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Uber Clone App(100% Clone of most famous Taxi App)

Uber Clone White Label Taxi Booking App solution to start your own On Demand Taxi Business. Our Uber clone script package includes customizable licensed source code, free installation on native Android and iOS App stores. It comes inclusive of topping features like limit Restricting Passengers, face mask must for driver, covid safety checks, taxi dispatch panel, handicap accessibility, gender-based preference, etc. Buy our readymade Uber App Clone, the most advanced and optimized taxi app solution.

Uber Clone is a new, dynamic, technically advanced and the best on-demand taxi booking software available in the market today. Uber clone has been designed using the latest state-of-the-art, scalable technology making it perfect for budding entrepreneurs in the quest of starting their own ride hailing business.

white label taxi booking app


V3Cube is a leading name when it comes to developing White Label On-Demand mobile apps. Successfully launched over 1000 apps in the last few years, however, their Standard Ride hailing app has been one of the most popular apps, ever. Hear what another very satisfied client, Melanie, from the USA, who recently purchased the Standard Taxi App from V3Cube.

In this video, Melanie talks about her experience of working with our V3Cube Uber Clone App Team. She gives credit for all the hard work to the team and project manager for their helpful attitude and their response towards her. While we take pride ourselves in being supportive and helpful towards our clients, however, when our clients step forward with their kind words, it fuels our drive to do even better in the future. In this video, Melanie also explains how at V3Cube, continued to always provide her with important information every step of the way to make sure that she could make informed decisions.

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Approved on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, Our Uber Clone App is 100% responsive that works flawlessly on all the personal digital assistants like iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone devices, Android Tablets etc.

The White-Label Uber Clone Script Includes:
  • Main Website
  • Rider iOS App
  • Rider Android App
  • Rider Web Panel
  • Driver iOS App
  • Driver Android App
  • Driver Web Panel
  • Kiosk Android App (Optional)
  • Kiosk iOS App (Optional)
  • Web Panel for the Taxi Companies
  • Dispatcher Panel
  • Billing Administrator Panel
  • Administrator Panel - An interactive admin web panel to enable the management and working of the app which includes the information about the passenger, the rates, the drivers, the payments made, etc.
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Uber Clone App - Advanced Features

(Below-mentioned features are available in our latest 2021 Package)

Our Word Is Our Commitment, Our Promise. When we say we offer holistic solutions for App Like Uber for the taxi app business, we mean it from bottom of our heart. Our taxi booking solutions are built on the latest technology with an essential feature to kick start your new taxi hailing business. We have years of professional experience in developing a mobile app in various niche segments, we have successfully launched over 1000+ Apps in the past few years. Our expert team will be happy to take up your app project so that you can scale up your Taxi Cab Business to the next level.

Uber Clone will have additional features, totally free of cost to boost your App Downloads. This includes the integration of local language and local currency that allows your app to reach out to a massive audience. Our technical team is well-versed with the latest technicalities and ongoing taxi booking software trends thus suggest with the recommendations suiting your business requiremnts. Our team only wants what’s best for you thus shall be more than happy to serve you with the best of the best Uber Clone App.

Let us know if you wish to integrate “Add-Ons” within your app, our team can customize that as well. We respect your privacy. It will be protected through the “NDA or Non-Disclosure Agreement”. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and get an estimate for the same..

While Our Competitors burn a hole in your pocket,
here's a list of all the advanced features we offer ABSOLUTELY FREE!
  • FREE Source Code, Licensed

    FREE and Licensed Source Code

    We offer a 100% custom licensed Uber Clone Source Code to your team for backup. Using it, your local development team will be able to easily modify it as per the requirements for your copy. Since we have done the licensing for the same, you get it from us FREE for your 1 domain/brand.

  • FREE 365 days Bug Support

    365 days FREE Bug Support

    We pride ourselves in creating the perfect taxi booking application, devoid of any bugs and tested many times. However, if you as our client encounter any (we hope not, though!), we offer a 365 days bug support absolutely free of cost! After all, who doesn’t like a little bit of reassurance!

