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V3Cube takes pride in Coding and Designing the World's Biggest & Most Advanced Services Booking App - KingX Pro.

Smart Entrepreneur, Our KINGX Pro App will help you make Easy and Quick Money in No Time! And you'll go on to become the Next Self-Made Billionaire! How?
Because you’ll be Earning Commissions on Every Single Service Booked or Order Placed through this Money-Making Multi Service App.

What if we say you can Launch an App and conquer Businesses like Taxi, Transportation, Logistics, Parcel Delivery, Food - Grocery - Pharmacy Deliveries, Health Care/Medical Services, Online Shopping with Immediate Delivery, Taxi Pool, Ride Share/Car Pool, Money Transfer, Car Wash, Fitness, Beauty, Buying/Selling/Renting Cars - Real Estate - Other Items, and other 101+ Businesses with this Single App? Aspiring Entrepreneurs, kickstart your Multi-Service Business with the Bigger and Better Gojek Clone!

V3Cube's KINGX Pro has all the Major Advanced Features that will Allow your Customers to Book Instant Online Video Consultations with Doctors, Tutors, Fitness Experts, etc via Apps. Also, let your Users to Post Task Details for the Services they need and get Real-Time Bids from Handymen! Users can also Find Businesses Nearby their Location and Keep Track of their your Family Members and Employees.

Smart Entrepreneur, you are just One Step Way from becoming a Successful and Rich Businessman. Order Now and get the Apps Delivered on your Stores with your Branding, Name, Logo, Color, Preferred Language, Currency, Payment Gateway, SMS Gateway, etc. in just 1-2 Weeks. Let the Money Shower!

Crafting Innovative Solutions For Unparalleled Success

As experienced App Developers, we always think Outside the Box to Create Perfect & Professional Mobile Apps.

We don't just develop Mobile Apps; we build complete Solutions so that your journey to Success never hits the brakes. With our Extensive Collection of Flawlessly Designed, Rigorously Tested, and Irresistibly Trendy Clone Apps, your Entrepreneurial Dreams will surely come true. We offer the Ready-Made Solutions for almost all Categories of Services.

Uber Like Taxi App

We offer you an End-to-End Taxi App Solution so that you can Establish an Uber-like Business in just 1 to 2 Weeks.
Pre-integrated with the most Advanced Features, our App enables Users to Book Taxi’s within a Few Clicks. This Next-gen Taxi Booking App includes crucial Features like Login via Email/OTP/Face ID/Fingerprint, Real-Time Tracking, Fare Estimation, Online Payment Methods, OTP Verification, SOS, Live Activities, and more.
The Driver On-boarding, & User Registration, Ride Booking and Payment Flow is Smooth and Auto so you can Concentrate more on Operations, Marketing and Management of your Taxi Company. While our Apps will 100% Fulfil the Technical Requirement of your Business.

Below Advanced Taxi Bookings Features will be available via Apps for your Users:

  • Taxi Booking like Uber
  • Bidding like inDrive
  • Taxi Rental with Driver
  • Pool/Share Taxi
  • InterCity Taxi
  • Schedule Later Ride
  • Corporate Rides
  • Moto - 2 Wheeler - Tuk-Tuk

Whenever your Users Books any of above Services, you'll be Earning Profits via Subscription and Commission Methods.

In a few Steps, your Users can Book a Taxi and Reach their Destination. Users will be able to Register/Log-In, Add Destination, Choose the Vehicle and Payment Method, and BOOK the Ride. Soon the Driver Arrives, Picks up the User, and Starts the Ride.
What more can one ask for? Go ahead and Launch the Apps, Start your Online Taxi Business and Start Earning Commissions on all Rides now.

On-Demand Super Services App

SuperX SP App has 3 Major Components and Provide overall 72 Services :

  • On Demand Services Booking
  • Online Video Consultation
  • Bid for Services

Allow Your Customers to Hire Professionals from Service Categories like Car Wash, Beauticians, Lawyers, Massage Therapists, Dog-Walkers, Baby-Sitters, Towing Support, Maids, Security Guards, Barber, Car Repair, Helpers, Road Side Assistance, Handymen, and many More Services. The Service Providers will charge Fixed Fee or Hourly Rates as per the Service they Provide. Your Customers will be able to Book a Professional Service Provider for Now or at a Later Time. They will see all Service Providers in their Nearby Location and Book the one with Best Rates, Ratings and Reviews. Customer can Book Service at his Location or at Service Provider’s Place depending on the Preference set by Service Provider.

Your Customers can Request for an Immediate Online Video Consultation Session with Doctors, Tutors, Lawyers, Yoga Trainers, etc. Or can Book Schedule for a Later time. As soon as the Video Call would End, the App will Automatically Deduct the Money from your Customers' Credit Card. And you as an App Admin will Earn a Commission for every Video Consulting Booked and processed via the App.

