Carpooling App

The cloned script of Ride Sharing App is the ultimate solution for anyone who is looking for a handsome commission each time anyone around plans on taking a trip! This is why we have introduced a licensed clone script of the Carpooling App Script that ensures that people can use it with their mobile phones as well.





How does the payment work?

In order to ensure that there are no troubles in handling the payments, the full control remains with the site owner (you)! The ride seeker makes an online payment when he books the ride from one place to another to the site owner.

Once the trip is over and the seeker reaches his destination, he gives a confirmation of having been able to reach where he wished to. Post this; the administrator of the site makes the payment to the car owner. This three step payment ensures that there is no mishandling of funds at any stage. It also allows you to monitor and control any trip as per your liking.

Clone of Ride Sharing App for sale!

If you want to earn a lot of commission with little or no extra effort then don’t be disappointed the clone of Ride Sharing App Script is for sale! You can buy the app for yourself and earn all the commission each and every time someone uses it!

Make your services more accessible to the people and help others benefit from this unique app with the most enhanced features to get a permanent solution to their travel issues while earning a handsome commission out of it!

How do the people find each other?

If like an intelligent website administrator, you are wondering how you can set up the right meeting point for the two, well then the clone of the Carpooling App has the solution for it. The website has been so made that it enables you to give a precise meeting location for the two parties on a map to ascertain that nobody gets lost!

Is it the app for you?

Well, aren’t you looking to make some extra cash! If you are, then how can you miss this opportunity! The licensed clone of the Ride Sharing App Clone is the ultimate solution to make the maximum money that you can without having to do anything extra.

The clone of this site is not just like any other cloned site. It has enhanced features which make it even better! It has been specifically designed to ensure that everything goes in the smoothest fashion possible while enabling you to keep earning big bucks day in and day out!

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