  • white label uber clone

    White Label Uber Clone Taxi App

    Without your logo and company name, your app and website is nothing. And the best part, we do not charge you for that. Once you buy our Uber Clone Script we shall remove our name and logo from everywhere visible and replace it with yours, promising never to claim.

  • Strict Adherence to Privacy Policy and NDA

    Strict Adherence to Privacy Policy and NDA

    We understand how important your privacy is and thus offer a free non-disclosure agreement. Rest assured there will be no mentioning of your app on our portfolio page, also your competitors will not know the app developer.

  • FREE Language Integration

    FREE Language Integration

    Your Uber Clone App will come integrated with your local language along with standard English language. You will have up to 10 languages including the English languge at no added cost.

  • Free Currency integration

    Free Currency Integration

    Globally wherever you wish to launch the Uber Clone App, you will require having local currency transactions like GBP, CAD, EUR, JOD, SAR, MXN, BRL, and AUD, etc. The app comes integrated with the currency of your choice along with USD in the taxi booking application completely free of cost. You can even manage the rate of your base currency with the additional currency feature.

  • FREE Localization Feature? Go Local or international

    Free Localization – Go Local or International

    Extremely useful add-on, this feature allows you to run your taxi business in different regions from a single place. It allows you to change, adapt, and modify the car types, fare/rates, units of distance, surcharges, and much more based on the location. Keep in mind that every Country, City will have different kinds of taxis, Rates, etc and so we make sure that your uber like app source code would be able to maintain it.

  • FREE Internal Text chatting between Driver & Rider

    Internal Text chatting between Driver and Rider

    Once the ride is confirmed, it allows your drivers and riders to text chat without disclosing their phone numbers for privacy. For those who don’t want to call and chat, this internal texting is helpful. We are giving this feature at no cost.

  • iOS App Installation on App Store

    iOS App Installation on App Store

    We will launch the iOS Apps on the App Store for you. Once uploaded and installed, a thorough QA will be conducted upon approval.

  • Android App installation on Google Play Store

    Android App installation on Google Play Store

    We'll launch the Android Apps on the Google Play Store for you. We'll upload, install and conduct a thorough QA of the Android Apps upon approval.

  • Launch of Website and Admin Panel on Hosting Server

    Launch of Website and Admin Panel on Hosting Server

    We'll upload and launch the Website, Rider's Web panel, Driver's Web Panel, Company Web Panel, Billing Administrator Panel, Manual Dispatcher Panel and Administrator Panel on your Hosting Server. A final thorough QA will be done before launch to make sure the configuration is done correctly.

  • iOS App Rejection Support For Free

    iOS App Rejection Support - Free

    Our expertise in this industry allows us to know the ins and outs of the iTunes App approval regulations. We will assist you in ensuring that your Uber clone app does not get rejected for any technical reason at all. We also provide support if your Apps get rejected.

  • Android App Rejection support for free

    Android App Rejection Support - Free

    Our expertise in this industry allows us to know the ins and outs of the Google Play Store App approval regulation. We will assist and ensure that your Uber app clone does not get rejected for any technical reason at all. For every other reason, we will try our best to assist and guide you so your get approved without re-rejections.

  • Free Manual Taxi Dispatch Panel

    Free Manual Taxi Dispatch Panel

    taxi dispatch feature demo video

    This module will help you to enable your users to book the cab simply by calling you. There will be many people in your city who do not have access to a smartphone or the internet or would simply prefer calling rather than online booking. You can accept the rides via phone calls and manually book the Ride for them from your Administrator Panel.

  • FREE Accounting Web Panel

    FREE Accounting Web Panel

    Give access to Accounts related pages, reports and downloadable CSV/Excel files to selective Administrative users who need to maintain and look after only book keeping, financial transaction monitoring and Accounts of the Taxi Company. So you dedicate this Panel only to the accountants. This prevents everyone from having access to the private data of the Users, Ride settings, so on and so forth.

