Endlessly Customizable

Already bought the site and Apps form us ? What's next ?

You may have a couple of tweaks or advanced level changes that you may want to be coded to the standard Site and Apps. Simply send us the list of additional features and functionalities you like and w'’ll come back to you with the solution. Our code is 100% custom and thus open for all kind of modifications.

Some of the most commonly requested enhancements are integration of a local payment gateway or an additional currency or language option in the site. Or maybe a tweak in the flow of the site for your custom & unique requirement.

You can simply Hire a developer from our team and get all your enhancements implemented by the experts.

Customized Ride Sharing App

Get in touch with us if you need to change anything in the website. We are available for you 24 X 7. Contact us Now If you like flow related changes like

  • New language to be added on your website copy.
  • New payment gateway to be integrated on your website copy.
  • New Currency to be added on your website copy.
  • Member login using other social media.
  • Some design related changes to be implemented on your website copy.
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