Hotel Administrator Panel Flow

This is the most central admin unit that will allow you to manage the entire application's ride from the app itself more effectively. It allows you to take action on the Driver's profile, the Rider's requests and their Rides right from a single window and gives you access to see the number of rides that have been taken using your app, how much commission you have made through the app and much more. You will also be able to monitor the areas with higher demand as well as download the extensive reports to plan the next step for your business.

Sign in

Sign in Page for Hotel Administrator

The Hotel Admin can put in their Hotel Administrator Email address and enter the passowrd to sing into the Hotel Panel. This page will basically be your door to enter the app and start viewing your own profile, manage rides etc.

Hotel Login Screen

Edit Hotel Profile

This section will enable you to edit the profile details of the Hotels. You can set the first name, Last name, email IDs, password Country and other details from right here. This section will also allow you to add logo of the Hotel panels and enter account details.

Edit Hotel Profile

Create request

This part of the app will allow you to create a request for a ride from the application. Entering the drop location here will allow you to see the distance and the estimated fare as well.

Create request

Ride Later Bookings

This section will show you the details of the ride later bookings made. This means you will be able to see the Rider’s name, the expected destination as well as the scheduled time and the vehicle type from right here. This panel will also give you the option of canceling the ride in case you need to.

Ride Later Bookings


This is the part that will showcase all the details of the trips undertaken. A list of all the trips along with the date, the driver details, the rider details etc. will be visible here. This section will also allow you to view the invoice of each trip taken.

Trips listing

Trip Invoice

This part of the taxi booking app will display the invoice of the trip. The detailed invoice displays the trip details along with time, destination, distance, and fare.

Trip invoice

Hotel Payment Report

This is the section that gives all details with respect to the payments made for the trips, the fare division as well as the charges levied by the hotel per ride. It will also show the mode of payment used (cash or otherwise) to make the payment for the trip.

Hotel Payment Report
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