Your Customers will be also able to Negotiate / Place Bids / Bargain the Service Charges Directly with Handymen such as Carpenters, Electricians, Plumbers, Painters, Home Cleaners, etc. The Task will be Confirmed and Executed once the Customer and Service Provider has agreed for a Price through these Online Negotiations.
Your Customers can either Pay in Cash, Mobile Money, Online via Credit Cards or In-App Wallet. And Once Again you’ll be busy Making Good Amount of Commissions Per Task Booked.

on demand multi service app developer

Over 1,520 Mobile Apps launched since Jan 2016

V3Cube has Successfully Delivered 1,520 PLUS Professional Cloned Mobile Apps including Taxi Apps, Super Apps, Multi-Service Apps, Food & Grocery Delivery Apps, Parcel Delivery Apps, Medical Services Apps, Car Wash Apps, Beautician Apps, Car Pooling Apps, Escorts Apps, etc.

Our Dedication towards bringing Better and Smarter Solutions for our Clients is the Sole Reason for our Success. We aim at Mobilizing the use of Latest in the World of Technical Infrastructure to Produce Surreal Apps that can be the Stepping Stone for the Success of our Clients.

With Dedicated Practice through years, we have Mastered and have Expertise in Designing and Development of Websites, Mobile Apps for Android & iPhone and Wearable Devices Apps. We've achieved Excellence in crafting Clone Scripts for Renowned Apps and Websites, including Taxi Services, On-Demand Solutions, Ride-Sharing, Deliveries, and more. Our Clients can access these High-Quality offerings at Exceptionally Affordable Rates.

We have Designed Products that will stand the Test of Time in today's Highly Competitive World. In current times, the Fittest and the most Inventive Apps Survive. We continuously keep on Updating our Apps so they have the Most Trending and Latest Features that will make them User Friendly and Advanced compared to your Competitor’s Apps.

We have been Launching Mature, Market-Tested and Fully-Optimized Clone Apps on a Regular Basis since 2016 so we know this On-Demand Industry like No Other. We Know which all Services are Highest in Demand, what Services your Customers want to Book in their day-to-day Life and How we can Help Entrepreneurs like you to Establish the Online Services Business, Go Live with your Completely White-Labelled App to Start Earning in Billions of US Dollars!

Get Enthralled With the V3cube Apps!

We are NOT a Start-up Company. We are Professional Technical Company and are in Business since 2005.

If you have an Idea for a Business and see that we have a Matching Product related to your Requirement, Contact Us immediately and we will arrange a Working Demo for you. Also, send you all Details related to Pricing, Offers, Delivery Milestone, Payment Milestone, White-Labelling, etc.
We will make sure to explain you all about the Apps before you Purchase it so you know what you are buying. And once you are satisfied with the Details of our Product, and have Placed an Order, our Team of Highly Skilled Expert Professionals will Deliver you the Apps in timely manner.

All Our Interactive Mobile Clone Applications are Complete, Well Tested, Optimized, Secure and Ready to get White Labelled and Launched in Less than 2 Weeks. So you go LIVE with your Online Business in shortest Possible time and start to bring Fresh Rewards to your Business.

Find Buying Online a Challenge? Don’t worry at all! Our Sales Support Team is the best in the Market who will Guide you through the Entire Process and provide you the App of your Dreams. For all your Mobile Application, Custom Web Development and Wearable Devices Development or any similar requirement, call the experts at V3CUBE.

  • 2005 Founded
  • 60+ Employees
  • 2 Apps Launched Everyday
  • 1,520 App Launched
  • 99% Repeated Clients
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction

V3Cube, Your Clone App Development Company for Life

We, the proud V3Cubians, work with the simple Aim to Deliver Perfection and the Best to Our Clients.

Watch these videos to hear our Client's Experience of Working with Other Companies in Past and how those Companies were not able to Deliver Quality Products.

And how these Clients had to then hire Freelancers to Fix the Flaws in those Apps.

Then you’ll hear them share their Experience of Working with V3Cube. Listen to them as how they got Timely Delivery of High Quality Apps as per the Deal. And how they are Impressed with our After-Sales Service and Support that keeps their Apps Well-Maintained and Updated. Also listen to them about Planning to work again with V3Cube for their Future Projects.

Concluding the Video, they are seen to be thanking the Technical Project Manager for their Support throughout the Entire Process and giving V3Cube the title "Developers for Life". They End on a Sweet Note by Encouraging other Entrepreneurs to come work with us.

We have Wide Range of Ready to Go Live Products

All our Products are Professional Trending Apps - Built in Latest Technology - Ready to Go Live in 2 Weeks!

