Free Unique Features in Our On-Demand Ambulance App

  • Licensed Source Code Licensed Source Code

    Acquire authorized access to our source code, empowering you with the flexibility and control to customize and enhance your App Solution. Unleash your creativity and tailor the code to meet your specific needs.

  • Bug Support 1-Year Bug Support

    Benefit from a full year of bug support, ensuring a seamless experience with our software. Our team is here to swiftly address any technical glitches that may arise in the App.

  • Annual Updates Annual Updates

    Obtain a complimentary upgrade one year after your initial purchase. Inform us of your desired timing, and we will provide you with the updated code for the package you bought.

  • Preferred languages Preferred languages & currencies

    We offer a selection of 25 languages and currencies, including English and the US Dollar (USD), tailored to your preferred demographics and launch location for the app.

  • App Rejection Support App Rejection Support

    If your App has been rejected due to technical issues, we can assist you with troubleshooting and fixing them. We will help you get your app approved in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store once the issue is resolved.

  • Multiple Payment Options Multiple Payment Options

    The Medical Transportation Service App comes equipped with varied secured payment options like Debit/Credit, Cash and In-app Wallet. Thus, ensuring peace of mind for your Users.

Ambulance On Demand App Script

Unlock a comprehensive healthcare solution with our On-Demand Ambulance App package. Built with Latest Features and functionalities allowing you to stand ahead in the competition. The app can seamlessly book and track ambulances in real-time, ensuring swift and efficient medical transport. User-friendly interface simplifies the booking process. Our integrated admin panel empowers efficient dispatch, driver management, and, ensuring unified operations.

Experience secure payment processing and the potential for future feature upgrades, all aimed at revolutionizing your healthcare transportation experience.

The Plan Package Includes:
  • Ambulance Website
  • Patient iOS App
  • Patient Android App
  • Patient Web Panel
  • Ambulance Driver iOS App
  • Ambulance Driver Android App
  • Ambulance Driver Web Panel
  • Ambulance Driver Company Web Panel
  • Admin Web Panel to manage the overall working of the app i.e. Payments, Commission, Rates, Patient, Ambulance Driver, etc.
uber medical transportation app script

Explore Our Our On-Demand Medical Transportation App

In the realm of healthcare, convenience is key. Experience swift and efficient transportation solutions with our On-Demand Medical Transportation App, designed to swiftly transport your Users/Patients to Clinics/Hospitals for both routine check-ups and urgent medical needs.

Our Uber like Ambulance Service App unlocks various revenue streams – earn from patient ambulance bookings, driver registration fees, seamless online payments, and stand out with premium services.

Our cutting-edge app solution makes managing your medical transportation business effortless. Our experts have used advanced tools and technologies to create a seamless user experience for dispatching vehicles, scheduling rides, and processing payments. We also make it easy to upgrade your app's features and functionality as needed, without any additional costs.

Be a trailblazer in healthcare innovation. Embrace the transformative power of our On-Demand Medical Transportation App. Elevate your User’s experiences, amplify revenue streams, and maintain a competitive edge in this dynamic industry. The future of medical transportation begins right here, with us.

uber medical transportation iPhone app on demand ambulance iPhone app

Discover the Sequential Workflow of the Ambulance App

  • Download and registering with the app

    With their email, phone, or social network credentials, users can open a new account. Existing users can sign in using fingerprint or Face ID.

  • Explore nearby Ambulance Service Providers

    Users have the option to browse through nearby medical transportation service providers, including those offering a range of medical services, pricing options, ratings, and more.

  • Entering your pickup location and destination

    The application provides the user with the option to "Pin" the pickup and drop-off locations, or alternatively, manually input these details.

  • Choose the type of the services

    Users can opt for an ambulance type based on their medical requirements. If it's a regular checkup/medical consultation, a standard ambulance service is offered. Nevertheless, when facing a critical medical situation, the Urgent Care Ambulance service stands ready to assist.

  • Requesting a service

    The user will sent the request to the chosen Ambulance service provider which further proceeds towards checkout.

  • Checkout process

    The user shall pay from the preferred mode of options - Debit/Credit/In-app Wallet and Cash. Also, the app allows to make final adjustments at the end of the trip i.e. paying tip or any extra charges, etc.

  • Ambulance driver sends confirmation

    Once the driver “Accepts” the requests, sends the confirmation.

  • Tracking the ambulance in real time

    The app will show you the location of the ambulance in real time, so your users will know when to expect its arrival. This can be helpful especially when they are waiting for the ambulance to arrive or if you need to know where the ambulance is located in case of an emergency.

  • Rating and review

    Both the user and the driver have the ability to rate each other and share their feedback on the overall experience.

Familiarize Yourself with Our Four-Step Buying Process

Our concise four-step approach simplifies grasping our development process and keeps you well-informed about your app's progress.

