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Balloon & Miss-match Day 2015-2016

It is not always about going out to have fun. We have fun in the office too. There is no harm in having a laugh at your own expense just to relax and refresh ourselves. This year we organized the Balloon and Mismatch Day. The office was decorated with balloons of all sizes, shapes and colours and the team came in mismatched outfits. A green hat complimented a pink shirt, which completed a brown trouser. Who says we cannot have fun at our workstations? A day that was a hit through and through.

Rangoli Designing - Diwali Celebrations 2015

Diwali is the festival of lights, which surely twinkle at our office. The festive mood begins with the traditional rangoli and exchanging of sweets. All our team dresses to the hilt to mark the occasion. The office is decorated with beautifully decorated oil lamps, which is a symbol to mark the brightness brought in by the New Year. As a team, we work individually, but on Diwali we become a family that unite together to look forward to the new year and what challenges it has in store for us.

Dinner & refreshments at The Village, Himalaya Mall

Breaking bread together as a team is always the way forward in any organization. The team at V3CUBE went for dinner at The Village at Himalaya Mall. The traditional village atmosphere and décor takes you back in time where you get an experience of what things looked like in the 1960-1970 era. We had great fun dancing the night away after pigging ourselves with delicacies from all over the world. This was the management’s way of saying a big thank you, to the team for standing by them at all times.

Foundation Day Celebration - Trip to Mt. Abu..

Come Foundation Day and we look forward to what has been planned for the day. Last year the team was taken on a trip to Mount Abu where we spent a couple of days chilling out. Chillaxing after a long hard year working is the best thing to do as a team - work as a team, chill as a team and together we go places with V3CUBE. Wonder what we will do this year – whatever it is, it sure puts the mojo back in our professional lives as we look forward to the next year.

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