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V3Cube gets glammed up for Navratri with Client from Philippines

We love being Indian! We celebrate every festival whole heartedly and enjoy to the fullest. This is why in honor of our client visiting from the Philippines, we organised a Garba event. A fun filled evening that was colorful and truly majestic! We are very happy to have been able to ensure that our dear client could experience the joy of our celebration and get a taste of the true Indian culture.

Embracing our Spiritual side with a Ganesh Hawan and Pooja

Bringing positive energies into the lives of all our employees and getting blessings for all the projects that we undertake is the norm at V3Cube. Following the path of righteousness, this Ganesha Chaturthi, team V3Cube indulges in a spiritual journey of positivity and cosmic cleansing with a Ganesh Yagna and Arti.

We prayed for all of us, our clients and their success in every venture. We asked for the blessings of the universe and the Almighty to bring us prosperity like they always have by making us the instrument of our client's success.

V3Cube rewards it's employees with Gold and Silver Coins

The management gave out Gold and Silver coins to all the members of the V3Cube family who have been associated with the company to reward them for their loyalty and hard work. Our team has been a strong pillar for our success. We value the efforts each member of our office has put in towards delivering the best solution to our clients. The management called out every single employee and appreciated their efforts.

V3Cube Celebrates its Foundation with Oomph and Pizzazz

We work hard but we party harder! To celebrate our foundation day, we truly did let our hair down! First we cut a decadent and delicious cake at our office and played lots of fun games. Then the team went full party mode and rocked the dance floor with their swell moves! The whole team went out to a wonderful location for drinks, dinner and dance! The pictures reveal how much fun everyone had!

V3Cube saves Shilu, a 4 year old Labrador

Shilu is a beautiful 4 year old female labrador who was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Failure. V3Cube took it upon themselves to ensure that she bounces back to health. With the help of Dr. Chirag Javia (B. V. Sc & A. H., M. V. Sc) who is a reknowned Veterinarian based in Bopal, Ahemdabad, V3Cube could ensure that she rcoveres completely. Dr. Chirag did not charge a penny for his services. All other expenses including medication was borne by V3Cube. Shilu's parents are now releaved. Shilu bounces around happily now giving her warm hugs and kisses to everyone!

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