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Sharing Makes Festivals Special - July 2022

As a company, we have always tried to share our good fortune with people who are hardworking and yet less fortunate than us. This August 2022, we celebrated Indian Religious Festivals soaking in the spirit of the sheer joy that sharing food brings us.
The management of V3Cube put together grocery bags and food supplies to distribute amongst the staff of their building such as housekeeping, security guards, and other premises maintenance personnel. Each member of the team distributed these goodie bags amongst the building staff to put a smile on their faces.
A little deed of kindness brings a lot of joy. We always work towards ensuring that our growth results in the overall happiness and wellbeing of people around us. The year and its festival was made special because of the happiness that we saw on the faces of the hardworking and dedicated building staff when they received the grocery packages.

Our First Pizza Party OF THIS RAINY SEASON - June 2022

V3Cube Breathes In Creative Ideas and Exhales Out Perfect Apps with Butter-Smooth User Interface. But there’s something else that’s running through its Veins - The Undying Love for Pizzas! That is why Every V3Cubian was Taken By Surprise when they were asked to Ditch their Tiffin Boxes Only to Go Munch on Pizzas.
In These Photographs, you’d Find Only Two Kind of V3Cubians - One who is Smiling and having a Great Time and the Rest are just Stuffing their Mouths with Slices of 7 Cheese Pizza, Peri Peri Spicy Paneer Pizza, and Tandoori Paneer Pizza with Alfredo Pasta. This was Special for Each One of Us! Yes! These Aren’t just Candid Photographs of V3Cubians but Every Shot has Captured their Emotions as Well!

Celebrating South Indian Culture At the Office Farm! - May 2022

At V3Cube, we are a big family that loves working hard and then taking the time out to eat well and make merry. To this effect, the company took the entire staff out to a farm house visit where everyone got a chance to mingle with each other. People shared ideas, their personal hopes and aspirations, the different goals they have set for themselves and learn from each other.
To add a little different twist to the fun and celebration of the day, the menu was dedicatedly South Indian style. We are a proud people who love to celebrate the diversity that our country has to offer. South Indian cuisine offers just the right amount of uniqueness that we all love to treasure.
With a mouth watering menu consisting of Uttapam, Masala Dosa, Mysore Dosa, Schezwan Dosa and a whole lot more, the day turned out to be spectacular. Take a look at the moments we captured on camera!

V3cube Knows That You Have Got a Sweet Tooth But You Can’t Hide It from Our Dental Expert! - April 2022

V3Cube treats its employees as invaluable assets and understands the importance of dental hygiene in our day-to-day lives. This is why we had organized a free dental check-up for all of our employees with Master of Dental Surgeon Dr. Darshan Modi of Nakshatra Dental Clinic. He had not only conducted thorough dental check-ups of the employees, but had also patiently answered all of their queries. V3Cube had borne the entire cost of providing such an extensive dental hygiene drive at the company’s premises. For checkup of each employee, Dr. Darshan Modi used new sealed packages of dental accessories including a mouth mirror with a handle to assess the condition of the gum and that of the teeth. Dr. Modi was kind enough to offer massive discounts to V3Cube employees if they choose to visit his clinic to follow up with dental procedures such as wisdom tooth extraction, teeth polishing and scaling among others.

Cake and Dark Chocolates That's How We Celebrated Women's Day This Year - March 2022

Each one of us had stuffed our Faces with Big Slices of Beautifully Decorated Chocolate Cake on the Occasion of International Women’s Day! We all were taken aback with such a Warm-Hearted Gesture of V3Cube! While we were busy celebrating this Joyous Moment with our Best of Friends, Our Senior Management Team was Cheering for us! See how Candid these Pictures are! Now, it was the Literal Chocolate Bar Shower! Every Woman Employee was Gifted a Big-Sized Dark Chocolate with their Individual Names on it with a Special Message! This Day couldn’t have been Better!

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