Step by Step Graphical Flow Of DeliveryKing App

Loading Screen

  • The App of the User will welcome them with a Splash screen. This screen will present the User with the logo of the App for two to three seconds as well as the name of the App.
  • The App of the Delivery Driver welcomes them with a Splash Screen. The Splash screen basically displays the logo of the App as well as the name of the app for approximately two to three seconds.

Introduction Screen

app login
  • With this Screen, the User can flexibly choose the Language as well as currency of their choice. They can also login or register through this Screen.
  • With this Screen, the Delivery Driver can choose the Language and Currency of their choice flexibly. They can also login or register through this Screen.
app signup

Login & Registration

app login
  • The User can login to the App using their Social Media credentials that include Facebook, LinkedIn or Gmail or directly by tapping their mobile number or email address and password.
  • In case the User forgets their Password, they can recover it by tapping on "Forgot Your Password".
  • User can register themselves by tapping on "Sign Up" link
  • The Delivery Driver can login to the App using their Social Media credentials that include Facebook, LinkedIn or Gmail or by entering details like mobile number, email address and password.
  • In case the Delivery Driver forgets their Password, they can recover it by tapping on "Forgot Your Password".
  • Delivery Driver can register themselves by tapping on "Sign Up" link
app signup

Application Menu

user app menu
  • Here the User is introduced to all the important features present in the App that include My Profile, Favorite Driver, Wallet, Bookings, etc. to name a few.
  • Here the Delivery Driver is introduced to some very important features that can help them operate seamlessly as well as smoothly. This includes My Booking, Wallet, My Profile, etc. to name a few.
provider app menu

Verification screen (Mobile & Email Verification)

Select booking location Select booking location
  • This screen presents the Users with a verification toggle. Here they need to enter their Mobile Number upon which they shall receive a verification code to verify and ensure zero spam.
  • Users & Driver will need to verify their Mobile Number via OTP received via SMS. And also verify the email account via verification link sent to user's email account. This step is set to avoid fake registrations & spammings.
  • Parcel Delivery
    Parcel Delivery

    This kind of is Uber for things instead of uber for riders. A person can send anything from Location X to Location Y using this feature. User can send large and small items, single or multiple deliveries right from here through Delivery Carriers available in his range.

  • Landing screen

    This is the Landing Screen of the DeliveryKing App wherein you will see all types of Deliveries available.

  • rent aircraft
    Food Delivery

    Here, you see all Restaurants available and ready to accept an order in your range of X KM/Miles. This section works very similar to Uber Eats.

    Other Story Delivery Types (Grocery, Wine, Pharmacy etc.) will work same as Food Delivery.

  • Delivery Genie
    Delivery Genie

    Order anything from anywhere. User can choose the Store he likes and can add the Items that are needed. Delivery Genie feature is mentioned more below

Delivery Genie Select a Store

Add Address
  • User can pin point the the Store that he likes on the Map.
  • The address of the Store will be automatically fetched and will be displayed on the Map.

Driver App - Set Availability

driver availability
  • Driver can login in his App and set his status as 'On' or 'Off' as per his availability.

Add Items that you need

Add item name Items list
  • User can make the list of Items that he needs from the selected Stores.
  • One bye one User can add all the Items that he wants and can define the quantity.

Enter your Delivery Address

Select Address ready checkout
  • User can enter his Delivery Address where he want the Delivery of the Items.
  • Here User can also select from the Delivery Addresses that are already saved or can add the new one.

Sending Request to Driver

Select Address ready checkout
  • After adding all the Items, delivery charges will be shown on the Screen.
  • Delivery charges is the fixed amount as per distance between Delivery location and the Store.
  • Once User taps on Proceed button, Driver will receive the Delivery request on his App.
ready checkout

Booking Confirmation

job progress
  • User will receive the confirmation message on this screen once Delivery Driver accepts the request.
  • One Driver accepts the request. It will be added in Current Tasks list.
slide to begin job

Track Delivery

job progress
  • User can see the status of the Delivery on his App and can also see the Driver location on the Map.
  • Driver can reach to the Store and can check the list of the Items needed.
slide to begin job

Upload Item Photos

Manage Vehicles choose sub categories
  • Driver can upload the photos of each Item one by one from the Store.
  • These photos will be available for the User to review.

Review Items

Manage Vehicles choose sub categories
  • User can review the images uploaded by the Driver. They can confirm whether the Items they have ordered are same or not.

