Pharmacy On-Demand Delivery – Responsive Website

Replica of the On-Demand Pharmacy Delivery App, the website has the same functioning as the app. Compatible on all devices, it is a great alternative for your users who does not have the app or are not familiar with placing orders using the app. With this website, you can make sure that the orders are well-received, not a single order is missed, boosting revenues and more customers.
  • Home
    Home Screen
  • Pharmacy Stores
    Dispensary Store
  • medecines
    Medicine Shop
  • Login Details
  • User Profile
  • Orders
    Order Details
  • Search Nearby Store
    Nearby Store
  • My Wallet
    User Wallet Details
  • Driver Profile
    Driver Profile Details
  • Driver Vehicles
    Show Driver Vehicles
  • Driver Earnings
    Order Earnings Details
  • Driver Order Detail
    Order Details
  • Driver Wallet
    Driver Wallet Details
  • Store Profile
  • Store Drivers
  • Item Categories
  • Edit Item Category
  • Store Items
  • Processing Orders
    Order in Process
  • Store Earnings
    Order Earning Details
  • Store Create Order
    Add user Information
  • Store Settings
    Store Setting Details
  • About Us
    About us Page
  • Contact Us
    Contact us Page

Admin Panel – One Panel Simple Administration

This feature-rich On-Demand Pharmacy Delivery Admin Panel has a lot to offer with its Latest Features 2021 and unrivaled add-ons and improved functionalities. This brilliant Admin Panel comprises a vast range of features that carries different tasks in managing your business activities seamlessly.
  • admin panel dashboard
    Admin Panel
  • admin group dashboard
    Admin Group
  • manage store dashboard
    Store Dashboard
  • add and search drivers dashboard
    Add and Search Driver Dashboard Details
  • manage users dashboard
    User Dashboard Details
  • driver vehicles dashboard
    Driver Vehicle Details
  • vehicle type dashboard
    Vehicle Type Dashboard Details
  • manage item categories dashboard
    Item Categories Details
  • manage items dashboard
    Items Dashboard Details
  • manage item type dashboard
    Item Type Dashboard
  • all orders dashboard
    All Orders Dashboard Details
  • manage promo code dashboard
    PromoCode Dashboard Details
  • god's view dashboard
    God's view Dashboard Details
  • reviews dashboard
    Reviews Dashboard Details
  • admin earning report dashboard
    Admin Earning Report Dashboard Details
  • referral report dashboard
    Referral Report Dashboard Details
  • geo fence locations dashboard
    Geo Fence locations Dashboard Details
  • general settings dashboard
    General Settings Dashboard Details
  • manage country dashboard
    Country Dashboard Details
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