Key Sections of our Website

Swipe through to see some of the key web pages and sections we provide on our pre-built ProMedicalAll website. From selecting the required services and browsing their details to the simple sign-in process, language, currency selection options, etc., the website includes all the essential features! Users, service providers, medical companies, and pharmacy stores—everyone can register, log in, and manage everything from this website.

  • Website Home Page
    Website Home Page
  • Different Medical Services
    Different Medical Services
  • Choose Your Language
    Choose Your Language
  • Choose Your Currency
    Choose Your Currency
  • Physio Therapist
    Physio Therapist
  • Pharmacy Delivery Page
    Pharmacy Delivery Page
  • Ambulance Services
    Ambulance Services
  • About us Page
    About us Page
  • Contact us Page
    Contact us Page
  • FAQ Page
    FAQ Page

Easy Web Booking

The website lets users order their prescribed and over-the-counter medicines from nearby pharmacies. It’s the best alternative for users to order medicines online if they don’t have the ProMedicalAll app on their mobile!

  • Login
    User Login Page
  • Register
    Register Page
  • Ordering Pharmacy
    Ordering Pharmacy from Website
  • List Of Pharmacy Stores
    List Of Pharmacy Stores
  • Choose Pharmacy Items
    Store Details Page - Select Pharmacy Items
  • Take Away
    Register & Make Payment
  • Contactless Delivery
    Provide Delivery Address & Preferences

Simple Account Management Feature

Your users, medical experts, stores, and medical expert companies can log into the website and manage their accounts. They can edit their profiles, view their orders/bookings, and much more! Go through all the account management web pages we provide on our ready-made website.

  • Login
  • Register
  • My profile
    User profile
  • My Jobs
    Jobs History
  • Orders
    Pharmacy Store Orders History
  • My Wallet
    User - Wallet Transactions
  • Provider profile
    Medical Expert / Delivery Driver / Ambulance Driver - Profile
  • Service Images
    Medical Expert - Manage Service Images
  • My Vehicles
    Delivery Driver / Ambulance Driver - Manage Vehicles
  • My Services
    Medical Expert - Manage Services
  • My Availability
    Manage Availability: Medical Expert
  • Jobs
    Job History for Medical Expert / Delivery Driver / Ambulance Driver
  • Orders / Earnings
    Delivery Drivers - Orders HIstory
  • My Earnings
    Medical Expert / Delivery Driver / Ambulance Driver - Earnings
  • My Wallet
    Wallet Transactions for Medical Expert / Delivery Driver / Ambulance Driver
  • Company Settings
    Company Panel - Profile
  • Company Profile
    Manage Medical Expert in Company Panel
  • My Vehicles
    Company Panel - Manage Vehicles
  • My Jobs
    Company Panel - Jobs / Delivery / Ambulance Service History
  • Restaurant Profile
    Store Panel - Profile
  • Food Categories
    Pharmacy Store Panel - Manage Items Categories
  • Pharmacy Items
    Pharmacy Store Panel - Manage Items
  • Import Bulk Items
    Pharmacy Store Panel - Import Bulk Items
  • Create order
    Pharmacy Store Panel - Manual Order on Belf of Client
  • Import Bulk Items
    Pharmacy Store Panel - Manage Store details

Powerful Admin Panel

Our sophisticated ProMedicalAll admin panel includes a robust dashboard, server monitoring facility, heat view maps, location management settings, and much more. Our admin panel is the only thing you need as an app owner to manage and control your business smoothly.

  • Dashboard
  • Server Monitoring
    Server Monitoring
  • Admin Groups
    Admin Groups
  • Users
  • Medical Experts
    Medical Experts
  • Subscription Plan
    Subscription Plan
  • Medical Expert Company
    Medical Expert Company
  • Pharmacy Store
    Pharmacy Store
  • Vehicle Type
    Vehicle Type
  • Item Categories
    Pharmacy Store Item Categories
  • Service Category
    Service Category
  • Job Later Bookings
    Job Later Bookings
  • Jobs
  • Crate Order
    Crate Order
  • Geo Fence Locations
    Geo Fence Locations
  • Country
  • God's View
    God's View
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