Items Picked Up

job progress job progress
  • Once all Products are reviewed, User can further see the Billing amount and the status of the Delivery.

Delivered Successfully

Select Address ready checkout
  • Once Driver confirms the Delivery, User can see notification on the App that the Delivery has been done successfully.
  • Driver can confirm the delivery once he has reached to User’s place and delivered the Products.
ready checkout

Reviews and Ratings

job progress
  • User can review and rate Driver after the Delivery is done.
  • Driver can review and rate User after the Delivery is done.
slide to begin job

How does Parcel / Courier Delivery Work

multi delivery Landing Screen

Users can enjoy sending any kind of Parcel using this app. Whether it is sending one item form one place to the other or getting multiple items delivered at Multiple Locations, this app has got it all!

single delivery send and box multi delivery send and box
Common Delivery
Single Delivery (Send)

This option can be used by the User when they are willing to send across a relatively smaller item such as an envelope, some files etc. from point A to point B.

Deliver All
Single Delivery (Box)

This option is best for the User when the items to be sent across are bigger in size. For example, the User can use the Box option to send Bags of cement, home furniture etc. from point A to point B.

Select services
Multiple Deliveries (Send)

User can send across multiple files, multiple letters, and multiple items of smaller sizes in a single booking from one pick up location to multiple places.

Taxi and Rental Part
Multiple Deliveries (Box)

This is a great option for the Users who wish to send large and bulky items from one place to Multiple places for example, sending across Multiple Cement bags from the factory to Multiple construction sites.

Single Delivery

choose service categories choose sub categories
    Provide Parcel Pickup location, choose Delivery Vehicle (Single Delivery)
  • User needs to add their location first so as to get connected with the nearest Parcel Delivery Drivers.
  • Upon completing this step, they need to select the Delivery Vehicle like Scooter, Cargo Car, Truck etc..
  • User can choose the payment option as Cash, Card or Wallet.
choose service categories
    Add Parcel Details
  • User can add Parcel details like Receiver name, Package type, details etc.
  • User can provide their Special Delivery instructions if any.
sending request to provider

After providing all the Parcel details, a request will sent to nearby Delivery Driver.

Driver now needs to accept the request within the time given in timer.

The request is time bound and thus if the request does not get accepted within the timeslot of the timer, the request gets automatically sent to the next Driver.

Provider accept or decline request

Delivery Driver arriving

choose service categories
  • As soon as Driver accepts request User receives the details of the Driver. User can track the Delivery Driver location on Map.
  • The User can remain connected with the Delivery Driver via calls and messages.
  • The Driver receives the location of the User and can track the pickup location on Map.
  • The Driver remains connected via calls and messages till they arrive.
choose sub categories

Delivery Driver Arrived

job progress
  • Upon the arrival of the Driver, the User gets notified with 'Driver X Has Arrived at Your Location for Parcel Pickup’.
  • Upon the arrival, the Driver confirms their arrival at the location of the User By sliding the Arrive button below
slide to begin job

Parcel Delivery Started

job progress
  • Upon the Driver arriving and beginning the Delivery process, the User in turn gets notified with ‘Your Delivery Service has Started.
  • The Driver begins their service and tracks the Delivery location where the parcel needs to be delivered.
slide to begin job

Parcel Delivered Successfully

job progress
  • Upon the delivery, the User is updated about delivery that 'Your parcel delivery has been completed’.
  • Upon reaching the Delivery Address, the Drivers slides on ‘End’ to confirm the end of the Service.
slide to begin job

Delivery Confirmation

Delivery Confirmation
  • Upon Delivery, Driver can confirm the Delivery by entering the unique code that has been sent to Receiver.

Invoice Summary

choose service categories
  • Upon the end of Delivery, the invoice gets shared with them.
  • The summary contains the details of the Service provide including its fare, date, discount applied (if any) , fare details and review in order to provide feedback.
  • Invoice will be displayed to Delivery Driver.
  • The invoice contains the total fare, payment type chosen by user. In case of cash, the Driver collects the same from the user. The summary also contains the base fare, distance, time, tax and subtotal of the entire Service provided.
choose sub categories

