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Introducing The New Way Of Sending Cargo, Freight & Parcels - The advanced Sharing Script that allows members to carry Cargo, Freight & Parcels with them and charge their senders online

Considering how many packages need to be delivered on a daily basis around the world, you might already have an idea about the huge expenses involved. The expenses are now becoming extreme and people are looking for alternative cost effective ways of sending their parcels. Would you like to take the initiative, put your own freight-sharing clone or cargo sharing script , on the forefront, and help people get their parcel delivered for a lesser price? Are you thinking of such a possibility? The time for thinking is over, buy cargo sharing clone and help the world send their parcels.

Introducing The New Way Of Sending Parcels - The Cargo Sharing Script

When you buy this freight sharing script, you become the owner of a site that allows people to look for travelers who are travelling to the destination where you want to send the parcel too. These travelers could be using any mode of travelling, which include bicycles, scooters, bikes, car, lorry, truck, bus, by air or by sea, and maybe even walking. Whatever their mode of transport your freight sharing script will match the cargo and the traveler. They will take your cargo or luggage with them.

The receiver can pick up the cargo at the destination and the vehicle owner/traveler is paid. The vehicle owner will charge you for the cargo transfer, which will be much less than a professional carrier. Furthermore, the website owner, who owns the courier-sharing clone, will receive a commission for each cargo transfer booked through the site.

Summary Of The Parcel Sharing Clone

Let us say a person is travelling from Location X to location Y in his vehicle or maybe he is walking.
He will come to the site and post his ride's detail.
Here in the Cargo System, the driver is not taking any passengers. He carries it or takes the luggage in his vehicle
Many people will send cargo through the driver who is travelling to the location where you want to send your parcel, so the costs will be low for cargo transfer. The driver makes money and the sender gets stuff transferred at a low rate. A driver comes to the site, posts his Ride's Start and Destination. He will also include details of the luggage he can take.
Below is a list of cargo/parcels that are already stored and available for selection in the courier sharing clone.

  • Suitcases and bags - choice of Light, Normal, Heavy
  • Envelopes,
  • A4 Documents,
  • Crates or boxes - choice of Small, medium, or large
  • Luggage Carrier
  • Parcel - Small, medium, large Sized, and if it is chiiled
  • Up to 10kgs, Up to 25kgs, Up to 50kgs, Up to 100kgs Electronics
  • Under 220cm, Above 220cm Ski bags
  • Under 120cm, Above 120cm Golf bags
  • Others

He will select the luggage/parcel that he can take as well as the quantity. For example, if he is travelling in a car, and can take say 3 medium sized boxes, he will select that and state what the charges would be, along with his itenary.

If he chooses "Other" then he will provide a brief description of what the "other" would be.

Cargo & Freight Sharing Website

Administrator Panel

Mobile Application

Demo Links

Process flow:

Let us say you want to send a luggage from Location X to Location Y. You will come to the site and search for drivers travelling from Location X to Location Y who have intimated on the site that they can carry the parcel/luggage etc that you want to send to Y. You will select the driver travelling from Location X to Location Y, who has stated that he can transport the kind of packages or luggage you have. You therefore select the matching one and book with him. Once you have booked, the driver will receive a notification. You and the driver can talk to each other through the system. Between the two of you, you can decide a convenient pick up point. The system does not have any room for price negotiation, or accept and decline options for the carrier. The Sender gets a system generated security number, which he will manually give to Receiver of Parcel. The Receiver will give security number to Driver once he receives the Parcel. Payment can be done in two ways, either online or in cash at the time of delivery.

Here Are Some Standard Add-Ons That We Offer Which Will Make Payment Happen On The Site And Allow Site Owners To Earn :

In this add-on option, the site will charge X amount of fees whenever Cargo transfer is booked with the driver. This is the booking fees and the site gets it. This is no Cargo Transfer Fees. The driver and sender will not be able to contact each other until after the booking payment is made.

Adding Subscription Option: Here, site owner charges an X amount of fees every month from the drivers and senders to post and book rides. This is recursive and each year/month the members are charged for using the site services.

Why Buy Cargo Sharing Script?

With the cargo sharing clone, you mobilize all the cargo that needs to be delivered while significantly reducing the cost of sending packages by professional carriers. When you buy the freight sharing script, you will be given a script that can be launched into a website within just 2-3 days. With the help of this cargo sharing clone website, you can now ensure that people all over the world (or wherever you want to keep the zone of delivery limited to) can contact each other and have their packages delivered at a much less cost. When you buy cargo sharing clone, you will be able to generate money very quickly. It is as simple as that. Many people need to get their packages couriered all over the place. Whether it is for business or personal, things need to get around. With this facility, you will help people get their goods going where they have to in an economic way. Every time someone fixes a parcel share through your website, you get a commission. The perfect reason for you to buy cargo sharing clone.

what you can send

  • Electrical Items

  • Suitcases and Bags

  • Crate or Box

  • Golf bags

  • Ski bags

  • Bicycles

  • Envelope

  • Chilled Parcel

  • Luggage Carrier

It is Now Or Never!

Take the decision now and buy freight sharing clone if you want to:

  • Be successful quickly
  • Make safe online money
  • Have a logical business that runs on auto
  • Beat your competitors
  • Be your own boss

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Clone site design template

Clone Site Design Template

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