All our Major On-Demand App's Packages Consist of Android Apps for Users and Service Providers, iOS Apps for Users and Service Providers, Website, Admin Panel for Management of System. You also get Android and iOS Apps for Stores and Kiosk Android Apps with relevant Packages. Below is list of our most Famous and Best Selling Cloned Apps:

Quick Delivery of on-Demand Apps Is in Our Veins

1 - 2 Weeks is all we need to launch your App

And from the moment you go live, you start raking in profits because that’s how the business model of our On-Demand Service Apps have been designed. With the purchase of the Package, we’ll also rebrand our base App with your Company’s Name and Logo. We’ll integrate your preferred Language and Currency for the ease of your customers no matter where you hail from.

App Launch

All Our Apps Come with Support, Free Upgrades and Warranty

We will be your Technical Partner so you Concentrate on your Business, Operations and Marketing.

Also, with our Apps, you get Access to all below listed Essential Features without you having to Buy them separately from us. In order for you to Conduct Business Successfully, all such Features and Support is required and you get them from as part of our Package.

  • Lifetime License for 1 Domain

    You Pay us once when you Purchase the Apps. After this, there is No Renewal Fees, SAAS Fees, Monthly or Yearly Rent on your Apps purchased from us. You don’t Pay us any Commission on the Profits you make from your Apps. You get License for using our Codes for Lifetime on your Brand/Domain.

  • Support All Round the Year & Free Upgrades

    You get a Technical Manager allocated to you. The Technical Manager will provide you Support for Bugs all Round the Year. You can communicate with Manager for Support via WhatsApp, Ticket System, Emails or Phone Calls.
    All Major Packages include Free Upgrades.

  • Local Currency and Language Options

    We will integrate upto 25 Currencies of your Choice into the System. Also, add upto 25 Language Options along with English into your Apps and Website. This will provide great experience to your Users.
    Your Users get to Access the Apps in their Regional Language. And spend in their Local Currency.

  • Launch of Apps on Android and iOS Stores

    Submission of Android App and iOS Apps on your Stores under your Account is included.
    Uploading of Website, Admin Panel and Database on your Web-Server is also Included. Having years of experience in Apps Submission, we will make sure that your Apps get Submitted Successfully.

  • NDA, Confidentiality and Security

    By Default, we Strictly follow NDA’s. As a Client, your Project Details and your Unique Idea’s will remain Confidential. If you are a Software Company and are Reselling our Apps to your Clients, we will never Contact your End Clients. Our Deliverables will Not have V3Cube Name on it as the Developers.

  • Payment and Delivery Milestones

    We have Part Payment Policy so you don’t have to Pay 100% Upfront for the Apps you Purchase. With us, you Pay in parts and see Progress in Parts. The Delivery Process is smooth and will happen in timely manner as we have great Experience Delivering 1,500 PLUS Mobile Apps till date.

New Clients, Entrepreneurs, Start-Ups, Business Owners, Existing & Potential Partners from around the World

Visit Our Head Office in India

Want to Buy our Apps, Want a LIVE Demo, Have Questions about App's Features, Have New Enhancements to Discuss, Want to See How we Work, Want to make sure we are a Genuine Company or Want to Go Live Urgently and look for a Quick Delivery, just Book your Tickets and Visit us.
We are sure that you will like what you see here, our Working Methods and Professionalism. You can then Order the Apps for your Online New Business, see the App getting Ready and White-Labelled in your Presence and Take the Completed Apps with you when you return.

  • Mr. Karabo

    Our South African Client, Mr Karabo Visits Our Indian Office and Highly Recommends V3Cube

    Mr. Karabo
  • Mr. Ibrahima

    Mr. Ibrahima, our old client from Senegal, visited V3Cube’s Headquarters - India

    Mr. Ibrahima
  • Mr. Dahir A.

    Mr. Dahir A., our esteemed client from the UK, visited our India Office to discuss his Project.

    Mr. Dahir A.
  • Mr. Moulaye

    Mr. Moulaye, our Highly Technical Client from Istanbul visited us & Purchased Super App.

    Mr. Moulaye
  • Mr. Jean

    Mr Jean, our Client from Switzerland Visits V3Cube and Extends his Partnership for 5th Project

    Mr. Jean
  • Mr. Frank

    Mr Frank, our Client from West Africa Upgrades to KingX Pro, V3Cube's New KingX App

    Mr. Frank
  • Mr. Farag A.

    Our Prestigious Client, Mr. Farag A. from Yemen visited our Development Centre.

    Mr. Farag A.
  • Mr. Ahmed

    Our Client, Mr Ahmed from Oman Visited us & Ordered Advanced New Features for his Apps.