  • FREE Taxi Companies Web Panel

    FREE Taxi Companies Web Panel

    taxi company web panel feature demo video

    You can allow smaller Taxi companies to access and manage their convoy of Taxis and Drivers through their Company Account on your website. You earn a commission on all the rides that happen through that company's Taxis as well. This will help smaller companies enjoy management without investing in a application and help you earn as well at the same time.

  • Payment Options: Wallet, Credit Card & Cash

    Payment Options – Wallet, Card(Debit/Credit), Cash

    payment options feature demo video

    For your ease, we have a pre integrated Stripe & Paypal - Braintree Payment Gateway to help you start accepting payments right away through the Debit or Credit Card of your users or their Paypal Id. Our advanced flow also enables you to handle and regulate the cash transaction made to the Driver along with an internal wallet that can be used by both the rider and driver.

  • Taxi Hailing

    Taxi Hailing

    taxi hailing feature demo video

    Let's say a person is standing on the road and hails at a Taxi. The driver will simply mark the Ride as "hailed" and start the ride in the App through the ride-hailing button. Here, The rider does not have the Taxi apps in their phone and has neither booked a ride with us in advance. He simply hails at the driver and gets a ride and the details of the same get stored in the App and you as the App owner earn a commission on the same.

  • Handicap accessibility

    Handicap accessibility

    handicap accessibility feature demo video

    If your drivers have a Taxi with Handicap accessibility they tick the option as YES in their Taxi Profile which would help them get connected to handicap riders (Optional - can be made On/OFF as per your Taxi Company's Policy).

  • Gender based preference

    Gender based preference

    Create Women friendly Uber clone App. Allow Women Drivers to register in your company and only accept rides from female Riders. (Optional - can be made On/OFF as per your Taxi Company's Policy)

  • Pickup and Drop Restriction using Geo-Fencing

    Pickup and Drop Restriction using Geo-Fencing

    geo fencing feature demo video

    Define DARK and Crime Prone Areas on Map & Restrict those areas to avoid Pickup or Drop in them. This way you decide the location where you want to do the cab business.

  • Schedule Ride for a Later time

    Schedule Ride for a Later time

    Get option to Ride Now or Ride Later. The Ride request for a later time will be auto sent to the Drivers in range at appropriate time. Scheduling a ride at 2am for airport now becomes easy for riders.

  • Color theme to match with your LOGO

    Color theme to match with your LOGO

    We offer you a customizable colour theme option so that you can choose from ensuring your logo and company name are reflected well across the taxi booking software and the Website. We deliver a beautiful theme with the right colours at the minimal costs.

  • Add Destination Later

    Add Destination Later

    Is your customer changing their mind while booking the ride? The add destination later feature will empower them to add the destination of their ride later. In case they have already put in the destination, they will have the freedom to change it in the middle of the ride as well.

2021 Version

2021 Version (Uber Clone Apps)taxi appFeatures

  • 1 Restricted Passengers Limit Restricting the Number of Passengers

    The driver can limit the passenger seating depending on the government policies regarding COVID19. For instance, a hatchback car can accommodate 5 passengers but because of Pandemic and social distancing, it has been restricted to 3.

    More Video Restricting the Number of Passengers

    2 Face mask verifications Face Mask Verification

    The feature is backed by the advanced technology designed to verify that drivers are wearing a face mask while on-trip, by clicking selfie and uploading the image through the app.

    More Video Face Mask Verification

    3 Safety checklist CoVid 19 Safety Checklist

    The COVID19 safety checklist is displayed while booking the trip. This ensures that both rider and driver are strictly following the same.

    More Video CoVid 19 Safety Checklist

    4 Safety ratings and reviews Safety Ratings and Reviews

    The app asks the rider to give the Safety ratings and review based on safety measures followed or not.

