Uber for Medical Marijuana

This unique marijuana delivery app supplies marijuana to people while making millions for you! Cannabis on demand app - home delivering marijuana to users in a jiffy A quick, clean and reliable means to help your customers order weed from their smartphones
Uber for Marijuana

Free Features Of Our CubeMarijuana

That Others Charge For
  • Marijuana app installation
  • Marijuana app approval on play store
  • Marijuana app white labelling
  • advanced analytics
  • advanced reports
  • wallet
  • life time license
  • licensed code open for customization's
  • responsive web panel's

Watch this Video to Walk Through
the Marijuana On Demand App

Watch this video to see how Steve found an on demand marijuana app to deliver marijuana at his doorstep and how you as an appreneur can earn commissions by investing in a marijuana on demand app.

marijuana delivery app demo

Marijuana Delivery App Script

This app has been particularly made to be able to tap into the potential of the weed market. It is no surprise that there are millions involved in marijuana buying and selling and this marijuana delivery app is the best way to digitize the industry. This is a perfect application which works just like an Uber for marijuana. This cannabis on demand app will allow you to make money out of this weed industry without ever having to actually do anything at all!

application package

  • Main Website
  • Customer iOS App
  • Customer Android App
  • Customer Web Panel
  • Delivery boy/Carrier/Driver iOS App
  • Delivery boy/Carrier/Driver Android App
  • Delivery boy/Carrier/Driver Web Panel
  • Store iOS App
  • Store Android App
  • Store Web Panel for managing Item Inventories, Orders etc.
  • Admin Web Panel to manage all - Payments, Commissions, Customer, Stores, Delivery boy/Carrier/Driver, etc.
Cannabis delivery App

Invest in a Marijuana Delivery App and Build a Business of Supplying Marijuana to Users and Get Easy Money into your Funds

Have a walk through the seamless functioning of the Marijuana On Demand App that makes it a must have for your marijuana on demand business and adopt it to deliver the marijuana at the doorstep of your customers.

  • The user and the delivery driver need to login with one single click using their social media handles like Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ or with their basic details like name, mobile number or email address.
  • On completing the login process, the user is taken to the main containing a list of all the nearby stores, their ratings, time of delivery and minimum order amount. The main screen also enables the user to filter their search based on offers available and the medical herbs or sort their search by relevance, rating, delivery time, cost (low to high) and cost (high to low).
  • On tapping the marijuana/herb store of their choice, the user is empowered with the past ratings, the time taken for delivery and the list of herbs available in the store.
  • On tapping a herb/marijuana available in the store, the user is enabled to select the quantity of the marijuana/herbs, i.e. 10, 20 or 30 mg, etc and the number of herbs/marijuana of the same quantity, i.e. 1, 2, etc. User can select multiple herbs/marijuana at a time.
  • As soon as user completes the selection, they need to tap on view cart in order to move to cart summary to get the details of the marijuana/herbs selected by them. They need to add their location where they want the marijuana/herbs delivered along with the mode of payment, i.e., cash, card or in-app wallet and make the payment and get the marijuana/herbs booked.
  • The store now receives the order of the marijuana/herbs requested by the user and enables them to either accept or decline the order.
  • On accepting the order, the store taps on ‘Marijuana Order Accepted’ and the user gets notified with ‘Booking Confirmed’.
  • The marijuana store now taps on the button ‘Assign Driver’ in order to assign the delivery to a particular delivery driver.
  • The delivery driver would receive the request on their driver app and they need to accept the request within the time in the timer as failure to do so would lead to the order getting transferred to the next delivery driver.
  • On accepting the order, the delivery driver reaches the marijuana/herbs store and picks up their order and clicks a photo to confirm ‘Order Picked’.
  • The user gets notified with ‘Order Picked’ and ‘Order Out for Delivery’ and can track the location of the driver and remain connected with them via internet calls or internal text chat. The store can also track the process of the order and the driver.
  • The user collects the order and driver thereby taps on ‘Delivery Completed’.
  • The store receives the notification ‘Order Completed’ and calls the user to know if the order was delivered well.
  • The user now provides a review for the delivery driver and rates the services of the marijuana/herb store.
  • The delivery driver also leaves a review for the user based on their experience.

