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V3Cube has created the best ever version of Gojek Clone App with sophisticated technology and state-of-the-art advanced features. You need this app to make your customers’ life easier and convenient. Through this powerful all-in-one app, you can launch 101 plus services on your platform which your customers can use with just one single login.

We will provide you with free white-labelling services on purchase of our Gojek Clone. We will rebrand the app with your company’s name and logo. We are genuine app developers who’ll provide you with free demo app links that you can use until you are satisfied with the user interface and features. Buy the package only when you are truly confident in us and the services we are providing. We want to beware you of such fraudulent companies who’d force you to pay to even use the demo apps and then take at least six months to deliver and many a times go incognito.

We won’t just design you an app of your choice but will create web panels for users, riders, store owners and even hotels. You may choose to keep a Kiosk at airports and hotels. We will launch your app in just under two weeks’ time.

Philippines taxi app solution

Default Payment Currency: Philippine Peso

We have 14 pre-integrated payment gateways in our app and you get to choose any one. Similarly, we offer our clients multiple languages and currencies to choose from that then gets incorporated in your all-in-one service app. And because you are in the Philippines, you set your default payment currency as Peso and this is how your customers can pay in the local currency while browsing services online in Filipino through your platform.

  • 2c2p payment gateway
  • 2checkout payment gateway
  • Paymentwall payment gateway
  • Paytabs payment gateway
  • Molpay payment gateway
  • Paymaya payment gateway
Don’t see your payment gateway? Contact Us!
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We respect our client’s wish of full confidentiality

We swear by the clauses of the Non-Disclosure Agreement signed between the client and us. We pledge our allegiance to our client and give it to him/her in writing that we will never reveal any part of any discussion that has happened between us. We shall not reveal to the world that we have originally created your app. We strictly follow our NDA protocol which includes never to contact your app users and your end clients. We shall never use any of your data. We are a legit company that has been built from the ground up on trust and transparency. Your data shall never be leaked from our end. We give you our word on it.

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Free White Labelling: Just One of Many V3Cube Perks

When you buy our Gojek clone App, we will do complete re-branding for your company. We won’t just replace our logo with yours but will also change the colour-theme of the entire app to match with that of the logo. We will also help you launch your app on both Google Play Store and iOS Store. If you decide your app will provide taxi services then we will even provide you with a software that lets you verify the mobile number of 10,000 customers a month. We are here to make your life easy-breezy!

Hear From Our Philippines Clients Talk About Us

Our Clients from the Philippines are taking their entrepreneurial journey to the next level with our Gojek Clone App. What attracted our Philippines Client to Buy Gojek Clone Script? Hear the reviews from them.

Smiles All Around: Our Excellent Service Delivers Joy

Philippines, these smiles don’t lie! We are a legit clone app developing company. When you’ll hear our clients’ speak, you’ll reach out to us immediately because we are a goal-oriented company. There is a reason why 99 percent of our clients come back to us over and over again with new app purchases because we are that good at what we do.

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