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If you are reading this page, then you must have thought about how you can use empty car seats in commuting cars into good use from a business perspective and are looking to buy the hitchhiking website script. We have the perfect answer for your thoughts, our perfectly designed hitch hike app clone.

The hitch hike app script has been specifically designed to bring together drivers with empty spaces in their cars, with passengers who are looking to hitch a ride from others. The difference here is that instead of standing by the roadside and thumbing for lifts, hitch hikers app clone will facilitate the same by creating ride requests from the comforts of your home, office or any other place.

Hitch Hiking Clone

The Hitchhiking App Script Overview

There are many drivers who drive on their own and their extra seat spaces could be put to good use. The driver can take hitchhikers in his car, get some social chitchat, share some jokes, have fun and make some money for his troubles.

There are many hitchhikers looking for lifts every day. Drive on the motorway and you will see at least one thumbing for a ride.

When you buy the hitch hike app clone, you open up an online world for both drivers and passengers. The drivers and hitchhikers now have a facility to look each other up from wherever they are. No more standing in the wet rain or under the scorching sun, thumbing rides on the motorway.

As the owner of the hitchhiking app clone, you get to make a certain amount of commission for your troubles.

The Hitch Hiking Process Cycle

Three parties are involved to maximize the potential of the hitch hiker software , the car owner or driver, the hitch hiker(s) and of course you, the person who has had the concept to buy hitch hike app.

  • THE DRIVER - The app allows drivers to create their "Drive offers" on the site. They will input details of the day they are travelling, where they are travelling, the number of empty seats available, the route they will be taking, and how much they will be charging for the services. If they have any preferences like maybe females only, or smokers allowed etc, they will specify this too.
  • THE HITCH HIKER - He will look up on the site to see if there is anyone who has listed his or her details for the route, he wants to travel on. If a driver has listed his details to what the hitchhiker wants, both the parties will liaise with each other and seal the deal if convenient for both.
  • THE SCRIPT OWNER - He off course gets a set commission for every ride and passenger booked via his system. As the owner, he also manages the driver, the passengers and the finances.
  • The hitch hiker requests the ride at which point his payment will automatically be blocked from his credit card. Once the deal is sealed, the system automatically releases the blocked payment into the script owner's account.

Clone site design template

Clone Site Design Template
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Invest Today And Earn Tomorrow

  • By investing in the hitchhiking app clone, you will help build a community as well as do your bit for the environment.
  • Using our script as your base, create your own website, start your business and secure your future
  • No overheads, no staff, all you need is just the script.
  • Self-automated, therefore no hard work required to earn those pennies.
  • Run this business anywhere, anytime, anyplace
  • Connect drivers to hitch hikers and earn for the service
  • So have you made up your mind? Just call us and we will take over.

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Help yourself, the environment, drivers and hitchhikers by getting this super and unique script.


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