Car Rental Website Script And Mobile Apps - Overview

You have just landed on the site that will enable you to get started with your own online car rental business. This ultimate car rental app clone is ideal for beginners, seasoned entrepreneurs as well as any working person who wants to increase his earning potential. This script can be used to create your own website & car rental mobile apps and start earning right away whilst also being able to create a trusted community with ever improving services. It is one of the most sophisticated car rental script available in the market today.

Car Rental Website Script And Mobile Apps

Product Overview

The whole concept is based on the idea that people who have spare cars, or companies who have a fleet of cars that are sitting idle in the garages are put to use in a commercial way, benefiting all concerned. The car owners list their cars on the website, giving the required details. People looking for rental cars can book the vehicle of their preference. The car owner benefits from the rent he receives for the car, the passenger gets a rented car on his budget and the site owner gets a commission for the booking.

Car renting app features

Check out the unique features of our car rental Websites & App. Fully comprehensive and easy to understand, you can see how these features make our script the best in the business. Our flexible features can be moulded to your specifications, ensuring your script is the best.

Car renting mobile app visuals
Mobile Apps Visuals

View the workings of the mobile app and get a feel of how smoothly and efficiently the whole system works. You can also download the app to get a live demo and see its workings in real time. From the first to the last tap of the whole procedure, is all there for you check out the system thoroughly.

car renting Templates

Our wide selection on templates gives you an option of selecting the best one for your needs. Your site will make an impact like no other with our templates. By checking each template, you get a feel of how your site will look to the world and make the choice accordingly.

See the working demo

You can have a look at our website demo by downloading our apps on your mobile. You will be able to get a feel of how the site and app actually work before placing your order. By clicking on the different menu options, you can see how the whole site works, both from the front end and back end. You can try listing your car and looking for a ride too to get an idea on how it all comes together. The admin panel will be your hub where you will be able to check and monitor everything, the cars, the tenants and payments.

view demo
car renting app working demo
The Cycle Of Events

The Cycle Of Events

Three main parties are involved in this cycle, the tenant, the car owner and the website owner.

  • CAR OWNER ROLE - The car owner will post the details of the car that he wants to rent which include availability, make of the car, rent to be charged, be it on an hourly or daily basis, pick up and return points, amongst other details, alongside a clean picture of the vehicle(s) concerned.
  • THE TENANT - The tenant will post his details such as pickup and return time and date.
  • THE WEBSITE OWNER/SITE ADMINISTRATOR - He manages the whole system including the tenants, the car owners and the finances. He gains a commission on every car that is rented through his site.
  • Once the tenant has requested the booking, the rent amount will be blocked automatically from his credit card, and is deducted as soon as the car owner confirms the booking.
The Exclusivity Of car renting Script

The Exclusivity Of Our Script

  • Having the best combination of features available in the car rental market, it is the perfect car rental script for your business.
  • A fully dynamic site, it is 100% responsive and will show well on all iPhones, iPads, Androids, other smart phones, tablets and PC Browsers
  • We provide 100% support from the time you look us up to the time to complete your website, and it is in operation.
  • Launching of the system is done in only 2-3 days.
  • Free launch, installation and configuration of the site, on your web server and Mobile Apps son Apps Stores.
  • You get a lifetime license for 1 domain
  • Minor modifications, such as changes regarding texts and banner images will be done free of charge for the first week.
  • Make quick and easy money, by earning a good commission on every car that is rented through your website
  • Support for minor bugs for the first year is free.
  • One local Currency Option and 1 Language Option will be added to the system at no cost to you.
  • The beauty of this script is that you will be able to make changes and customize the code to your requirements, as it is 100% scalable. Hourly Rates for customizations are very economic.
  • Normal members and car rent company owners can manage and rent their cars via our website.
  • Your codes will be made secure from theft and plagiarism. We provide a unique licence to ensure this.
  • We will remove our branding from your website and apps and add your name.

Key Features Of Our Website, Ios App & Android App

  • The site can be launched in any part of the world as we can adapt the language and currency of the site to your specifications. If you want to launch the site in Germany, then we change the language to German and the currency to euro.
  • As it has a geo location feature, the site can be accessed from any place in the world.
  • Paypal Payment Gateway integrated to accept Payment by Paypal & Credit Card and ready to be used.
    The system operates on two payment modes, cash and credit card. The cash payment is made directly by the tenant to the car owner, whilst the credit card payment is done automatically by the website, once the booking is confirmed.

Examine Your Potential Investment

Before buying, why don't you check out the free demo and contact us if you have any queries? See the info graphics here to see the systematic explanation of how the whole system works.

Why Buy From Us

  • We listen to your requirements and give suggestions and solutions as per your requirement
  • We are a trusted and reliable company who will support you all the way.
  • We have designed the script in such a way that you do not need to be a technical expert to operate it. It is a fully automated system, right from listing the car to the payment. You just have to sit back and relax whilst the money rolls in.
  • We ensure that our entrepreneurs get the best software that can be easily customised, updated or set-up.
  • Our scripts are geared to get you earning in just three days of setting up.

Why Buy The Car Rental Script & Moblie Apps ?

  • Our car rental script is the ideal stop for you to provide vehicles on rent, without investing in the actual vehicles.
  • Use our script to create your own website and start earning right away
  • Painless, stress free and easy income where you do not even have to list a finger
  • Enables you to earn day and night at any place in the world
  • Help connect the right cars to the right travellers and make a penny in between
  • Contact us and get your very own car rental websites without moving a muscle.

The perfect business with the perfect script.

To find out more about the script:

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  • Contact us through our enquiry form
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