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This Diwali, the sky won’t only be lit with firecrackers but also with the contagious smiles of each and every member of the V3Cube Team. The celebratory mode is on and everyone is dressed up like a doll in traditional attires to look their best for these stunning photographs! Women looked so graceful adorned in Sarees and ethnic wear while making Rangoli – It is an Indian traditional ritual to make vibrant colorful designs on the floor with colored powder. The entire office premise is embellished and beautified like a bride by countless electric Diyas and blinking Fairy Lights that too in the shape of Diyas. The most extravagant moment of the day was when every V3Cuber was gifted with massive gift baskets. Stickers of rockets, firecrackers and Sparkling Sticks have painted the whole office with a festive vibe.

Yoga Session - Spiritual Yoga session
to refresh soul and body - Oct 2021

Origins of yoga can be traced back to the Ancient Indian Civilization. Yoga is practically meditation in action. V3Cube Employees meditate in “Sukhasana” while their yogi master Shri Mahesh Yogacharya is chanting “Breathe in! Breathe out!” Mahesh Yogacharya is an acclaimed yoga instructor who made headlines for tunneling out water from one nostril through the other effortlessly without choking his windpipe. It is only natural to get drained emotionally, physically in the fast-paced city life but yoga is that glass of water that quenches your thirst and rejuvenates you. V3Cube understands this and hence decided to organize this yoga session last week. Everyone seemed to have loved the one-legged prayer pose that they struck with the Yogacharya. Our team enthusiastically participated in the session and also showed their will to try difficult “asanas”. Some employees missed out of the session to get their second dose of vaccination. With such spiritual events, V3Cube tries to establish work-life balance for its employees and this of course helps break the mundane monotony.

Foundation Day - V3Cube is excited to give you all
a sneak peak into its birthday party! - Sept 2021

V3Cube celebrates its foundation day with just as much spirit and joy as every year. The management distributed silver coins to the entire team as a token of their appreciation for the hard work that each member put in, followed by cake cutting. Everyone had a lot of fun and the evening was filled with food and decoration.

Ganesh Chaturthi - V3Cube welcomes Ganeshji
to our office for third straight year in a row! - Sept 2021

Worshipping the lord of prosperity and wisdom, V3Cube celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi in style. Bringing the idol to the office, the entire team got a chance to participate in aarti and other rituals. Take a look.

IT conference

As V3CUBE we strive to make our mark in the field of IT. Our managers give talks at some of the biggest conferences in the area, promoting the amazing work that is done by the crew at V3CUBE. The latest venture that we have embarked on is targeted at reducing carbon emissions and protecting the environment. We have designed ride sharing as a great concept to socialize, network and protect the environment, by bringing people from different backgrounds on the common platform of a carpool. Other similar platforms include car renting, Uber, food sharing, cargo sharing and corporate car-pooling.

Our dynamic and charismatic speakers address congregations of delegates and entrepreneurs, whilst influencing them on the benefits of venturing into the online businesses of car sharing, freight sharing, boat sharing, food sharing. These businesses are just not that, they are also a way of protecting the world population and the environment as a whole. V3CUBE believe that by providing products that help the environment, as well as entrepreneurs, we are making the world a better place to live.

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