multi delivery

  • In case of the user wanting to send more than one item to more than one place, they can thereafter choose the Multi Delivery Option. To utilize this service the user needs to select the vehicle type they require for the mentioned delivery.
  • The next step involves providing the pickup address from where the items need to be picked and thereafter provide the location wehre the items need to be delivered. The same would also get displayed on the map and the user would have to simply provide all the required information aout the parcel.
  • As soon as the user provides the address for pickup and delivery both, they need to next provide details in relation to the items being sent
  • These details would include the name of the receiver, contact details, special instructions (if any), and details of the item that may include, ‘electronic/fragile’ etc. and package size.
  • With the user providing all the details given above, they need to tap on ‘Deliver Now’ and in case of error made on the part of the user, they simply have to tap on ‘Reset’, thereafter they need to again repeat the steps.
  • The user now needs to tap on ‘Add Delivery’ to add another location for the delivery.
  • On tapping ‘Add Delivery’ they would need to provide details of the address where they want the second delivery to be made and the steps are the same as when done in the first delivery.
  • The user can add multiple delivery stations repeating the same method. Thereafter, the map will show the routes of all the deliveries that have been requested
  • When the User then clicks on “Next” option on the bottom of the screen, he will then be taken to a screen that shows the pricing.
  • The user now needs to tap on ‘Next’ option upon which they would get transported to a screen containing details of the total price.
  • The user gets the payment mode that they can choose from such as cash or card and get the option thereafter to select the person who will make the payment, that is, the sender or receiver.

Once all of this information is filled in, the app sends out a request to all the delivery drivers in and around that area which match the requirement sent out by the User.

The User’s screen will show that the request has been sent out, while the Driver’s screen will show the details of the request including payment mode, total distance and a timer to accept the request.

  • Once this request is accepted, the User gets a notification of the same. He is also given all the details of the delivery Driver, including his or her name, vehicle type, star rating shared by other users as well as current location.
  • The User can choose to either “live track” the driver or simply “view details” in the On Going jobs panel.
  • In Case the User chooses to “Live Track” they can see the location of the driver on a map. It will also show the time that the driver will take to arrive at their location.
job progress
  • Once the Driver picks up the parcels, the User will be notified on the app stating that the User has started the process of delivery.
  • After Delivering to Recipient 1, Driver starts Delivery for Recipient 2 and so on.
  • In order to start the job, the Delivery driver will have to slide a button on the bottom of the screen. This will ensure that the app registers the delivery as started.
  • The driver will also be shown a screen that prompts that they have arrived. IT will show them the status of the items such as
    “Delivering to recipient 1 out of 3”.
slide to begin job
job progress
  • The User will be able to trace the movement of the driver on the app and thereby be apprised of the status of the delivery. It will continue to display the location on the map.
  • The User too will have an SOS option in case he notices something’s amiss or if there is any other serious problem during the delivery of the product.
  • The Driver can now be on the way to make the delivery. Their screen will show exactly how much time they will take to make this delivery and what is the distance.
  • The screen also features other options such as SOS etc. in case the delivery driver needs it.
slide to begin job
job progress
  • The Delivery Driver can get an entire view of the address from and to at this page.
  • If the User clicks on the view details page, they will be able to see the Delivery Status of the packages involved in the form of a list. They will be able to see at what time the delivery driver has arrived at which location and so on and so forth.
slide to begin job
job progress
  • Once the delivery is made, the Driver will be shown a screen where he can collect the signature of the person he delivers the package to. On signing, the Driver has to click the “Submit” button.
  • When the Driver does this, the User is flashed a notification on the screen that says that the package was delivered to the recipient by the delivery driver/carrier of the parcel.
slide to begin job
choose service categories
  • At the same time, the User will also be shown a receipt on the app. This receipt will have all the details such as distance, time taken the base fare, the total price etc.
  • The User can also rate the Driver on the same screen. The User may provide a star rating or even give a feedback for the same.
  • Now that the package has been delivered, the driver gets to see a screen with the details of the invoice along with the breakdown of price, amount collectable, and the time taken to deliver it.
  • If everything is in order, the delivery driver must click on the Confirm delivery button to get to the next screen.
  • The next screen allows the delivery driver to give a rating to the receiver. The Driver can write a feedback or even give them a star rating.
choose sub categories

How Does DeliverAll Section Work (Food Delivery, Grocery Delivery, Wine Delivery etc)

Landing Screen Other Deliveries

Other Delivery Services

(Grocery Delivery, Wine Delivery, Stationary Delivery, Pharmacy Delivery etc.)

User can also order other Items through Apps like Grocery, Wine, Stationary, Pharmacy etc. The Flow of ordering these Items would be same as Food Delivery mentioned above.

list of restaurant

Food Delivery

Here the user gets a glimpse into all the Restaurants nearby as soon as they provide their location details.

