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The Countdown To 2017

V3Cube celebrated Christmas and New Year in style in unique ways every year. This year there was a weeklong countdown to usher in 2017, with a different activity planned for each day of that week. Every day two winners were selected in the spirit of the festive season.
26th December was the official Christmas day in the office since 25th was a Sunday. Staff came in red and white outfits with the traditional Christmas Cap. The grotto was set up for Baby Jesus and the office was gaily decorated. The traditional Christmas tree took a place of pride in the office. After all, Santa needed a warm welcome in welcoming colours.
27th December was a flowery day with staff wearing flower printed outfits, and the whole office was decorated with colourful, sweet-scented flowers. The festive mood reflected on everyone’s face and it was indeed a very joyous affair.

Fun And Games Galore To Usher In 2017

With only a few days to go to the New Year, the staff was in high spirits - after all, it has been a very successful year for V3CUBE.
28th December was officially the Chocolate Day with boys turning up in blue and pink is the obvious colour for the girls. Chocolates of all flavours, sizes and brands were exchanged and it was indeed a very sweet day.
29th December was dedicated to our Indian roots with staff wearing colourful traditional outfits. Boys turned up in the traditional kurtas whilst the ladies adorned themselves in either a saree or the traditional salvar kameez.

Diwali 2016 Gifts Distribution, Celebration and Fun

Hindus celebrate Diwali, the festival of light, throughout the world. Diyas or lamps are lit in every Hindu home to symbolise the inner light that protects us from the darkness. Diwali is associated with Laxmi, the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity, with the new Indian financial year starting as of this day. On this day, the Goddess is worshipped and old business accounts being closed and a new account set up in the New Year.
Diwali is also celebrated because it is said that Lord Rama triumphed over Ravana, the demon king of Lanka. After vanquishing him, he returned to Ayodhya on this day.
At V3CUBE, the staff and management celebrate this day as a family, with everyone dressing up in colourful traditional clothes, and the office being gaily decorated with diyas and colourful rangolis. Another fun filled day, the team members are appreciated for their hard work and achievements. Chocolates, gifts and hampers are given to every member of the V3CUBE family. We break up for this festive period for a few days, only to return in the New Year to look forward to another rewarding year in which we hope to reach higher pinnacles.

Diwali 2016 - Charity Drive - Clothes for under-privileged People

Happy as we were, we did not forget that there are many people in the society, who are not in a position to enjoy Diwali and its festivities. V3CUBE family has made it a mission to think of these unfortunate people and try to do something for them. This year, Operation Help the Needy involved donation of clothes, which the team member brought. Clothes that they do not need, or do not fit in were donated to the cause, whilst some of them even brought in new clothes in the spirit of Diwali. The joy on the faces of the destitute families is what has made our Diwali extra special.

Diwali 2016 Best-Out-Of-Waste & Diya Decoration Competition

Diwali is a festival that is celebrated with great pomp and ceremony. The V3CUBE family starts the festivities a few days in advance to the countdown for the big day. This year a day was dedicated to Diya decoration competition and best out of waste competition. The day was spent in healthy competition with each other in a bid to decorate the best diya and to make the best item from waste. A selection of diyas of all shapes and sizes were decorated. The best part of the day was the best of waste competition as every member racked up his / her brain to come up with innovations from the waste. We reminisced our school days and our craft lessons, bringing back nostalgic memories of a time gone. We surely have come a long way since then….

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