    More Video CoVid 19 Safety Checklist

    5 Graphical Status of Rides

    The feature enables the rider by updating the status of the ride via Graphical icons via in app notifications.

  • 6 Ride cancellation Safety Ratings and Reviews

    The driver and the rider both have the flexibility to cancel the ride if COVID19 safety measures are not practiced.

    More Video Safety Ratings and Reviews

    7 Apply toll cost manually Restricting the Number of Passengers

    In some countries, there are no tolls to consider. In such circumstances, the feature the driver can add the charges manually and added to the invoice once the trip ends.

    More Video Restricting the Number of Passengers

    8 Taxi fare calculations 2 models Restricting the Number of Passengers

    Choose the fare calculation based on:

    • Allowing the rider to pay as per the estimated fare
    • Calculates the fare based on the road traveled by the rider

    More Video Restricting the Number of Passengers

    9 OTP verification to start with the ride Restricting the Number of Passengers

    The driver will ask for the OTP confirmation code from the user/rider to begin the trip.

V3Cube Your Developers for Lifetime

Our V3Cube family works with the mantra to always make sure to keep our best foot forward for our clients and also keep perfection as the sole motto behind what we do.

Take a look at the video to see what clients have to say about us. Watch the video to get a glimpse into their past experience of working with other companies in their ten to fifteen year long tenure and how they didn’t manage to deliver the product they promised and also took away all their money.

Listen to them thereafter go on to share their experience working with us discussing the timely delivery of the apps as per the promise and ending it commending the Project Manager for the heartfelt support, awarding us the title “Developers for Life" and motivating other businesses to work with us.

Taxi Booking App Like Uber Review from Our Client on Occasion of their Brand Launch Event

Watch this video to listen to the kind words of our Client at the Launch Event of the White Label Taxi Booking App delivered by us. Hear him speaking about the services rendered to him offering his gratitude for the same along with making a special mention of the Project Manager.
uber taxi clone

Unlike our competitors taking months to launch your app, we promise to get your apps set and ready to launch with all the above features in JUST 72 Hours!

Unlike others in the market who accept orders first and then set the wheels in motion, our Uber Clone App is ready and waiting for you to launch it NOW!

All you have to do is buy it and review it on the 4th day. Once the feedback phase gets completed we head towards the on-boarding process to "upload and launch" of your Apps on the Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store.

