. A selection of diyas of all shapes and sizes were decorated. The best part of the day was the best of waste competition as every member racked up his / her brain to come up with innovations from the waste. We reminisced our school days and our craft lessons, bringing back nostalgic memories of a time gone. We surely have come a long way since then….

Tirupati Rishivan Trip

Team building is important for any company and it tends to become difficult when you are sitting in front of the monitor all the time, working away of projects as deadlines are looming. This gives our team very little time to interact with each other. That is why we organize away days, when we go out as a team and enjoy ourselves. Tirupati Rishivan was the venue for the away day and the team thoroughly enjoyed themselves, bantering and joking with each other, not to forget the amazing rides. On the return journey, we stopped at the famous Jain Temple in Mahudi where we partook the legendary holy offering of Sukhadi.

PS4 in our office as a refreshment/entertainment

As part of our work and play regime, we tend to ensure that our staff get time to play, not necessarily in the playground. They say a change is as good as new. With this thought in mind, the company has invested in a PS4 to enable team members to refresh themselves from the mundane day-to-day tasks of programming, software development, website designing and the rest.

Feel like it is getting on top of you? Cannot think straight at the moment? No worries. Get the office PS4 out and play a few games. Come back refreshed and ready to go again…..

Surprise picnic to the Vintage Cars Museum

The element of surprise never ceases to please. It is no different at V3CUBE. As a special treat, a surprise outing was organized by the management to Vintage Cars Museum. The team thoroughly immersed themselves in the world of antique cars, motorcycles, buggies, and utility buggies. It was great fun sitting and pretending to drive cars that are usually seen in movies and dreams. The management teams at V3CUBE spare no expenses as far as their staff are concerned and give them the very best, by way of remuneration or in kind. Investment in staff bears returns on the long run.

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