    Mr. Ahmed

Our Client's Apps Won The 1st Prize

V3Cube's App Delivered to our Angolan Partner has Won The 1st Prize in their Country's Best App Competition.

One of our Exclusive Client from Angola bought our Fully-Functional and Market-Tested GoJek Clone App from us and started running their business in their hometown in Angola. Then later Participated in their Country’s Biggest Start-up Competition held by their Government and Won the First Prize for Best App. Their App was considered as one of the Biggest and most Advanced App in their Region. Via the App, our Client was able to Provide Employment and Opportunities to Hundreds of Service Providers in his Country. And made his Citizens life easier by providing Numerous Services in 1 App.

We are so Proud of our Angolan Clients for their Success and Achievements and feel grateful that we could be a part of it. This again is a Living Proof that you're getting Best-In-Class Award Winning Solutions from us and that we are the Pioneers of Futuristic Clone App Development Business.

A Real Company With Real Clients

Our clients range from Small Start-ups to Large Enterprises, and we take pride in the Relationships we've built with each of them. Hear what Real Clients have to say about their experiences with V3Cube's Products and Services.

Client Video Reviews Prove Testimony to Genuineness of Our Work Every time we deliver our Clients with their desired Solution, they leave behind with a smile on their face and give best Video Reviews to us to prove Testimony to the Genuineness of the Services that we render to them.

Our Core Ethical Values

We Deeply Believe In And Delivering Only High-Quality Products To Our Clients!

We are the Most Credible and Trustworthy White-Labelling Firm in the On-Demand Service Industry. Honestly, it is an Outstanding Achievement. And it is all because of the Following Set of Moral Values that We Hold Onto Dearly!

  • Only Commit what We can do

    We only Accept Work that we can Code with our In-house Team and Deliver Successfully on Time. We don’t Outsource your Valuable Projects to Other Companies and Freelancers.

  • Excellence

    We only Accept Work that Falls under our Technical Expertize and that can be Delivered to you in High Quality by our In-House Developers & Designers.

  • We Respect your Deadlines

    We always Deliver on Time. If there are any Customizations in your Project, we will always let you know well in advance about the Updated Delivery Time.

App Launch

Make Your First $Billion

And Become The Most-Successful Entrepreneur Of This Era from your Region!

This is the Perfect Time to Launch your own Multi Service App for your Online Business. Our Clients are already making a Good Amount of Profits!
Our Advanced GoJek like Super App that has 14 Major Components consisting of 101 Plus Services.
All the Services Provided by this App are Generic and most Commonly Used by people nowadays in their day-to-day Life. This way, you cover almost all Categories of Services and will make a Commission on all Bookings that your Users will be make on the Apps.

Purchase Process to Acquire V3Cube’s Authentic Apps

Since we have Specialization in On-Demand Clone Apps, our Purchase and Delivery Process is Well Defined and Smooth.

At V3Cube we have dedicated ourselves to work relentlessly towards Design and Development of Apps for Web, Mobile and Wearable Technologies. Each member of the V3Cube has a dream of giving their own contribution to the Field of Technology. This is probably the biggest reason, so as to why we have Established a Reputation of being the most Reliable Company Offering IT Solutions. Our Process is listed as below :

  • 01
    Check Demo Apps

    Pick any the App you like from our Spectacular Portfolio of Sophisticated Products! Contact us and we’ll send you Links and Credentials of Working Demo Apps. Browse and Test the Demo Apps on Road as if they are Real Apps for as long as you want until you are completely satisfied with the App.

  • 02
    Place an Order

    We will take the Process head and Brief you about all the Deliverables such as Android Apps, iOS Apps, Admin Panel, Web Panel, Kiosk Apps, etc. Also, discuss any Customizations that you may have. And then Place an Order wherein you Process 1st Part Payment as per defined Payment Milestones.

  • 03
    White-Labeling Starts

    We just need 1-2 weeks to Rebrand our Base App with your Company’s Name and Logo. We'll add Languages and Currencies of your choice. And Integrate your Preferred SMS and Payment Gateway. And show you Working App. Once you have reviewed the Work, we’ll move to Next Step.

  • 04
    Going Live

    We will Upload Website and Database on your Hosting Server. And Submit Android and iOS Apps on your Stores Google Play Store and iTunes Store! The Codes on your Server under your Domain and the Apps on your Stores under your Account will be your Property and you will Own 100% Rights to it.

  • 05
    Free Support & Upgrades

    You get 1 Year Support for Bugs that may show in our Codes. Once the Project is marked as Completed, we will send you the Licensed Source Code valid for lifetime for your Domain. And also, provide you Free Annual Upgrades as per the Package. Have a Query? Contact Us and we'll be happy to assist you!

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