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Relaxing Weekend @JUSTA Rajputana - Udaipur - May 2017

Hard work by the team is always appreciated by the management at V3CUBE. That is why this year the team was treated to a surprise trip to the majestic "Justa Rajputana Resort" for a chillaxing weekend in appreciation of their hard work. Unfortunately, the surprise trip meant that various team members already had plans for the weekend so could not make it, but those who went had an absolute blast. A van and two cars transported the team to Udaipur, the City of Lakes. They left early in the morning on the 20th and reached the resort at about noon where everyone enjoyed a delicious luncheon.

After lunch, the team relaxed in the magnificent pool at the resort and then went on a shopping spree at the local ethnic market, Hathipole. The day finished with a sightseeing trip to Fateh Sagar Lake and a street food feast at the same venue.

All too soon the weekend was over and it was time to head back home. The team left Udaipur at about noon on the 21st, making it back in the evening, all relaxed and looking to get back to work the following day.

Holi Special At V3cube

All events are celebrated with great style and pomp at V3CUBE and Holi, the Festival of Colors is no different. We welcome it with the same vibrancy that its colors bring. Also known as the Festival of Love, this festival signifies the victory of good over evil. We use this day to reflect on our achievements
to date and put aside our differences to enjoy the festival in full glory.

The team came dressed in white, the traditional color that everyone on this day wears and we had various fun filled activities playing various games and spraying each other with colors. We also took a route down memory lane by having a hand printing activity on a white cloth. Everyone enjoyed the day and the celebrations it bought. After all the festivities were over, it was with great energy that we tucked into the lovely food that was provided to all the staff. A lovely day indeed and we sure were sorry that it was over.
Well we look forward to it next year.

The Shining Star Of 2016 – The Pride Of V3cube

"Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" is a nursery rhyme that we have all grown up with. However, the talent possessed by our stars is such that out of the many twinkling stars who work for us we pick out the biggest and the brightest star that will shine like a diamond in our company.

We have the best stars in the industry working for us. However to keep those stars twinkling happily, we have introduced the “Star of the Year” award. V3CUBE feels proud to give the award to its hardworking Performers. The performer has been awarded with a "100 Grams Silver Bar/Biscuit" for the efforts.

The Special Day Before New Year's Eve

Everyone celebrates New Year’s Eve but we changed the custom and celebrated the day before New Year too. The team was taken for a picnic at Zanzari Waterfalls. Located very close to the banks of River Vatrak in Degham, Zanzari Waterfalls is a beautiful 25ft high waterfall, about 80kn away from Ahmadabad.

Staff had a relaxing day by enjoying the natural seating on the rocks. A fun filled day away from the office surroundings is indeed a very healthy way of team building and that is exactly what we did. Absolutely shattered but full relaxed, we came back to begin the countdown to 2017.

The Countdown To 2017

V3Cube celebrated Christmas and New Year in style in unique ways every year. This year there was a weeklong countdown to usher in 2017, with a different activity planned for each day of that week. Every day two winners were selected in the spirit of the festive season.

26th December was the official Christmas day in the office since 25th was a Sunday. Staff came in red and white outfits with the traditional Christmas Cap. The grotto was set up for Baby Jesus and the office was gaily decorated. The traditional Christmas tree took a place of pride in the office. After all, Santa needed a warm welcome in welcoming colours.

27th December was a flowery day with staff wearing flower printed outfits, and the whole office was decorated with colourful, sweet-scented flowers. The festive mood reflected on everyone’s face and it was indeed a very joyous affair.

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