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Welcoming Santa in Red and White - 2019

25th December, 2019 marked us at V3Cube going Ho Ho Ho welcoming Santa in red and white. Where each and everyone of us was involved in our daily tasks, we also made sure to have fun too! Each and every employee adorned red and white attires with a Santa cap and became a Secret Santa for an employee they were given names to gift. The occasion was followed by a photo session and cake cutting.

Feeding the Hungry Lot - November 2019

We at V3Cube firmly stand by and follow the ideology that service to man is service to God and we make sure to always be on the forefront whenever people less fortunate than us need our support. Thus, we decided to go the extra mile and feed the hungry lot. The blessings, we received, in return, brought a smile on our face and made us realize that goodness is above all virtues in the world.

Colour, Pomp and Festivity As V3cube Celebrates Diwali

The V3Cube team celebrated Diwali with great enthusiasm, pomp, colour and vibrancy. The team wore colourful traditional outfits to mark the occasion, decorated the office and prepared a Rangoli to augment the arrival of Goddess Lakshmi. After some fun and festivities, the employees were treated with lunch and gifts were distributed amongst them all and after a photo session, the day ended.
Wishing all the members of our team, clients and patrons a very Happy Diwali! We look forward to your continued support for the years to come!

Celebrating the Foundation of V3Cube

We celebrated our Foundation Day in full swing with all the employees treated with delicacies. The celebration was followed by a DJ Party, cake-cutting ceremony and dinner to show the employees gratitude for their association.

Bappa is in everyone's heart

Country and culture never divide the feeling and this was well Proven by Our Canadian Client. He visited our office on the Occasion of Ganesha Chaturthi and accompanied us in worship. We were amazed to see his curiosity and belongingness. May all humans unite together on this occasion and work towards a better future.

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