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Celebrating the Foundation of V3Cube

We celebrated our Foundation Day in full swing with all the employees treated with delicacies. The celebration was followed by a DJ Party, cake-cutting ceremony and dinner to show the employees gratitude for their association.

Bappa is in everyone's heart

Country and culture never divide the feeling and this was well Proven by Our Canadian Client. He visited our office on the Occasion of Ganesha Chaturthi and accompanied us in worship. We were amazed to see his curiosity and belongingness. May all humans unite together on this occasion and work towards a better future.


Celebrating this Independence Day - 2019 by honoring the unsung Heros who work diligently to serve us every day. Distributing Gifts to our Building's Management team, Day & Night Security Guards, Liftman and the Gardner.

The unfading Polo forest trip

We, the different stalwarts of V3Cube went for a picnic to Polo Forest. For the nature lovers, Polo Forest has always been in the priority list. It is a dense forest along with a huge dam and a small river in the arms of mountains. We reached there at around 11 am. Our scrumptious meal was waiting at Polo retreat resort where we had our morning nosh and started our trek. After we returned from the trek, we had our scrumptious lunch in the resort and enjoyed the splashes of water in the swimming pool.

Even after we have returned, we remember the twittering of the birds and smell of the soil of Polo Forest. We are also looking forward toward visiting the next trip.

Food Drive for Those in Need by V3Cube – July 2019

There is an age old saying that goes that when you have ample in store with you, giving back to the society is what brings you closer to the Almighty! This is a very true saying if it can be stated. We at V3Cube believe that with the labour that we put into our work every day, we should make sure that we can try as much as possible to make our presence felt to the society and those who are in need by extending our hand of support to them and this is what we did on our recent food drive that we conducted for the homeless and the despaired. We visited 150 to 200 homeless families and distributed food amongst them all. This brought a huge smile on their face as well as a feel of satisfaction in our souls.

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