Corona Proof Business Solutions

CoVid 19 CoronaVirus quite literally threw a curve ball on the way businesses operate the whole world over. While things did come to a standstill for a very long time, we have to live on. People are finding new and unique solutions to make sure that their livelihood is not affected by the pandemic and we are here to provide you with just the right solution.

We understand that as much as an app provides for an easy solution to the customers, it is also the basis of making money for many service providers and entrepreneurs. With the help of our bouquet of on demand mobile applications, you can not only help local service providers golden opportunities to make more money, but also to make a mark for your business in the world.

Are you an Entrepreneur who is concerned about starting the new Business amidst Covid-19 menace ?

Skyrocket and Empower Your Entrepreneurial Dreams to Reality Irrespective of Coronavirus Working with Us at V3Cube Due to Corona Pandemic, most IT companies are shut down or halting their work, we are supporting the idea of working from home as much as possible.

Our Approach to Take Entrepreneurial Dreams to Reality despite Coronavirus We at V3Cube strongly believe that safety is important but your dreams are also important at the same time. Thus, we have made sure that in these trying times we don’t bring your business dreams to a temporary halt and hence we have ensured to bring optimism out of this illness because as they say every coin has two sides – a head and tail and nothing is black or white, it is a combination of both.

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If you want to understand how this business can work for you and help you establish your own on demand entrepreneurial journey, then just reach out to us! We can set you up not only with a free consultation to understand exactly what business will work best in your location, but also with a free demo for an unlimited duration of time!

DeliveryKing App

This is an app that will work perfectly to ensure any kind of item can be delivered in a safe and hygienic way even during these stressful times. With the help of our feature rich delivery king app, you can ensure that many people can start offering delivery services and make a quick buck. The app has been carefully crafted to make sure that people can order food, groceries, bottled water etc. from the app or even send across their parcels from one place to another seamlessly. Get more information on how the app works right here.

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Grocery On Demand App

This is an application that will make sure that the CoVid 19 corona Virus Pandemic lockdown doesn’t hurt anyone. With the help of our on demand grocery delivery app, your users can stay safe indoors and order any kind of grocery item that they would like delivered right to their doorstep. With special CoVid 19 Corona Virus protection features like contactless delivery, take away option and more, this is the best solution that you can offer to your customers today. Apart from being the simplest way to order and get groceries delivered, this app is the best way to make sure that people can make money easily by making deliveries.

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Food On Demand App

Many restaurants have taken a big hit with the pandemic sweeping across the world. Most customers who rely on commercial kitchens have had to suffer too. This is where the On Demand Food Delivery App comes into the picture. With this app, you can make sure that more and more people can order their favorite meals from great restaurants without having to look for another source. It is also the ideal structure that can help restaurants continue to sustain their business and delivery drivers to make money by making delivery rounds. Our On Demand Food Delivery app is completely CoVid 19 Proof because it comes integrated with features such as Safety Badge for the restaurants, Contactless Deliveries and so on and so forth. Find out more about this app NOW!

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Courier/ Parcel Delivery

Regardless of how badly the CoVid 19 Corona Virus Pandemic has affected the world, there are always going to be things that need to be taken from one place to another. Especially now that more and more people are working from home, people have to rely on safe courier services to send across their documents from one place to another. The On Demand Courier / Parcel Delivery app is the perfect solution. It enables people to find opportunities to make money while doing delivery runs and also facilitates people to send across parcels from one place to another.

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Pharmacy Delivery App

No matter what the situation is around the world, people will always need medicines and other pharmaceutical supplies to sustain their lives. Our On Demand Pharmaceutical Products Delivery app has been specifically created to ensure that customers can purchase prescription as well as non prescription medicines delivered to their doorstep. It includes some of the most industry specific features to ensure that the entire process of shopping for medicines and delivering them is as seamless as possible. Dive into more information about the app right here.

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All in One Medical Services App Our On-Demand All in One Medical App is designed to offer Same/next-day primary health care designed for your customers.

Medical All in One App is a comprehensive healthcare solution that connects your users with Doctors, Physiotherapists, Ambulance, Pharmacy Store, vets, Blood Banks, Nurses, Dietitians, Dentists, and more. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, your users can immediately connect or schedule a visit at their convenience. This On-Demand Healthcare App acts as a centralized hub bringing all kinds of healthcare services for your users to avail themselves in few swaps. Medical All in One App is the one-stop solution for those who wish to cover healthcare services under one roof. Available on Android and IOS OS Platform, the app is customizable, readily available for you to launch instantly.

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Service Provider App(Over 72 Services in one single App)

We depend on many service providers for our daily sustenance. Whether it is a tutor or a beautician or even a massage therapist, we need services of experts in our daily lives. This is an app that makes hiring people from any kind of service providers with the tap of a single button. The app makes sure that service providers from different backgrounds and industries can make their services available digitally and for the customers to hire someone instantly while you make a commission each time any kind of service provider is hired.

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Gojek Clone App(82+ Services in one single App)

This is a one app that solves all service related issues for the customers. Regardless of whether one wishes to book a taxi, order food, or get groceries delivered, on demand parcel delivery or even hire service providers offering different kinds of services with different levels of expertise. This app is a simple solution for any kind of service that any customer could ever want. What’s more, it is the perfect platform for different service providers to make money while you continue to grow your business, brand and make a handsome commission. Get more details NOW!

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Sanitization Services On Demand App

Ondemand sanitization apps have become the “New Normal” with COVID19 adding fuel making it mandatory.

With users turning to on demand apps that offer quick sanitization services are never going to cease their growth anytime soon. That being said, offering an online platform to avail of on-demand sanitizations app services can help you earn a large user base, along with high returns.

Built on cutting edge technology, our ondemand sanitization app is built to the latest industry specifications, giving you a product that will set you up for years to come. Launch your app business by customizing any one of our ready-made clone app solutions and hit a home run in a short turnaround time.

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Our Availability for You Irrespective of Coronavirus – Recent Visit Made by our Team to Vietnam and Thailand and Recent Client Visit to Development Centre in Ahmedabad

The coronavirus disease saw its outbreak taking place in the starting months of 2020 but despite the outbreak we made sure that the business dreams of our esteemed clients don’t get halted. Thus, we visited them in Vietnam and Thailand respectively to finalize the deal and thereafter onboard their business dreams.

Next we had a very dear client of ours who visited us all the way from Malaysia in 3rd Week of March 2020 and made sure to leave an encouraging note for the entrepreneurs. He stated that irrespective of the outbreak, the dreams of a new business should not be halted. Also, he went onto suggesting to the entrepreneurs not to worry about this disease at all and provided them tips of setting up an on demand business stating it was the right time to do so. In the video shared by him he stated that since most of the people are limited to their houses due to the outbreak thus it would be a good idea to set up an on demand business like Home Delivery of Food, Grocery and other Services that are provided at home by Service Providers.

So, take your entrepreneurial dreams towards the zenith of reality working with us at V3Cube. Our after Sales Support is there to guide you through your on demand business and take them towards profitable heights. Come, your new on demand venture awaits!

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