Uber For Marijuana Delivery App - Delivering Marijuana To Users And Money To Your Bank

Marijuana is a requirement for many ill patients - a requirement that may not easily be available to them. This is where your clone uber for marijuana becomes the most helpful tool for your customers. They can order their requirements discretely; get them delivered to their doorstep, without any hassle of payments, just by a few taps on the apps. Get into this very unique and lucrative business of delivering marijuana today, wherever you are.

With just a few dollars worth of investmentin uber for drugs app, you can tap the potential of a multi-million dollar business - a business you can start in just a few days.

Uber for Cannabis Uber for drugs
4 Steps To Your Product
  • Download our App
  • Preferred language & Currancy
  • Provide Server, Play Store & your Logo
  • We Launch Your Apps On Your Brand Name On Your Play Stores

Core Features of Marijuana On Demand App

Have a look at some unique features of the marijuana on demand app that makes it a must have for you and your business in order to assist you in building a successful marijuana on demand service industry.

  • Multicurrency/ Multilanguage Wallet to Wallet Money Transfer

    This feature empowers the user to transfer the money present in their wallet to the wallet of the marijuana store as soon as the booking gets completed.

  • God Eye View Real-Time Tracking

    This feature empowers the user and the marijuana store to track the location of the delivery driver using the in-built navigation.

  • Cash or Pay by Cash Book Now or Schedule for Later

    This feature present in the marijuana on demand app empowers the user to book the marijuana for the same day or a later date.

  • Real Time Tracking VOIP based Call Masking

    This feature allows the user and the delivery driver to maintain their privacy till the delivery is completed via internet calls and ensuring that neither of their numbers get revealed to each other.

  • Book Now or Schedule for Later Feature Internal Text Chat between User & Delivery Driver

    This feature empowers the user to know the whereabouts of the delivery driver as soon as they place an order for the marijuana via internal text chats.

Web Panel's Included

Web panel

Marijuana Delivery App Package - A Unique Website, An Efficient Admin Panel, And The Marijuana Delivering Client Panel - The Complete Weed Package - Delivering Hard Cash Straight Into Your Bank Account With Every Delivery

Cannabis on Demand App that we have designed has all the basic features required in the industry. However you may have other requirements for your business, we will happily incorporate them into the apps as well.

Marijuana has been known to be used for medicinal purposes by patients suffering from various diseases. It has been known to decrease seizures in epileptic children, create an appetite for patients who do not feel like eating, treat multiple sclerosis etc. All these patients and more can easily have this medication from the efficient facilities provided by your app at very short notice.

Make millions through commissions received from every marijuana delivery. The users of this drug need your marijuana delivery app facility to order their marijuana.


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for sales and technical support
FAQ Question1FAQ Answer1Q. Are your source codes modifiable?

The scripts designed by V3CUBE are 100% scalable and can be customized according to individual needs and requirements.

FAQ Question2FAQ Answer2Q. Does V3CUBE provide support?

1 year support is provided for bugs and issues.

FAQ Question3FAQ Answer3Q. How doesV3CUBE's technical supports work?

We have an efficient bug tracking system whereby clients can voice their concerns and/or problems. Each client gets a unique number and the query will be dealt according to the order in which they received the number. You can also reach your technical manager via Email, Skype and Phone Calls to.

FAQ Question4FAQ Answer4Q. Will V3CUBE's products operate on multiple domains?

No, our products will operate on a single domain only.

FAQ Question5FAQ Answer5Q. Does your company offer post-delivery maintenance?

Yes, we provide post-delivery maintenance at different levels of pricing and slabs, depending on the job at hand.

