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Contactless Deliveries

To ensure minimal amount of physical contact between the delivery professionals and customers, we present to you the contactless deliveries with the help of which your customers can opt in for contactless deliveries directly through the app thereby requesting the delivery driver to keep the item outside their door and the delivery driver in turn taking a photo to let the customer know of the same.

Store Safety Guard Badge

During the coronavirus outbreak those stores that follow the safety as well as hygiene standards can simply receive the store safety guard badge to showcase in their store so as to build a good name.

Take Away

In case your Customers don't wish to order online and instead wish to pick away the same, with the Grocery Delivery app this is possible too. All they have to do is place the order from the app and tap on take away upon which they need to reach the store and pick up the same from there.

Intuitive Front Section / Website of Grocery Delivery System

Have a look at the intuitive front section of the grocery delivery page that will present you to the different sections that the website has starting from the about us, to the home page, you name it, this page has it all.
  • Home
  • Grocery Stores
  • Grocery Items
  • Login
  • My Profile
  • Orders
  • Search Nearby Store
  • My Wallet
  • Driver Profile
  • Driver Vehicles
  • Driver Earnings
  • Driver Order Detail
  • Driver Wallet
  • Store Profile
  • Store Drivers
  • Item Categories
  • Edit Item Category
  • Store Items
  • Processing Orders
  • Store Earnings
  • Store Create Order
  • Store Settings
  • About Us
  • Contact Us

Admin Panel - Management Tool for Your Grocery Delivery Business

Take a walk through the interactive admin panel that will support you in the daily operations of your grocery delivery solution in a smooth and efficient manner.
  • dashboard
  • admin groups
  • manage store
  • manage providers
  • manage users
  • provider vehicles
  • vehicle types
  • manage item categories
  • manage items
  • manage item type
  • all orders
  • manage promo codes
  • god's view
  • Reviews
  • admin earning report
  • referral report
  • geo fence locations
  • general settings
  • manage country
user, grocery store and delivery driver app
login and registration
application menu
list of grocery stores
placing an order
user flow for ordering grocery checkout process
order placed track order request send to delivery driver processing ordered grocery
status of delivery driver
last leg of delivery
order delivered successfully
reviews and ratings
grocery store flow of app menu update documents grocery store setting business hours
Deliveyr Driver flow of app menu documents on the app bank and card details wallet and user feedback
edit profile and support terms and condition contact us
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