Flight Sharing Clone Script

A system that allows people to share their plane with their fellow businessmen and top executives traveling in same direction.

Travelling alone in your plane or planning to hire a plane for your trip? Post your flight ride and available seats on the website and receive payment for each seat.

Flights look more expensive when you travel alone so get our system that will allow people to post their flights, share available seats and make money. In addition, you, the owner of the site will earn good commission easily for each seat booked in the flight.

If you are thinking of investing in a flight sharing business, this is just the perfect sky-pooling clone for you.

Flight Sharing Clone Script

Script Summary

The flight sharing script matches plane owners/hirers and potential passengers on a common platform. Private flyers can add details of the flight that they have booked via the website. Passengers looking to fly to the same destination as the flyer can also book via the website to fly along with them. The concept is similar to carpooling and very economical too.

The flight-sharing clone allows flyers the opportunity to reach their destination conveniently, in fashion and that too at a considerably lower price. It also enables flyers to fly at their own convenience in less time.

How The Sky Pooling Script Works

The concept of skypooling is to utilize the empty seats on private planes. There are many places and isolated islands where it is effective to travel by plane, rather than using other modes of commuting. This is where the site becomes a godsend to all those passengers looking to travel to those places for their individual purposes.

  • THE PLANE OWNER/HIRER -If a plane owner or hirer has empty seats whilst he is travelling from A to B, he will put his flight details as well as the number of available seats on the site. He gets an income for every seat for which he gets a co-passenger.
  • PASSENGERS -Passengers looking to fly to B, can go onto the site, book their seat, and travel with the owner/hirer at a reduced rate. The beauty of sky pooling is that travelers get the luxury of first class travel.
  • THE WEBSITE OWNER/SITE ADMINISTRATOR - He is in charge of the whole system - the flight owners, the passengers and the finances. For every seat booked through his site, he gets a commission.

Why Buy Our Flight Sharing Script

  • With the unique combination of features available in the flight-sharing world, our script is the perfect choice for anyone who is looking to buy a flight-sharing clone.
  • A 100% responsive, powerful site that and will show on all iPhones, iPads, Androids, other smart phones, tablets and PC Browsers
  • You will get full support from us from the time you enquire about it until the time your site is in full operation.
  • Your system will be launched within 3 days and you will be ready to start operating it.
  • We provide free launch, installation and site configuration on your server and app stores.
  • A lifetime license for a single domain
  • Minor changes in relation to texts and banner images will be done at no cost to you during the first week.
  • By earning a nice little commission on every seat that is rented through your website, you make easy money with no effort
  • For the first year, we provide free support, round the clock, for bugs
  • We will add one language and one currency option to your system free of charge.
  • This script is unique such that you will be able to modify and customize the code, as you require, marking it with your stamp.
  • The script allows flight owners to manage their flights, and rent available seats.
  • We provide you with a secure license that will ensure that your code cannot be copied or stolen.
  • Your website and apps will only have your name and brand on it.

Clone site design template

Clone site design template

The Distinctive Features Of Our Script

  • Our site is designed in such a way that it can be launched anywhere in the world as we can adapt the language and currency depending on where you want to launch it. If you launch it in Spain, then the language and currency will be changed to Spanish and the euro respectively.
  • The geo location feature on the site allows it to be accessed from any city in the world.
  • The system is integrated to accept Paypal and credit card payments.
  • The mode of payment can either be online or manually. In the case of manual payment, the co-passengers can pay the owner once the flight is completed. If the mode of payment is online, the co-passenger will make the payment online, and the site will deduct the commission and then transfer the funds to the plane owner.
  • To see what other features we have, please check out our manual

Study The Features Of Our Script

Check out the free demo and contact us if you have any concerns. The info graphics below will give you a systematic description of how the whole system works.

Why Buy From Us

  • A company that supports you all the way, we have a reputation of being a trusted and reliable company.
  • By listening to your ideas, we provide solutions to them, according to your specifications.
  • A fully automated system, you do not need to be technically proficient to operate it. A very user-friendly script, it is fully automated from the flight listing to the completion of the payment.
  • We design the scripts for our clients with the best software, allowing easy customisation, update and layout.
  • We get you earning in just three days after configuration.

Why You Should Purchase The Flight Sharing Script?

  • Our script is perfect for all the private plane owners who have empty seats on their flight. They do not have to make any extra investments, as they are already going to fly to a specification destination.
  • Create your own website from our script and watch the earnings coming in.
  • A perfect way of earning without extra work and minimal investment
  • Earn anywhere, anytime, at all hours
  • By helping connect flight owners to passengers; our script is the perfect medium for making some money.
  • Get your very own flights sharing script. You do not have to do a thing.

The Unique Business Opportunity

Thinking of buying the script?

  • You can contact us on our USA, UK or Indian Sales and Support number
  • Complete our complete our enquiry form
  • Start conversing with us via the "Buy Now" Form to purchase the app.

Why wait? Contact us today.

FULL SCREEN MODERN DESIGN TEMPLATES flight sharing Available Templates and Color Variations

Flight Sharing Clone Main Layout
Flight Sharing Clone Template 1
Color: Cerulean
Template 2
Color: Magenta
Template 3
Color: Light sea green
Template 4
Color: Orange
Template 5
Color: Green
Template 6
Color: Light Slate Blue
Template 7
Color: Venetian Red
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