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Welcoming 2023 with Our Mouths Full of Delicacies! - December 2022

V3Cube is cheerfully bidding goodbye to 2022 by clicking loads of photos, enjoying lots of food, and spilling their undying love for pasties! Today, the entire team gathered over lunch to celebrate and capture one last memory before 2022 ends. Every V3Cubian is ready to enter the New Year 2023 with their mouths full of barbequed veggies, pizzas, naan, chaat, and yes, bowls of ice creams and brownies. These photographs say out loud that everyone enjoyed stuffing their mouths with drooling, lip-smacking food while gossiping around. Well, in between all the hard work of delivering top-notch apps, V3Cube finds a way to laugh and giggle, and squeeze in some team bonding time over lunch parties!

It’s “twin Day” At V3cube - December 2022

Can you guess the theme? Well, it’s twins' day at V3Cube’s Head Office! Everyone's a little too excited to show off their twinning outfits. V3Cubers know that smiling and laughing together is a way to make the bond stronger and wearing matching socks, shirts, hoodies, and hair clips is just another way to add a little extra love to the bond we share. Ah! And there were triplets too! Every team member had fun walking the office hallways with their twins, clicking a gazillion photos, and yes, storing these snapshots in their ‘fun memories' files, that they’ll never forget!

Everyone in Black and White in Chocolates Heaven! - December 2022

Donned in black & white outfits, every V3Cuber was feeling ecstatic today as we celebrated our team’s vividness and togetherness. Well, it was difficult to choose the best-dressed V3Cuber, but we managed to find our winners at last! Ah! But the fun didn’t end with just the matching dress code! Every team member came carrying boxes full of chocolates! We exchanged lip-smacking and drool-worthy chocolates to sweeten this bond of a big fat family!

Celebrating Professionalism With a Little Fun! - December 2022

Swaying in formal suits and boots, every V3Cuber shined and smiled today as they wore crisp-ironed collars to celebrate the spirit of professionalism! The day kicked off with taking tonnes of group pictures and selfies. And, to make the day a little more memorable, the team gathered to play aiming ball, balloons & cup, and tried picking gems with chopsticks! And, the best-dressed members got gifts as prizes!

ShShhh! Can’t tell Who’s the Secret Santa Just Open the gift and Smile! - December 2022

V3Cube has a tradition of celebrating Christmas with Secret Santa. And like every year, each member of the V3Cube team became a Secret Santa for ones whose name they picked from a bowl full of chits. And, they too received a gift wrapped in glittery papers and warm wishes! Everyone came dressed in denim outfits, carrying gifts and big smiles on their faces to the Head Office. And, to sweeten the memories, the entire team had the traditional lip-smacking Plum Cake!

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