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Share it Right with the Personal Parcel Delivery clone!

Sending couriers and parcels are an expensive affair but everyone needs it at some point or another. With the help of the letter delivery clone or the box delivery clone, you no longer need to rely on courier services to drop your parcel at the right time to the desired place. The parcel sharing clone offers the most streamlined process to get your products to the destination within no time!

How does the parcel delivery clone work?

After months of research and development, our talented and qualified team has come up with the unique personal parcel delivery clone which is a website that allows people to log on and find people travelling to a particular destination from their own area. They can then hand over their parcel to such persons and rest assured that their parcel will be delivered at the right time.

This unique system allows people to simply carry documents and packages either just to the airport, railway station or even bus stands where someone can collect it from them. Contacting and handing over the parcel is made a simple and seamless process throught the website.

How do you earn?

How do you earn?

The letter delivery clone is so streamlined that it eliminates any scope of fraud or mistake. The person who wishes to send a package logs on to your parcel sharing clone and books the journey. The rates differ with respect to the medium of travel such as air, water or land. While doing this, he or she makes a full payment for the same.

Once the package delivery confirmation is received, your box delivery clone website releases the payment to the carrier. This ensures the safety of the documents and the parcel and the guarantee that they will be delivered or else your money back.

In doing this, the website owner gets a direct and automatic commission for the facilitating the delivery of the courier. The best thing about your personal parcel delivery clone is that it allows you to decide how much commission you want!

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Clone site design template

Clone site design template

Benefits of buying the box delivery clone NOW!

  • Get the best kind of website offering the most unique service thereby minimal competition
  • Get the best possible price with added features such as lifetime bug fixes, streamlined searches and so on and so forth.
  • Since it is a cloned website, there is already a market for the site willing to try out your services form the day 1
  • Our website has the best user friendly features and makes the entire process absolutely easy and convenient for the parcel owner, for the carrier and of course the site owner!
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Trouble believing us?

Take a tour! Know what the website fells like for FREE! Buy the parcel delivery clone from us NOW and enjoy the best value added services along side. Call us now for any query at USA NO.: +1 (858) 427-0668, UK NO.: +44 (0) 203-372-4509 or email at [email protected]! HURRY!


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Color: Sunset Orange
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