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Denim and Sweet Treats: A Fun Day at V3Cube! - December 2023

We spiced things up in our week-long fun event with a Denim Day celebration! From classic and retro jeans to trendy denim styles, our entire team donned denim outfits on this day. But that’s not it.
We sweetened the deal with a chocolate exchange. Each team member brought a chocolate to share with the team, creating a heartwarming tradition where everyone gave and received a tasty treat.
Well, it won’t be wrong to say that at V3Cube, we don't just work; we create memorable moments together!

The Unforgettable Twin Day Bash at V3Cube!! - December 2023

Double trouble? Well, it was more like double the fun at V3Cube! Our team recently celebrated Twin Day, where everyone formed a pair and wore identical outfits from head to toe.
Laughs echoed through the halls, a ton of pictures and selfies were clicked, and everyone enjoyed their time celebrating unique bonds! At V3Cube, we believe in making work enjoyable, and our Twin Day was a testament to that. It's these cheerful moments that define the unique culture at V3Cube.
Look through our album from the twin day celebration.

Christmas Cheer Takes Over V3Cube Highlights of the Day! - December 2023

Our Office turned into a Winter wonderland as we celebrated Christmas on the 25th. The entire V3Cube team rocked the Festive Vibes in Red and White Outfits.
Our Secret Santa Exchange brought smiles, surprises, and a lot of unforgettable memories. Wrapping up the celebration, we relished the rich flavors of a traditional plum cake, adding sweetness to an already joyous day. Glance through our merry moments.

V3Cube's Extravagant Diwali Celebrations - Nov 2023

V3Cube's Diwali Celebration was filled with delicious food, selfies, beautiful rangolis, gift hampers, and some stunning festive office makeover! This celebration was all about enjoying the day with the team and making the bond even stronger! Catch a glimpse of how lovely everybody looked all-decked up in traditional wear and how V3Cube’s Head Office was turned into an amazing festive wonderland! The happy faces of our team members truly reflect that everyone had a great time celebrating the Festival of Lights and the win of good over evil with all their hearts.

V3cube Welcomes Lord Ganesha With Absolute Excitement - October 2023

Adorned with Colorful Ribbons, Lights, and Flowers, V3Cube’s Head Office Was all set to welcome the deity of Wisdom wholeheartedly on the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi.
The entire workspace echoed with chants and joyful whispers of “Ganpati Bapa Morya” as the team performed the Ganesh Sthapna Rituals.
The 3-day Celebration was lit with Good Vibes, Enthusiasm, Modaks, and Ladoos. Every Team Member eagerly gathered in the Event Room to join everyday Arti and seek the blessings of Bappa. At the end of the third day, we celebrated Ganesh Visarjan to bid farewell to the Lord and pray for continued Benevolence and Guidance.

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