On Time Delivery guaranteed

Commitment Delivered – 100%

Take a look at this video to understand the credibility of our company as well as know about how we have won the heart of our amazing clients by standing true to the commitment made by us. Our motto is simple – honesty, transparency and 100% hard+ smart work
demo for starting own taxi business
  • Corporate RidesCorporate Rides demo video Under the “Corporate Ride” feature it lets your user book the ride for professional reasons. The fare is paid by the user’s Company where they are employed.
  • Car Pool/Ride ShareCar pool demo video Enable your users to share rides using the carpooling feature. One trip will enable multiple people to get to their destinations. Single route more money.
  • VOIP based Call maskingVOIP based call masking demo video Protect the identity of your users by giving them the option of call masking using the Internet. Users and drivers can make calls to each other without disclosing their private phone numbers.
  • KIOSK Booking AppKIOSK Booking App demo video Increase your user base by allowing tourists and travellers to book your taxis using your apps from a kiosk placed at the Hotel receptions.
  • Hotel/Tourist Office Booking Panelhotel booking panel demo video With this feature your users can make a taxi booking by requesting the Hotel reception to book a ride.
  • Company Dispatch Panel Users can now book a ride even without a smartphone. Users call the company admin and the Company Admin manually books a ride for them.
  • Admin Rights & RolesAdmin Rights & Roles demo video Give limited rights to sub Admins handling particular roles. For example, give only billing regarding information to the Accounts admin etc.
  • Tracing Ride by Family/FriendsTracing Ride by Family/Friends demo video This feature will allow your customers to send their live location to a third party as a security feature to trace their existing ride.
  • Advertisement Banners You can earn more through your Uber Clone App, by displaying Banner Ads highlighting their promo deals, and offers. It not only boosts your app visibility but, you can generate more profits through it.
  • Realtime Chat with Support Team The User can also chat straight away with the admin using the app. They can click on the chat button and project any of their issues there.
  • Block Fraud Riders/DriversBlock Fraud Riders/Drivers demo video The admin will have the rights to view which Rider cancels ride ever too often and thereby block the Rider. This goes the same with the drivers as well.
  • Shop/Stop/Eat while RidingShop/Stop/Eat while Riding demo video Users can “pause” the rides if they need to stop at multiple places. For example, user needs to stop to buy medicines on the way or any other item, the Ride can be “Paused”.
  • Real time Currency Rates Taxi booking app will automatically convert and calculate the fare in local currency by auto updating currency exchange rates in the admin panel.
  • Airport Rides/SurchargeAirport Rides/Surcharge demo video The admin can Geofence the area around the airport and a special surcharge can be levied for rides going toward or from the Airport.
  • Child Seat Preference The driver can mention in the beginning when registering into the driver app whether his car has a child seat, pet seat or not. This is a feature that will allow your users to select a car that has a child seat.
  • Book Ride for someone elseBook Ride for someone else demo video This option will enable your users to book a particular ride for someone else. The Rider will get an SMS with driver and car details.
  • Newsletter Subscribe This option appears on the website of the taxi app. The users can click on the Subscribe option and get access to information. The Admin of the app will be able to get the Data of all the people that subscribe to their newsletters.
  • News FeedNews Feed demo video The segment News Feeds and Notifications will allow users to look at different promotional material on the clone of the uber app. Notifications will also be issued to them.
  • Favorite DriverNews Feed demo video Enables the user to rate the driver as their favourite if they have enjoyed the trip with them and wish to do the trip again with them.
our client won app prize

How are we different?

uber app clone demo

Try it before you Buy it!

We let you try our Demo Uber Clone App for free. You can download it on your smartphone and test it on a real-time basis. Try it in every possible situation and be impressed by its fluidity.

view demo
  • 01 View Graphical Flow

    Tired of someone telling how this Uber clone app works? Well, see for yourself. With this unique graphical flow of the app, you will have a clear understanding of exactly how it works page by page.

    view app screens & Flow
  • 02 Web Panel Visuals

    What's with the suspense of how the final product will look like? Don’t worry! We present to you the exact visuals of how the Driver, Rider and Web panel look like!

    Front Visuals Admin Visuals
  • 03 Features

    If there was an app with superior and advanced features, it's ours! We have the most sophisticated Uber clone script in the whole market. You name the feature, and we've got it!

    View All Features
  • 04 Add ons & Customizations

    You will wish to have custom modifications in your Uber Clone App. We are here for you? Let us know what you want and our team will analyze it and incorporate it.

    View Detail
  • 05 Pricing & Purchase Options

    No two business ideas are same. That is why we have customized our business packages to suit your budgetary needs. Whether you want to start small and pick up the pace later or you wish to go all-in with your first step, let us know. We assure you that we will have a particular package to suit your needs.

    View Pricing Options Taxi app shark package


Stop Over Points
Stop Over Points

The feature allows your users to add multiple stopover points within the trip. This means, your user can enter a single end destination and multiple intermediate stops over points where the taxi will pause the ride for them in case they need to pick up stuff on the way, purchase medicines and so on.

