Shuttle Sharing Script

The most powerful script to help your riders get rides at a fixed cost between two fixed locations the shuttle sharing script works in the exact same manner as the X to Y location fix fare feature present in Uber app clone.

This is how the shuttle sharing script will assist your riders. What your rider has to do is from their application they need to search for the X to Y location upon which they would receive the fixed price for the location stated by them for the different vehicle types.

You can set the fixed fare location and price visiting the admin panel and thereafter tapping on the manage location and the locationwise fare after that and thereafter specifying the fixed price for each location. From the admin panel you can also select the vehicle type for which you wish to set the fixed price. You can determine the fare taking into consideration factors that include price per km, per minute, base fare, site commission and toll between the route to name a few.

So take a plunge into a powerful ride-sharing industry with this all powerful shuttle sharing script. This will assist you earn commissions like never before.

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