We want to act like a catalyst in your equation to success!

We are the stalwarts of this industry, of designing mobile applications for on-demand services for our global clientele. Our efficacy is at an all-time high! We can customise and launch your app in just 1-2 weeks! V3Cube has a team of highly-distinguished professionals who are well-versed with the nuances of this industry. Choose us and build a fortune!

V3Cube is grateful to its team of highly-skilled professionals to have built a single login platform that enables 101 plus service providers to serve customers’ wide array of needs. One app, single login and manifold perks! It is too good a deal to be let go.

We will also design websites and web-panels for you. You will get everything with the purchase of our Gojek Clone App. You can enable our newly added feature of letting your customers order food and groceries through our all-in-one services app.

Indonesia taxi app solution

Now your customers will pay in Indonesian Rupiah only!

We understand how inconvenient it can be for your customers when they are left with no other choice but to pay in a foreign currency in their own native land to avail a service online. There is a reason why we call ourselves a solution-oriented company. For a hassle-free experience, we have now enabled the option of paying in your local currency for any services bought online on our Gojek like platform. Bayu uses your multi-service app to book a two-wheeler taxi from her house to the Pink beach nearby. She uses her in-app wallet money to send 100 Indonesian Rupiah to her rider and then after strolling along the beach for an hour she gets hungry and orders Beef Rendang and Sweet Martabak from the same app and pays in the local Indonesian Rupiah only.

  • Doku payment gateway
  • Paymentwall payment gateway
  • Faspay payment gateway
  • Espay payment gateway
  • 2c2p payment gateway
  • 2checkout payment gateway
Don’t see your payment gateway? Contact Us!
app ownership
We know the value of one Indonesian Rupiah! Why spend any Rupiah on our Source Code when you can have it for free?

It is true! We mean it when we say we won’t charge you anything extra for the Licensed Source Code which will be open for further customizations in the future. Licensed Source code comes free with the purchase of our Gojek Clone App. Source Code is the soul of any mobile application and it gets regularly updated to keep-up with the growing –ever-changing fluid realm of this on-demand service industry.

white labeled app

We are your Genie! We’ll also White-label the App for you

When you buy our Gojek Clone App, you are entitled to an array of elite services one of which is White-labelling or rebranding. We’ll give your app a whole-new look with your designed company logo and registered company name. We’ll customise your app according to your taste. We will also incorporate the specific font you have used to write your company name. Not just this, your customers can browse through the content on your app in Indonesian language only. We’ll also match the overall colour-theme of the app with your trademark design and colour-combination.

Hear the clients testify to the power of V3Cube’s Gojek Clone App

Building an app is not just a technical process. It is one that involves a lot of consideration towards the hopes and aspirations of the clients who will ultimately launch the app as their own in their own market. We try our best to make sure that our Gojek Clone app is the reason for the success of each and every customer that comes our way.

Take a look at what our client from Indonesia has to say about their experience in working with us to build and launch their dream multi service app that they could launch in Indonesia. Here the client not only testifies to the prowess of the Gojek Clone app built by V3cube, but also gives an insight on the professionalism and support offered by the entire team of V3cube.

They also explain how our app helped them find success in the market. Their praises are a fuel that we cherish as it drives us to do better and find innovative solutions for all our clients each and every single time. Take a look for yourself!

Our valued clients praise our services!

Our clients have thoroughly talked about their pleasant working experience with V3Cube. They have thanked and commended our Project Managers for their round-the-clock support and technical expertise because of which their apps could have been launched in just 1-2 weeks!

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