A feature like this makes it very easy for your users to travel in peace without worrying about taking multiple road trips to get things done en route to their destination. Stop Over Points feature demo video

End of the DAY TRIP

This feature is specially introduced on the driver side of the application. It enables the drivers to put in their final destination of the day (or the location where they are headed to) and pick up rides on route to that. End of the DAY TRIP feature demo video


This Uber clone feature allows your Riders and Drivers call each other with a tap of their finger on their Smartphone without revealing the original number of either parties. This helps in maintaining the privacy of the users. Your female passengers and female drivers will thank you for putting their interests first! call masking feature demo video


We offer a special Insurance Report that you can access from the Admin Panel. The report shall be exportable in the form of an Excel spreadsheet. Here you will be able to get an idea of the time and distance for a specific day, for a week or even a month that your Drivers traveled before making themselves available on the app to accept rides, after accepting the trip and after starting the trip.

YEARS of free

To ensure that your taxi app works flawlessly with time, we offer FREE annual upgrades of up to 2 years as per your chosen package.

This is a Never-Before kind of offer that you won’t find it anywhere. Contact us today to get this offer.

2 YEARS of free upgradation

Get a taxi rental feature within your Uber Like Taxi Booking App. The customers can rent the taxi hourly as well as on a distance basis. By adding both taxi ride booking and rental features in a single app will generate you greater income, covering mass audiences, this means better visibility and improved rankings on the search engines. call masking feature demo video

When you buy Uber Clone App Script, you own it completely

When you purchase the Uber clone script from us, we make sure that you can make all these changes by yourself without depending on us. We provide you with the source code of the application so that you can develop it and change it how you like it.

We are the company that specializes in developing Uber Clone Script. We have been in the market for long enough to know what it needs to make an app successful.

What’s more, we charge you absolutely NOTHING for the source code! Yes! It is FREE

We offer you the entire source code of the Uber Taxi Booking Clone for FREE so that you don’t have to spend money at all for any kind of changes that you need to make.

uber clone source code


  • 1

    Reach out to us about your On-Demand Cab Booking App requirement through Email, Chat, or Calls. We will understand your cab service business requirements, sending you the details of the app completely. We provide you with the LIVE WORKING DEMO that gives you a better understanding of the app.

  • 2

    Once you have seen the Demo of the app and are satisfied with it, you can place an order with us.

  • 3

    We will assign a dedicated project manager to you who takes care of the entire app for you right from the beginning till the apps are launched.

  • 4

    The team starts working on a white label taxi app with your logo, brand name, choice of language, and choice of currency.

  • 5

    After this process, the app is pretty much ready. To confirm with you, we provide you with a working demo of your app with your text, images, content, logo, etc. On your approval, we go ahead and launch these apps in the Play store and the Apple app store.

  • 6

    Hoorah! Your taxi booking app is live and can start earning money for you instantly!

  • 7

    After we have successfully launched the app and delivered them to your servers, we will also hand over the uber clone source code to you.

support for ride hailing business


The world of the On Demand Businesses is growing like never before. We have created some of the best on demand apps that suit custom requirements of many businesses. Take a look at which way you want to go with the help of our apps.

A Real Company With Real Clients

We Sell Real Products That Makes Real Money For Our Clients. When we visit our clients, they extend the same courtesy to us.

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We carry out all project discussions over phone calls, Skype, and email, but you can also have a face to face meeting with us.

Do visit us and get to know our team and company. Meet our expert mobile app developers team so that you can discuss face to face how to set up Uber Taxi Business in the real world.

So, book your tickets and leave the rest to us.

We will make arrangements for your accommodation and have a taxi at your disposal. Spend more time with us, explore the sight-seeing of the city, and enjoy the local culinary cuisines.

Ask Shrey
Need Assistance?

He is available 24/7/ 365 by phone for assisting clients from all over the world. Talk to him and he'll assist you to set up your online business. In his 16 years professional career, he has assisted more than hundreds of companies to establish their online business.

Ask Now
  • Mohit
    Have some questions? Discuss with Mohit

    Mohit is a very helpful member of our team! Just get in touch with him and he'll help you out regarding any query that you have right from A all the way through Z.

