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Sharing The Glimpse Of Diwali Celebration At V3Cube The Festival of Lights - October 2022

Diwali's contagious energy that brings family and friends close inevitably close but also infectiously spreads at the workplaces. The entire V3Cube team came together, all decked up in Indian Ethnic Wear to celebrate Diwali at the office.
The atmosphere at work was festive, brimming with the Diwali Vibe, such an energetic and colorful Diwali Celebration as numerous electric Diyas were adorning the entire office premise, and the office ladies decorated it with colorful Rangolis. It was heartening to see so many smiling faces, many old and many new. This also was an occasion when some of the V3Cubians joined us recently. It was so wonderful to meet and greet them in person.
We believe in “Work Hard So That We Get To Celebrate Even Harder” - Being behind our Diwali celebration & organizing gives us double happiness in our work and all attempts. Among the most extravagant moments during the day were large gift baskets given to all V3Cubers.
V3Cube would like to take this opportunity to wish a very Happy and Healthy Diwali to you & your family!

V3Cube Celebrated Glorifying Foundation Day - September 2022

Our Corporate Office was decked out in vibrant balloons to mark the event, where Female employees flocked there wearing stunning sarees, while Men dressed in Formals. A spectacular event including a video depicting V3Cube's journey was held by the corporation in the evening. Our CEO detailed Achievements and Important Announcements and recognized and appreciated all members who had contributed to V3Cube's achievement of this remarkable milestone.
The celebration continued with a cake-cutting ceremony as the V3Cube team celebrated this special day with joy. The employees got along well and loved playing games together. The day concluded with photo shoots and the gifting of chocolates to the staff along with a note of gratitude.The V3Cube Family went back to their homes with a renewed sense of purpose and a lifetime's worth of beautiful memories.

V3Cube celebrated its Pre-Foundation Day At Narayani Heights - September 2022

V3Cube celebrated its Pre-Foundation Day with much enthusiasm and merriment with our client Mr. Farag who made a special visit from Yemen. Every employee had a terrific time bonding with one another and having the time of their lives throughout the two days of fun-filled activities that made up the event.

Ganesh Utsav - Ganpati Festival At Office - August 2022

Every year, V3Cube celebrates the three-day Ganesha Chaturthi celebrations with great devotion, zeal, and piety. It was amazing how the office was decked in every nook and cranny for the three-day Ganesha Chaturthi celebration, which was observed by all of the departments.
All personnel participated in the event wearing vibrant traditional attire to greet him. The personnel took care of every last detail, including ensuring that the necessities for the daily prayer, yummy prasadam, were available along with carrying out routine official procedures.
Undoubtedly, the Visarjana was difficult after receiving so many blessings, joy, and pleasure. The believers' ingrained trust in Bappa's return the following year gives them courage.

Celebrating 75 Years Of Indian Independence, V3cube Style! - August 2022

We are a proud country rich with the heritage of our past and the glorious history that signifies our work ethic and mettle as a people. To mark the 75th Independence Day of India, we, the team at V3Cube celebrated 15th August in full fervour. The colours of our flag became the central theme of all of our decorations and clothing to perk up or patriotic spirits.
Our entire team painted together and played a bunch of games to celebrate our camaraderie and mark this day as one of joy, happiness and pride. We also indulged in some delicious ice creams along with singing and playing lots of beautiful patriotic numbers and songs that echo our story.
These 75 years of Indian Independence haven’t just been a long journey of growth but also of development and advancement in various fields like never before. As we remember our history. We also jubilate in the spirit of what we have earned over these past years and pledge to continue striving to make ourselves a name to be reckoned with all over the world. Check out some of the pictures from the day to explore the fun and joy we had!

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