FAQ Question6FAQ Answer6Q. Are custom development services applicable for all your products?

Yes. All our products can be customized. We have three models for customization, namely fixed cost, hourly hire and dedicated system development.

FAQ Question7FAQ Answer7Q. How does V3CUBE deal with immediate bug fixing issues?

We have a flexible chat option as well as telephone conversations dedicated to bug fixing. Our support for bugs is free for 1 year. You can add your bug to our ticketing support panel and also directly call, email or skype your allotted technical manager for reporting bugs.

FAQ Question8FAQ Answer8Q. How can I control and monitor the ongoing project development process?

An exclusive development server suited to the user's project will be set up, and the access links will solely be provided to the client. The changes in the ongoing project related to the entire data will be updated on that server. This allows clients to control the development of the project.

FAQ Question9FAQ Answer9Q. According to what time zone does V3CUBE operate?

We operate on Indian Standard Time but start early to cover time zones of Eastern Countries like Australia, Japan, Singapore and work late to support Time Zone of USA and Canada.

FAQ Question10FAQ Answer10Q. What rates do you provide?

We offer highly competitive rates. Both product customization and customer support rates start from $10 an hour. The rates will change depending on the complexity of the task assigned.

FAQ Question11FAQ Answer11Q. What terms do you follow to make payments for products and customization?

We operate on an "Up-front Policy" for our Standard Products and "Milestone Basis" Payment's for customizations Work. However, we are sometimes flexible as per client's financial plans.

FAQ Question12FAQ Answer12Q. How V3CUBE ensures confidentiality?

Client confidential is very much on top of the list as far as our clients are concerned, and we, therefore, sign the non-disclosure agreement based on the current industry standards. We by default work under NDA.

Please note that whether we sign NDA or not we follow below rules as per our policy :

  • - That we will never disclose anyone that we worked with you and keep our relation strictly confidential
  • - That we will never disclose anyone or publish anywhere that we did your website & apps
  • - We will not use your data
  • - Your idea's will stay confidential with us

We'll neither share with any one that we worked with you nor publish anywhere that your apps were developed by us.

If we dont follow NDA and reveal our existing client's names, even your competitors will easily find that you purchased from us and ask us for same software as yours, buy it and give you competition.

FAQ Question13FAQ Answer13Q. Can V3CUBE adapt on-site development?

Yes, we adapt to our client's onsite development requirements.

FAQ Question14FAQ Answer14Q. Do V3CUBE sign contracts and agreements?

Yes, we sign service level agreements as well as contracts.

FAQ Question15FAQ Answer15Q. How V3CUBE differs from other web development companies?

We have a wide range of web solutions and products, which are made using advanced & latest technologies. We also provide a reliant business development and customer support service. With our highly competitive pricing and professional service we remain as one of the best designing companies. All products we sell are 100% ready and will be made ready with your Logo, Preferred Language, Preferred Currency and name in just 3-4 days. So you can go live asap in short time.

FAQ Question16FAQ Answer16Q. Can you deliver the exact product as shown in the demo?

Yes. It will be exact copy as the Demo we have shown you with agreed Language Option, Currency Option, your logo and name.

FAQ Question17FAQ Answer17Q. How can I get access to the demo?

The demo link is listed on the page that has the product details. Just follow the link to access the demo. You can also request us the demo by email and we'll send the demo links to you with login access.

FAQ Question18FAQ Answer18Q. What other services do V3CUBE technologies offer despite web designing and development?

Our list of many services includes digital marketing and dedicated developers.

FAQ Question19FAQ Answer19Q. Do V3CUBE provide website hosting?

Although we do not provide any kind of web hosting services, we will be able to recommend best and most economic Web Hosting Servers.

FAQ Question20FAQ Answer20Q. Is the source code encrypted?

Once the Apps are delivered on your servers and Play Stores, we'll send you licensed Source Code too.

What is Licensed Source Code :

You will be provided a licensed copy of the source code that will allow you to modify the code as per your requirement. The code is open so even your in-house team can make modifications in it.

