Share your Food and earn money!

If you are looking for a business whereby you want to make a living by feeding homemade food to customers, or may be run a little restaurant without the headache of owning one, you are in the right place.

The food sharing app can be bought by budding and seasoned entrepreneurs, restaurant owners as well as home chefs and housewives looking to earn a living

The Food Parcel Clone

The Workings Of The Food Parcel Clone

Many budding home chefs like to cook but have no one to feed it to. The food sharing app clone gives an incentive to these chefs who can now cook to their heart's content and make a bit of money for their ingredients and more. The fact that they have happy mouths to feed is an added incentive for them to dig deep into their reserves of culinary skills.

These days' children always want to go out for a meal, or get a takeaway. Parents want their children to eat healthy home cooked meals. Your site will be perfect for the parents who can give their children the best of both, a healthy home cooked meal eaten in homely surroundings. They may even opt for a takeaway to eat in the comfort of their own homes. Whatever their choice, they are ensuring that their children are getting the right nutrition that they can get while keeping them happy.

Tourists are always on the look out to try out authentic delicacies and what other place than a home where the native food is cooked exactly how it is supposed to be, simple and without the trimmings and richness that come in the same dishes served at restaurants. The simple home cooked food will give the ethnic taste and flavour that tourists so desperately want to try.

Moreover, the variety of recipes that the home chefs create, will never be found in restaurants. Therefore, more and more people are looking into the option of getting home cooked food and eating it either at the chef's place or taking it home.

By buying a food sharing app clone, you can actually own as many mini restaurants as you want without the hassle, overheads and staffing issues that go with a business of this scale. More over the restaurants you will be running will each be unique and different to the others.

Food Sharing Website Script - Linking Food To Mouths

Here, the three parties are involved - the chef or home cook, the hungry customer and the owner of the food sharing clone.

  • CHEF/HOME COOK/RESTAURANT OWNER - He will put details of the dishes he will be cooking and the date he will cook, how many people he will cook it for, option of eating at his residence or take away, the address, whether it is breakfast, lunch, dinner or brunch, type of cuisine, vegetarian, non vegetarian, vegan, halal/kosher etc. He may decide to organize a street party or just a social get together or maybe even a cocktail party, which he will inform about on the system. Once he receives confirmations from customers, he can cook accordingly on the day.
  • THE HUNGRY CUSTOMERS - They will search the site and pick out what they want to eat and choose whether they will eat at the customer's residence or get a food parcel.
  • THE FOOD SHARING SCRIPT OWNER - He runs interference of the whole system, the chefs, the hungry passengers and the finances. For every meal sold via his site, he gets a set commission.

Food Sharing Website

Administrator Panel

Mobile Application

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Help create a united society by buying the food sharing script. There is no better way to make friends other then breaking bread together.

Clone site design template

Clone Site Design Template

FULL SCREEN MODERN DESIGN TEMPLATES food sharing Available Templates and Color Variations

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food sharing view full screen layout
Color: Orange
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Color: Green
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Color: Light Slate Blue
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Color: Magenta
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Color: Orange
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Color: Light sea green
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