The Distinctive Car Rental Clone Features

Our car rental script features are unique to us and the best as far as other online rental sites are concerned. A system that will get you earning in just three days has to be outstanding.

The Distinctive Car Rental Clone Features

Listed below are the car rental system features that show the difference between a good script and an outstanding one.

  • A system that can be launched anywhere in the world as it has an option for language and currency customisation . Launch it in Spain, the language and currency will be changed to Spanish and the euro respectively.
  • The system is designed to two modes of payments – cash as well as credit card payments. The cash payment is made directly to the car owner whilst the online payment is automatically done when the booking is confirmed.
  • A fully intergrated system accepting Paypal and credit card payments
  • A site that can be easily accessed from anywhere in the world due to its GEO location features.
  • The features can be customised according to your requirement and will also have your own unique brand.
  • Your own licensed script ensuring that no one can copy or steal it.

Car Rental Clone Flow

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