Thereafter the user would be empowered to choose the restaurants that fall within the vicinity of the location provided by them. The app will present users with a list of nearby restaurants and also give them the flexibility to filter their search on the basis of the cuisine and sort the listing thereafter.

The Other Categories like Grocery Delivery, Pharmacy Delivery, Wine Delivery, Stationary Delivery would work same as Food Delivery.

Here we will have three Apps in picture. User, Delivery Driver and Store. Please check the detailed flow below:

Placing Order for Meal

  • user order dashboard

    User App This section helps the user efficiently place an order for their favourite meals from the restaurant of their choice and also get a glimpse into all the restaurants that are online.

  • restaurant sliding onine availability

    Restaurant App This app is primarily for the restaurant owners. They can set tgeur availability online or online by simply sliding on the toggle. In case of the restaurant setting their availability online, they start receiving food requests from the users and in case they set their availability as offiline thereafter they would not receive further food order requests from the customers.

  • Driver set his availability

    Delivery Driver App This app is primarily for the delivery driver who delivers the meals to the customer. The driver can set their availability to online by simply sliding on the Online toggle. Thereafter they start receiving food delivery requests and in a situation where they set their availability to offline they do not receive further delivery requests.

Steps Users Follow to Order Meals from User App

  • user check restaurant menu Menu Screen

    Here the user gets a menu of the meals from the respective Restaurant selected by them. User can also see if the Restaurant is following the Best Safety Standards or not.

  • user search food items Search Food

    In this screen the user can search the meals they are in search of.

  • user add food item to basket Add to Cart

    As soon as the user locates the meals they are in pursuit of, they can thereafter add the same to the Cart.

  • user edite food item View/Edit Cart

    This section assists the user to get a glimpse into the meals ordered by them and add anything extra or remove what is unnecessary.

  • user add toppings Select Toppings

    In this screen, the user will be presented with a list of toppings that they can choose from for some of the meals and thereafter customize the meals ordered by them.

  • user confirm order to check out Checkout Screen

    As soon as users have found the meal they are in search of and customized it, they are thereafter moved to the checkout section where they need to confirm the Delivery Address, Delivery Options, and Items. They can also apply coupon (If any).

  • user confirm order to check out Delivery Options

    Here User can select whether he wants to Opt for Contactless delivery at door or Take away.

  • use choose payment method Choose Payment Method (Cash/Card/Wallet)

    As soon as they confirm their purchase, users are asked to choose the payment method they would want to follow to pay for the meals ordered by them, choosing between Cash, Card or In App Wallet.

  • new order details

    Lorem Ipsum content goes here and your ipsum content goes here and Lorem Ipsum content goes here.

After User Places Order

  • order place notification

    Here the user gets notified and informed thereafter that their order has been placed and shall be delivered shortly. The user also gets the Call feature so that they can place a call to the restaurant to know the exact location of their meals.

  • restaurant app displays order details

    Once the order gets placed, the Restaurant App displays a screen containing the details of Order received. The latest Order will be displayed on top.

  • new order details

Tracking the Order

  • user track the order

    Utilizing this feature, the user can track the meal ordered by them. This order tracking page presents the user with a flowchart. In other words the overall delivery process right from the order getting placed until its delivery is shown here. Also, it helps the user know the exact location of their order and exact time of arrival.

  • total bill amount confirm or decline

    The Restaurant gets the order details and take a look into the same. Thereafter they can confirm or decline the order request as per their choice.

Order Assignment to Delivery Driver

  • assign driver
  • restaurant assigns to driver

    As soon as the Restaurant accepts the order request of the user, they thereafter get presented with a screen containing bill details as well as a button reading ‘Assign Driver’. Upon tapping this button, the request for pickup and delivery gets sent to the delivery driver.

  • delivery driver sees request

    As soon as the Restaurant taps on ‘Assign Drvier’, the request thereafter gets sent to the delivery driver. The delivery driver receives the request in the form of a notification on their app along with a timer.
    Note – The driver ought to accept the order within the timeframe set on the timer, failure of which would lead to the request getting sent to the next driver.

Order Processing

  • user see assigned driver for pickup of order

    The User would get information that a driver has been assigned to pick up their order. The same will be displayed as a progression in the flowchart on the Users screen.