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    If you want to make a buzz with your product on the internet, Anjali is the one to get in touch with! Contact her to get all the details regarding Digital Marketing/SEO to make your app famous on the internet!

V3cube Portfolio

We practice NDA policy this means there is complete privacy when we work with our clients. There is no mentioning of the apps they purchased from us, their business names, location, and so on anywhere on our website.

Please note, all our clients are either Entrepreneurs or Agencies looking for reselling our product after the creation of the white label Uber clone.

We are glad to inform you that we launch 2 products every day around the world. Our clients are extremely satisfied and happy with our work and gave us video testimonials and permission to release them. See below to find what our customers have to say about us.

  • Mr. Aiman H.
    Mr. Aiman H.
What our clients are saying ABOUT US
  • Mr. Amjad J.
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  • Mr. Benny C.
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  • Mr. Jeevan, Nepal
    Mr. Jeevan, Nepal
  • Ms. Subashini, Sri Lanka
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Frequently asked questions(FAQ's)
What is the website for?

We give you a Website too in our package. You will need it for marketing purpose and for showing your presence on WWW - internet.

What if a person has a fleet of Taxi's - will be able to manage his Drivers and Taxi's through Apps?

We do provide Company Panel too.
Users having a fleet of Taxi's will be able to register as a taxi Company and can manage their Taxi's through our System. You make commission on all their rides.

How powerful is Administrator Panel?

You can manage all Vehicles, their rates, your revenue, accounts, reports, App's settings, etc via Administrator Panel. The Administrator Panel is exteremely dynamic, robust and user friendly.

What if some passengar calls me and want to book a taxi? How do I allot a driver to him?

You can use Manual Taxi Dispatch feature and book a driver for him using God's View feature.

I have more queries.

Feel free to write us at [email protected] and we'll come back to you with detailed replies.


Payment Gateways are an integral part of the Uber Clone App for all countries including Brazil, Nigeria, South Africa, Malaysia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and so on. To offer better payment flexibility it is crucial to have multiple payment options for your users. Not to worry, we got you covered. We specialize in the following payment gateways to make every payment as seamless as it could be.

  • Stripe Payment Gateway
  • Paymaya Payment Gateway
  • Zoop Payment Gateway
  • Xendit Payment Gateway
  • Paybox Payment Gateway
  • Iyzico Payment Gateway
  • Iugu Payment Gateway
  • Braintree (Paypal) Payment Gateway
  • Senangpay Payment Gateway
  • m-pesa
  • Payfort Payment Gateway
  • Payu Payment Gateway
  • Paymentez Payment Gateway
  • Omise.co Payment Gateway
  • Flutterwave Payment Gateway
  • More Payment Gateway
Choice of Language and Currency for your Taxi Booking App

To make your app successful in the local market requires having two things- • Local currency • Local language

This is one of the most important features of a taxi booking app. The fact that the choice of switching between the languages remains with the users allows even tourists to use the app without any difficulties.

This way the users can use the application seamlessly without worrying about the conversion. All you need to do is ask us to integrate it into the local currency and language and you are all set to conquer the Taxi transportation market in your region.

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Global taxi app businesses have started their Taxi Booking app services following the lockdown, helping citizens to carry out their day to day tasks seamlessly. It is reported that citizens are gradually opting for Taxi Services to bypass public transportation, eliminating the possibility of the corona covid-19 virus infection.

Lately, if you are contemplating the idea of entering into On Demand Taxi Riding business, this is the perfect time as slowly and gradually people have started using Taxi Apps again. The Taxi Ride Booking Services is flourishing in the countries like The United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Egypt, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Ukraine, Vietnam, Turkey, Colombia, UAE, Kenya, Indonesia , Thailand, Malaysia and so on. With the rising demand, it is quite evident why startups and entrepreneurs are again pouring their investment into developing On Demand Uber Clone Taxi App.

Loaded with potential features and advanced COVID19 safety features, set your taxi riding booking services with our successful Uber Clone App.

