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Party! Laughs! Singing Songs! Dinner! Games! We Had a Great Weekend! - FEB 2022

Voila! It's the Official Fun Time!
You Don't Need A Kitkat To Take A Break! You Just Need To Be Part Of A Happy-Go-Lucky V3cube Family!
We had worked so Hard that our Senior Management Team Decided to Throw us a Surprise Party at our Farmhouse!
We Played Housie for Two-Hours Straight! Everyone was All Smiles even when they didn't win anything! The Evening ended with some Yummy Snacks and Regional Delicacies!
At V3Cube, we understand the Importance of maintaining a Balance between Work and Personal Life.

V3cube Is Spinning in Fun While Twinning with Loved Ones - Jan 2022

There are those moments in Life that leave a lasting impression on your Psyche and Soul! Twins Day has already reserved its seat in our Life’s Precious Moments! At V3Cube, we have today worn the same set of clothes with whom we share the deepest and the strongest bonds. You won’t find just Twins pairing up but Quadruplets as well. You’d think that only women love to dress up, but look at all the hunks in the House all dolled up for the shoot with Aviators! Men in Black has gotten a V3Cube Twist today!

V3cube Throws An Extravagant 2021 Farewell Party - 31st Dec 2021

Saying Goodbyes is difficult and often leaves us teary-eyed, but V3Cube is bidding adieu to the year 2021 with gratitude in its heart and a smile on its face! The Senior Management Team spiked our last working day of the year 2021 with a Surprise lavish Meal at Octant Pizza. Every V3Cuber was treated with The Multi-Cuisine Buffet that had 101 Varieties. From Exotic Thin Crust Pizza to Butter Pepper Maggi, everyone was busy stuffing their faces with their favorite food. When some were gulping down steamy Hot & Sour Soup, others were crunching on Barbequed Sweet Corn!

Welcome to The V3cube’s Chocolate Factory

Have we begun manufacturing Chocolates? No! But we did celebrate Chocolate Day with every V3Cuber dressed in Black and White! The Fun-Factor didn’t stop at the Dress-Code for the Day, we all were asked to bring chocolates of our choice in abundance! Why? Each and every V3Cuber gave 1 Lip-smacking Chocolate Bar to each other. This literally meant Rain Shower of Chocolates and Candies at the Head Office of V3Cube! Cadbury Dairy Milk, Nestle’s Kitkat, Lotte’ Choco Pie, Home-made Date Sweets, you name it and we had it in our Tote Bags and Laptop Bags! There was sweetness not only in the hearts of every V3Cuber, but even the air had that aromatic sweetness of togetherness and Therapeutic-Essence of one Big Family!

Santa Is Red like a Tomato Because He Is Angry with V3cubers for Replacing Him!

We have a gift for you too, Santa! Now, cheer up and say HO! HO! HO! The reason every V3Cuber had a heart-warming experience during the Festive Week-Long Celebrations of Christmas is because they all got gifts from their Secret Santa! But who was the Secret Santa? No one knows! But every V3Cuber had donned the Hat of a Jolly-Good Santa and gifted something special to the Team Member whose Name one had picked up from the Big Bowl of Names! V3Cube is one Big Family who works together and even savors such precious moments of life together! Everyone was loaded with Gift Hampers given by their Secret Santa on the very Day every V3Cube Member wore Denim Outfits from Head to Toe!

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