Benefits of Investing in Readymade Gojek Clone

  • Economic Business Solution

    Investing in our app will help you launch a highly profitable business without spending millions. It is affordable and offers a commendable ROI.

  • Build your Brand

    Just like Gojek, you too get to build your brand in Brazil. We will white-label the app with your brand's name, logo, and other visual elements.

  • Multiple Revenue Streams

    By launching a Gojek Clone in Brazil, you will earn revenues from commissions, cancellation charges, in-app ads, etc.

  • Quick Time to Market

    With a ready-made app, you can launch your super app in just 1-2 weeks.

Brazil taxi app solution

V3cube Manages App Development to Launch and Beyond

Why should you team up with us and build your Gojek Clone? Well, we're like the superheroes of making awesome super apps. All our efforts are to help your business get ready for the real market and upcoming trends. Our team of experienced app developers, designers, QA experts, and project managers is here to help you with everything to make your dreams of running a successful taxi business in Brazil a reality!

We not only promise to white-label your app in 1-2 weeks, but we'd like you to know that V3Cube also helps with app store submissions, offers a wide variety of app features, and offers many other perks!

Grab our Shark Package to get the best of our all-in-one app! From website to KIOSK panels, advanced admin panel, etc., our package integrates everything, guaranteeing easy business launch and maintenance.

  • Founded 2005


  • Employees 60+


  • Everyday Apps Launched 2

    Apps Launched Everyday

  • App Launched 1520

    App Launched

  • Repeated Clients 99%

    Repeated Clients

  • Customer Satisfaction 100%

    Customer Satisfaction


We have over a decade of experience in developing and white-labeling on-demand apps for the Brazilian market to customers in Indonesia, the US, UAE, and several other nations!

  • Professional White-labeling

    We take 1-2 weeks to completely rebrand the app with your brand name, logo, color theme of choice, and app design.

    All-in-One Package

    We offer multiple modules in a single package. Within our package, you get a pre-built website, an admin panel, the KIOSK app, and other supporting panels.

    Non-disclosure Agreement

    We will sign an NDA guaranteeing that your identity and business idea are safe with us. The agreement makes our deal confidential!

  • Cutting-edge Business Solution

    We have used advanced technology to build our app, incorporated futuristic features, and so on.

    Easy Demo App Trial

    There is no time limit when it comes to testing our demo app on your device. Download our app and test how it works in real time.

    Licensed Source Code

    With the purchase of our package, you get the licensed source code of the app. You can use the code to modify or upgrade your app later on.

Choose Your Preferred Payment Gateway

We offer you the flexibility to choose the payment gateway that is well-suited to your Brazilian market. For more information, click the button below!

  • Payeez Payment Gateway
  • Payu Payment Gateway
  • Stripe Payment Gateway
Don’t see your payment gateway? Contact Us!

We don’t charge even one Brazilian real for Source Code!

V3Cube provides licensed source code at no extra cost with the purchase of our Shark Package. Source code is the most crucial element of app development and it constantly needs to be modified to keep up with the technological advancements of the 21st century era.

Our company is firm in its resolve to produce high-grade quality products. We have curated 1200 plus mobile applications for clients round the globe in just two years.

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white labeled app

V3Cube is the ultimate white-labeling Authority

We’ll rebrand the app with your company’s name and logo and will also do colour theme-based customisations that match with your company’s overall look. We’ll integrate your lingua franca Portuguese into the source code, so that your customers have the ease of browsing in their local dialect without any trouble. We’ll paint the entire app inside out with your brand’s name. We’ll leave no stone unturned in making your dream project a reality.

What Do the Clients Have to Say?

Take a look at what our real clients from Brazil, who have purchased and launched the Gojek Clone App built by team V3Cube have to say about our app. Hear our clients share their experience in working with us and the quality of our App.

Video Testimonials: Clients Thrilled with Us

Just the way the world is still in awe of your 38-meter statue of Christ in Rio de Janeiro, our clients are in awe of our working style and time-bound execution of tasks. Hear them out and feel the trust that they had bestowed upon us. They talk about how they had built a great rapport with our Project Managers who were resourceful and extremely helpful.

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