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IT Conference

As V3CUBE we strive to make our mark in the field of IT. Our managers give talks at some of the biggest conferences in the area, promoting the amazing work that is done by the crew at V3CUBE. The latest venture that we have embarked on is targeted at reducing carbon emissions and protecting the environment. We have designed ride sharing as a great concept to socialize, network and protect the environment, by bringing people from different backgrounds on the common platform of a carpool. Other similar platforms include car renting, Uber, food sharing, cargo sharing and corporate car-pooling.
Our dynamic and charismatic speakers address congregations of delegates and entrepreneurs, whilst influencing them on the benefits of venturing into the online businesses of car sharing, freight sharing, boat sharing, food sharing. These businesses are just not that, they are also a way of protecting the world population and the environment as a whole. V3CUBE believe that by providing products that help the environment, as well as entrepreneurs, we are making the world a better place to live.

The Joy of Sharing Food - August 2021

The CoVid 19 pandemic has hit us all severely, some worse than others. While we have tried to provide the best entrepreneurial solutions to our clients to ensure that they can grow their business during these hard times, we also believe in ensuring that we do our but for others who have been struck financially during these trying times.
The management put together Grocery and Food Gift Bags for 30 hardworking yet underprivileged people working janitorial duties, maintaining building security, housekeeping, etc., around our headquarters, and their families so that no one stays hungry even during these financially crippling times and can celebrate our festivals with their family and children happily. Take a look at these pictures of a few happy people and become a part of our journey.

Celebrating the Spirit of Indian Independence - August 2021

At V3Cube, we pride ourselves in being a part of the modern India that celebrated its 75th Independence day on this 15th of August. In order to celebrate the spirit of Independence, the management had organized a lot of fun and games at the office. The entire team gathered together and played some really fun games, ate good food, distributed chocolates and much more. The management got together with the rest of the teams to decorate the office beautifully to mirror and jubilate our pride in our Tricolor. We also spent some time in indulging in meaningful conversations regarding our history, how we have grown over the past decades, our contribution to the society as a whole and of course in the world of technology and so on and so forth. V3Cube Technolabs is not just a mobile app development company, but a whole community of thriving and intelligent individual working towards personal and professional growth as a reflection of the growth of our nation in the last 75 years post independence.

The V3cube Team Celebrates the End Of Covid 19 Second Wave! - July 2021

It’s finally over! The pandemic is now under control and the second wave of CoVid 19 is behind us, so in the true V3Cube spirit, we HAD to celebrate! We believe in working hard and celebrating each milestone and victory. A big victory for us is to be able to resume work with 50 % of our resources and as the Corona Virus Outbreak seems to come to an end, all our hardworking resources deserved a break.
To welcome the team and get them in to the spirit of joy and post CoVid 19 celebration, we took a little trip to the hills. The team drove together to a hill station about 250 kms from our city to relax, unwind and return with newfound enthusiasm.
We sang songs, played cricket, ate some scrumptious food and gossiped together, sharing stories of what happened to each one of us during the pandemic. We shared a few laughs and downed a few drinks getting right back into the spirit of productivity.
All necessary precautions were taken to ensure the safety of the people traveling with us. While we would have loved to take the whole team beginning work, following the government norms, we only took the team members that were vaccinated. However, as soon as the pandemic is behind us, there are a series of many celebrations that we are looking forward to!

larger, Mightier and Bigger than ever: 6600 sq. ft. of Office Space

We, the team of passionate Tech nerds were working hard in our 1300 sq. ft. office. The hardwork paid off and by the year 2018, we shifted to a 2500 sq. ft. Office.Because of our sincerity and creative ambience of the work place, we grew even more and today, we stand proud at an office space of over 5500 sq. ft.

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