Our Uber Clone On Demand Taxi App is created to offer convenient and comfortable taxi ride services to the citizens. Following the Uber business model, several entrepreneurs imitated by developing Uber clone apps however, we take pride in saying that our Uber Clone Taxi App stands ahead taking your Taxi Business to newer heights.

Why You Should Create On Demand Uber Clone App For Your Business?

Whether you are already running a taxi business or wish to start new, creating an On-Demand Taxi App service is the perfect solution to grow and expand your business regardless of the COVID19 situation.

Today the majority of people are dependent on On-Demand Apps for a variety of reasons. Therefore, developing An Demand Taxi App is a viable solution to take your business further.

User-friendly Design / Interface

We are experts when it comes to building Uber Clone Taxi App.

Get your hands on a highly functional application pacakage that comes equipped with customizable features that are tailormade to improve the browsing experience of the users.

We are specialists in creating a high-quality Uber Clone Taxi app at affordable prices. With our vast experience in building On Demand App covering varied segments, our team will understand your ideas and for careful planning and execution.

Whether you’re looking for a customized Taxi Clone App Solution or a specific Uber Clone Taxi App within a short time, our team of experts not only will develop a world-class clone app for you, but comprehensively test, install, and launch it in a highly efficient and thought out process.

Our Uber Clone Solution is readymade, which can launch your taxi business in just 5 days.

The Top Features Of Uber Clone Script
Free Uber clone Licensed Source Code

The only way to have complete control of the application is to make sure that you have complete access to the licensed source code. The licensed source code is like a “building foundation” to your app.

With the licensed source code, you can customize and modify the app as per your comfort or choice. It eliminates the dependency, providing you full rights to make changes as to how your business demands.

Systematic Procedure

We’ve been developing app since we were kids (You can say that)!! We are in the mobile app development business since 2005 and launching on an average of 2 apps per day. We take pride in saying that we have only a global clientele, for this reason, we are very systematic and dedicated in our On-Demand App building process.

Below-mentioned is the primary steps involved in the process:

  • The client takes the Uber Clone Taxi App to live demo and finalizes the order
  • We share the “Scope Document” and raise the invoice with the client
  • The client goes through the scope document, verifying everything, and confirms to go ahead with the order
  • A dedicated project manager is allotted to handle the entire project from start to finish
  • After this, the client provides us with their Logo and other pertinent information
  • Your white-label Uber clone tr is ready for launch
  • Once the client approves it, we launch it in the app stores for you
  • The entire process of developing white label taxi booking app takes about 3 to 4 working days
Hotel Panel and Kiosk

There are many areas you can tap into so that more and more people are using your application. To make sure that people are using your platform to make all their ride requests, we offer many different options.

You can reach out to more people with the Hotel panel and kiosk application.

The application has been specifically designed so that people who are traveling locally can use the Hotel Panel to hire rides.

Provide your commuting details at the Hotel reception and hotel staff will book the ride for you, making it super easy and quick.

The Kiosk mechanism is slightly different. Kiosks are going to be structured with a tablet. An individual can directly make a booking using these kiosks. Once again, the pickup point will be preset to the place where the kiosk is already kept and the user has to enter the destination. The app will automatically look for nearby drivers and send them the request.

Take a bigger step to reaping bigger profits

With the changing trends, businesses too should adopt newer ways to do business. This helps in staying ahead in the competition, builds you bigger profits. With the way the Taxi Transportation business has evolved, it is quite evident that entrepreneurs want to follow the successful business model like Uber clone app, Taxify, Careem, Lyft, Yellow Cab, Gett, zTrip, Addison Lee, taxa, Sheprd, Riide, and more that can be easy to launch at any location globally.

Do Business Globally

Our clients are from Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, the United States, the Middle East (UAE, Saudi Arabia), Nigeria, Mexico, Canada, etc who are running their Ride-hailing business successfully using our Uber Clone Taxi App.

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