The files that will be connected with the domain name will be encrypted and are called license files. Everything else will be open.

In-short, you get the licensed code for one brand and you will be able to modify it the way you want. However, you wont be able to redistribute the code, make it's multiple copies or launch/resell on different names. Additional licenses will cost extra amount. Please let us know if you plan to buy additional licenses.

FAQ Question21FAQ Answer21Q. Do I own my website completely?

The Website and Applications that we develop for you will be completely in your control and authority.

FAQ Question22FAQ Answer22Q. How V3CUBE assures reliability and quality?

To assure the reliability and quality of the products that we deliver to our clients, we maintain a comprehensive software testing process and agile work methodology.

FAQ Question23FAQ Answer23Q. Will the website be white labelled on my personal or my company name ?

Yes. The website will be White Labelled on your Brand Name you would prefer. Our white labelling will include setting the Apps on your brand name with you logo and name.

FAQ Question24FAQ Answer24Q. Does all product have "Free Additional Currency Option" and which Currency can I choose from ?

Mostly all products have "Free Additional Currency Option". You can select the Currency option you want and it will be provided to you.

FAQ Question25FAQ Answer25Q. Does all product have "Free Additional Language* Option" and which Language can I choose from ?

Mostly all products have "Free Additional Language Option". You can select the Language option you want and it will be provided to you.

Once the Language option is created, you can translate all text of the site whole site from the Admin Panel easily.

Languages having Fonts similar to English Language are covered in this option. Please contact us if you need Languages that have complex Fonts like Arabic, Hindi (Indian), Chinese, Urdu, L2R, etc and ask for custom quote.

FAQ Question26FAQ Answer26Q. Is the installation of Website & Apps included ? Or do you just send us code like many other common companies out there do and thus make to go through all hassles of uploading the script and configuring on the server or end up paying hundreds of dollars to some local developer to launch the site for us ? Will you help us in getting Apps approved ?

One time installation on your server is included and is 100% Free. We dont just sell the product to you but also launch it for you on your Server and Play Stores. Make sure you get a server with all components as requested by the development manager. We will Upload, Install, Configure and once do a through QA on your Server.

In-case your apps are rejected for any technical reason, we'll get it solved for sure as we have high experience in launching and getting Apps approved on Google and iTunes Play Stores . And if the reason for rejection is something else, we'll guide you to get it solved.

FAQ Question27FAQ Answer27Q. What if user/customer modifies the code?

As per the Industry rules, the 1 year warranty and support gets void.

FAQ Question28FAQ Answer28Q. What is our Refund Policy?

We have no refund policy since it would be impossible for the client to return the product we have delivered them.
Once a client places an order, we start working on it and configure with required settings and enhancements and deliver it.
"Our product's demo links and app's downloadable version's are available on our site. And they are downloadable, fully-functional, and are of try the Demo-before-you-buy category. The demo is made available so you can fully evaluate our products before you make a purchase decision.
Please use the DEMO to make sure that the software/script meets your needs & requirement before purchasing a license.

FAQ Question29FAQ Answer29Q. Is the payment gateway already integrated ? What is I want you to integrate my preferred payment Gateway ?

Yes. Most of the products have standard payment gateway integrated in them as per the flow of the Website & Apps.

Please contact our sales team and provide them with the detail of your local Payment Gateway that you prefer. They will analyze the detail of your payment gateway and provide you with precise time and cost estimate.

FAQ Question31FAQ Answer30Q. My Query is not on your list. I need more detail.

Feel free to contact us and we'll come back to you with the solution within 1 working day.

FAQ Question30FAQ Answer30Q. I plan to use your Apps as base and want to develop my unique logic on top of yoor standard Apps.

You can surely purchase our Standard Apps and use them as base. Since you also get source code, you can get our Apps enhanced by your local team or can hire us for enhancements to develop your unique logic and features.

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