  • restaurant get notification for driver accept order

    The Restaurant will be notified of the driver accepting the order. This notification will contain the message that the Delivery Driver is enroute on their way to collect the order and will also contain the details of the order.

  • delivery driver see order picup address

    The Delivery Driver will get a view of the current task on their app. This will contain the address of the restaurant from where the order needs to be collected as well as the address where delivery needs to be made. The section also presents the driver with the Call option so that they can place a call to the restaurant and a Map to navigate to the restaurant.

delivery driver pickup order

Status of Delivery Driver

The Delivery Driver reaches the restaurant and thereafter picks the order up. The delivery driver will get a glimpse into the order details so that they can pick the same without any kind of confusion. Thereafter they would take a picture of the order and update on their app as ‘Order Picked Up.’

Last Leg of Delivery

  • user see the status of the driver

    User receives the driver’s status containing their estimated time of arrival and the flowchart gets marked as per the drivers movement.

  • restaurant track status of order

    The restaurant will be able to track the whereabouts of the order and find out if the order has reached the recipient or not.

  • driver see the address of the recipient

    After the order gets picked up by the delivery driver, they will receive details of the person they have to deliver the meals to. Also, they get the Call option so that they can call the customer to find out the way to reach them and a Map so that they can reach in ease and deliver the meal in considerable ease.

order delivered successful

Order Delivered Successfully

As soon as the order gets successfully delivered to the customer, it gets updated on the app. The order delivered icon thereafter turns green along with a timestamp for the same and contains the message that the order has been delivered.

Apart from this, there are two other toggles, namely, Not Delivered and Ok, Got It.

  • Not Delivered

    In case of the driver marking the order as delivered and the customer has yet not received the same, the user needs to simply tap on ‘Not Delivered’ upon which the admin gets notified of the same.
    Note – The customer can place a call directly to the delivery driver also when they tap on this toggle.

  • Ok, Got It

    On receiving the meal, the customer needs to tap on this button so as to confirm they have received the meal.

Rating and Review

  • user rate & review to restaurant & driver
    • The user now provides rating and review to the restaurant on the basis of the quality of meal delivered to them.
  • ratings reviews
  • driver rate & review to customer & restaurant
    • The driver provides rating and review to the customer based on the experience of food delivery

Other Features

Mark Store as Favourite

  • So, your customer wants delivery from their favourite store? Don’t worry! With the Mark Store as Favourite feature present on the app of your customer, they can order the items from the stores they feel is the best by simply marking it as a favourite.
  • This feature will make sure that your customers are always happy when they wish to enjoy items from the store whose delivery they may have liked in the past.

Wallet to Wallet Money Transfer

  • Looking for a seamless way to make payments easy for your customers and assist the Delivery Drivers to receive the money directly in their wallet. Then, the wallet-to-wallet money transfer feature will turn out to be a blessing in disguise for your Users and Drivers.
  • Through the pre-integrated wallet present, your customers can smoothly make payment through their wallet and have it sent to the Delivery Driver’s wallet especially if they do not have the change for the services that they have booked.
  • All that they would need to do is select from the two options present in the wallet to whom they wish to send, the User or Delivery Driver and then choose their respective mobile number or email address and then they need to transfer the money from their wallet to the wallet of the Delivery Driver.
  • This feature will surely be a blessing in disguise for your Customers and Delivery Driver who may be wary of sharing their card details.

Manage Notification Sounds and Ringtones

Using this unique feature, you the owner of this expansive DeliveryKing app can manage the notification sounds and respective ringtones of the store, the Driver and the Users respectively.

The notification sounds may include the request sound for the driver and User, notification sound for the Driver including the message and notifications, notification sound for the user including the message and notification, for the store including the message and notification and finally, the VOIP based (voice over internet protocol) call.

All these sounds are already present in the solution itself. However, other sounds may be downloaded from the admin panel.

KOT Print via Wireless / Bluetooth printer in Android Food Delivery App of Restaurant

A unique feature to help restaurants efficiently manage the bills and process their orders and have it assigned to delivery drivers. As soon as the restaurant receives a new order from the customer, they shall receive the details of the same on their same. They now would be able to view the details of the same on their app. They now need to tap on KOT Print where KOT means kitchen order ticket and they would get the order printed via a wireless or Bluetooth printer and have it processed and confirmed and then assigned to the delivery drivers.


  • A new feature made to give back to the society. The Donation Feature helps those operating the DeliveryKing App to provide donations via App.
  • Your Users can choose the donation organization and can donate. (*The donation will not be done through Application. User will be simply redirected to Organization site).