  • Download the app and Try them in Real-world Setting

    Before making a purchase, we recommend that you download our demo apps and try them out on different digital devices in real-world settings. Whether you're interested in specific customizations or simply need standard apps, our team is here to accommodate your needs at budget-friendly prices.

  • Let us know the language and currency you prefer

    We offer 25 language and currency options to ensure your app is tailored to your target audience and the location of your launch. This includes English and USD, so your users can have a seamless experience.

  • Provide Server, Play/App Store details

    Once the app formalities are accomplished, we will need your Server and App/Play Store details. The team will be using the details to rebrand your app and have them upload configure according to the Play/App Store.

  • We introduce your App in the Play/App Stores under your brand name

    Our team ensures that your App is seamlessly launched on the Play/App Stores and earns you a substantial profit from the day it is launched.

Ambulance Driver Web panel's

Web Panel's Included

On-Demand Ambulance Service App Website and Admin Panel - Innovate Medical Transportation

Seamlessly navigate our user-friendly website to request ambulances, track real-time locations, and access transparent pricing. Behind the scenes, our Robust Admin Panel empowers efficient operations – from dispatching ambulances swiftly to managing drivers and processing payments securely.

Gain insights harnessing user feedback for continuous improvement, and stay ahead of the curve with adaptable features. This unified platform ensures timely and reliable medical transportation while putting you in control of a safer and healthier future.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is Ambulance Dispatch Software?

    Ambulance dispatch software is designed to assist ambulance service providers in managing their operations. The software allows dispatchers to receive and prioritize calls, dispatch ambulance crews, and track the status of ambulances in real time.

  • How Much Time Does It Take To Develop An Ambulance App?

    We fully appreciate your requirements and adhere to stringent deadlines, finishing the project in less than 7 Working Days as per your brand name, logo, and deployment on app store or play store. Our ambulance app solution is pre-built, tested, and available on app stores.

  • Why Is Multi-platform Compatibility Important For On-demand Apps?

    Multi-platform compatibility allows you to reach a wider audience by offering your app on both iOS and Android platforms.

  • Does your Company offers Post-delivery Maintenance?

    Yes, we provide post-delivery maintenance at different levels of pricing and slabs, depending on the job at hand.

  • In Which Time Zone does V3Cube Function?

    V3CUBE operates based on the Indian Standard Time (IST); however, they begin their workday early to accommodate the time zones of Eastern countries like Australia, Japan, and Singapore. Additionally, they extend their working hours to provide support for the time zones of the USA and Canada.

  • How do I access the demo?

    The demo link is available on the product details page. Simply click the link to access the demo. Alternatively, you can also request the demo via email, and we will provide you with the demo links along with login access.

  • My Query,' is not included in your list - What Should I Do?

    Please don't hesitate to reach out to us, and we will provide you with a solution within one business day.

Customer Praise:Let Their Words Speak

Uber for Ambulance - Emergency Rescue

We all are living in the world where people are less serious about their health. The aerobicized lifestyle that we once used to follow is now just a story of the past. This can be easily measured by seeing the number of hospitals build around us. Medical emergencies can come anywhere no matter who goes the enemy. Keeping all these things in mind there are different applications made, which provides on demand medical transportation facilitiesthat can really help in saving many lives if the situation is critical.

Invest in the bombed new app that can really help your customers in saving many people lives.This amazing ambulance app can be yours which can easily help your customers for people’s well-being and targeting unbeatable profit.

Top Features of ambulance app
  • Assurance of approval on play stores: We take full guarantee of app approval on play stores. We the team of professionals follow ethical and optimized methods to develop the applications. So, all our apps easily get approved by the Google play store and Apple play store (iOS).
  • White labelling: We will white label our apps and will make and design it according to your customer’s requirements.
  • Quick Reports: Using this modern and advanced app, you can easily check how much you are earning.
  • Free license for lifetime: Our software comes free lifetime license with no additional charges every year. One has not to pay any extra charges regarding the license.
  • Wallet: We also provide wallet option in the application by which customer can easily pay the amount. Wallets can be recharged with the debit or credit cards which is secure mode of payment.
  • Voguish work: We also provide a special feature by which one can keep an eye on customer’s and service provider’s activities. Number of services books, commission earned, how customer is willing to pay and many more things with the help of our voguish work feature.
  • Language and currency of customer’s choice: We provide local language along with the currency according to the customized requirements of the customer. One additional language is added with the local language.
  • Pay by cash or with card: This feature helps the customer to pay by cash or with the credit card. Mode of payment with the card is totally secure as secure gateway of payment is done.
  • Easy to access: This app is flawless to use. There are no complications to use this app.
  • Demo Test: If one wants to develop an app like wine on demand app, he/she can take a pre-demo app test from our end which costs no charge.
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