Favorite Driver

  • The User can mark the Driver as favorite from his App. Also, he can remove the Driver from the favorite list anytime.
  • In the case when you get the Delivery done with any Delivery Driver and you want that Driver again, then mark the Driver as Favorite.
  • This feature allows the system to set the Priority in sending the request to all favorite Drivers first whoever is marked as favorite by the User.
  • This way User gets the chance to book the Delivery with any specific Driver.
  • Once the Delivery is completed the User will be prompted to rate the Delivery and provide the feedback.
  • Apart from this, the User will get the option to mark the Driver as a favorite so that next time they got the chance to get the Delivery done again with them.

Edit Profile

User can edit their profile
  • The User can Update and Edit their profile whenever they like.
  • The Delivery Driver can update and edit their profile whenever they need to.
Service provider can update their profile

Wallet integration

user and provider manage their wallet user and provider manage their wallet
  • The User and the Delivery Driver will both have an in App wallet.
  • This wallet can be recharged or topped up whenever they want.
  • Users can pay for the Delivery using Wallet.

Manage vehicles

Service providers upload ID documents from panel Service providers upload ID documents from panel
  • The Driver will be able to manage all their vehicles from this panel.
  • They can manage their vehicles for Deliveries.
  • They can add or remove the vehicles too from this panel.

Manage Documents

Service providers upload ID documents from panel Service providers upload ID documents from panel
  • The Delivery Drivers will be able to upload all the documents that are required, such as Driving license, Experience certificate, Vehicle passing etc. from this panel on the app.


  • Users & Drivers can manage their Credit Card information through this screen. The card detail is NOT stored in the APP or in the App's database. It's stored in the safe vault of the Payment Gateway Company. We just call the card using token and the secure transaction happens on the uber clone App.
  • Users can also scan their Card.
  • Users and Drivers can top up their wallet too.

scan credit card for payment

  • This feature available on the app of the user allows them to simply scan the credit card for payment for the ride or different services without having to enter the credit card details for the same.
  • All that the user has to do is book the services and as soon as they get redirected to choose the mode of payment, they tap on card and tap on scan credit card for payment and then they naturally pay for the service.
  • This feature saves the user from the hassle of adding their credit card details for each transaction that they make.

Your Delivery History

user app login and registration screen
  • User can view all his past Deliveries and also upcoming Deliveries.
  • Upon taping on the Delivery list, the detail and invoice of past Delivery can be viewed.
  • Driver can view all his past Deliveries and also upcoming Deliveries.
  • Upon taping on date on calendar, Driver will be able to view summary of that day including Total earnings, Average Ratings, Completed Deliveries). And can then tap on any Delivery booking to view it's detail and invoice.
Driver login and registration screen


Waybill for the Ride
  • The Waybill for the Driver will be displayed here with all the necessary details.

Heat View Of the Driver App

heat view for taxi and delivery
  • Delivery Drivers will be able to view the Heat Map and identify the areas that are generating maximum requests. This can be helpful so that they too can reach that area in order to pick up more Deliveries.


choose service categories
  • User can view list of Notifications added by the Administrator of the App.

Promo code

choose service categories
  • This section offers users with a coupon that they can apply for the next service that they book and empowers them to choose from any one of them.


user and provider fives feedback to eachother
  • The User as well as the Delivery Drivers will be able to provide feedback about their experience with each other. They can give a star rating or write a review.

Invite Friends & Manage Bank Detail

user and service providers upload their bank details and invite friends to download app
  • Delivery Drivers can upload their bank details from this panel on the App.
  • Users and SDelivery Drivers will also be allowed to invite friends to download and start using the Application.

Earning Statistics

provider monitor earning they have made
  • The Delivery Drivers will be able to monitor how much earnings they have made over a stipulated time duration.

Other Information Screens

Information like About Us, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Contact US and FAQ.
  • This panel will give you all the other relevant information like About Us, Privacy Policy, Live Chat, Terms and Conditions, Contact US and FAQ.

Advertisement Banners

  • Showcase your offers and promotions on the Home screen of the App. When the users open the App, they can see your advertisement.
  • You can keep advertisement, promotional content and any kind of information that you want to highlight about the App right here.

Contact Us & Help

user app login and registration screen
  • Users and Drivers can contact App Administrator through the Contact Us Page.
  • They can also check the FAQ's for detail.
Driver login and registration screen
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